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Act 451 of 1994
Part 413

Section 324.41301SectionDefinitions; possession of live organism.
Section 324.41302SectionAdding or deleting from list of prohibited species or restricted species; consultation; procedure; determination; review; emergency order; order setting conditions for harvesting, possessing, and transporting naturalized organism of aquatic restricted species.
Section 324.41302aSectionPermitted aquatic species list; risk assessment; protocol; failure to pass risk assessment for permitted species; compensation of person involved in commercialization or sale; adding new aquatic species to permitted species list for future commercialization and sale.
Section 324.41303SectionPossession of live prohibited or restricted organism; prohibition; exceptions; notification of location where found; importing, selling, or offering to sell.
Section 324.41305SectionIntroduction of prohibited or restricted species, or genetically engineered or nonnative bird, crustacean, fish, insect, mammal, or mollusk, or aquatic plant; prohibition; exceptions.
Section 324.41306SectionPermit; application; fee; granting or denying; revocation; modification; hearing; administration; enforcement.
Section 324.41307SectionRules.
Section 324.41309SectionViolation; penalties; suspension or revocation of permit or license; order; liability for damages to natural resources; exceptions.
Section 324.41310SectionProperty used in criminal violation subject to seizure and forfeiture.
Section 324.41311SectionInvasive species fund; creation; disposition of funds; money remaining in fund; expenditures; purposes.
Section 324.41313SectionProviding information on website; requirements.
Section 324.41321SectionRepealed. 2009, Act 51, Eff. Sept. 21, 2009.
Section 324.41323SectionDuties of department.
Section 324.41325SectionBoat, boating equipment, or boat trailer with aquatic plant attached; placement in state waters prohibited; order to remove aquatic plants; notice; posting; violation as civil infraction; penalty; definitions.
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