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Act 233 of 1875
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Act 233 of 1875

AN ACT to re-enact and amend chapter 84 of the Compiled Laws of 1871, relative to the formation of corporations to construct canals or harbors and improve the same, by adding 2 sections thereto, and by restricting its operations to the upper peninsula.

History: 1875, Act 233, Imd. Eff. May 4, 1875
Compiler's Notes: Chapter 84 of the Compiled Laws of 1871, referred to in this title, derived from Act 137 of 1861. It was subsequently amended by Act 18 of 1862, Act 170 of 1863, Act 34 of 1864, and Act 230 of 1865, and was repealed by Act 43 of 1875.

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 485.1SectionCanal or harbor company; incorporators, procedure; articles, contents.
Section 485.2SectionArticles; signing, filing; powers of company.
Section 485.3SectionArticles; filing, prerequisites; vote of stockholder.
Section 485.4SectionArticles; certified copy as evidence.
Section 485.5SectionDirectors; number, election, term, vacancy.
Section 485.6SectionDirectors; quorum; selection of officers.
Section 485.7SectionPresident and directors; powers; annual report, contents.
Section 485.8SectionConstruction of route; restrictions.
Section 485.9SectionReal estate; power to hold.
Section 485.10SectionCondemnation; procedure; use of property.
Section 485.11SectionTolls and charges; establishment, lien, evidence.
Section 485.12SectionInjury to property; violation of regulation; liability for damages, lien.
Section 485.13SectionRepair of bridges.
Section 485.14SectionStockholder's liability; recovery prerequisites; subrogation; contribution.
Section 485.15SectionAvoidance of payment of toll; penalty.
Section 485.16SectionAmendment or repeal.
Section 485.17SectionTaxation.
Section 485.18SectionExisting corporation; organization under act, preference in subscription.
Section 485.19SectionFailure to furnish cargo statement; penalty.
Section 485.20SectionBonds; issuance, restrictions.
Section 485.21SectionCanal or improvement, purchase by county; procedure; operation; sale to United States.
Section 485.22SectionCanal or improvement, purchase by county; procedure; submission to electors; bonds, issuance.
Section 485.23SectionRe-instated corporations.
Section 485.24SectionRe-instated corporations; formation of companies to purchase and operate.
Section 485.25SectionPurchasing corporation; powers and duties; log interest; public rights.
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