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Act 368 of 1978
Part 174

Section 333.17401SectionDefinitions; principles of construction.
Section 333.17411SectionPractice of optometry; authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
Section 333.17412SectionAdministration of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents; purposes; certification required; requirements for certification; completion of course of study and examination; exception.
Section 333.17414SectionPermissible conduct; untruthful, misleading, or deceptive statements in advertisement or notice prohibited.
Section 333.17421SectionMichigan board of optometry; creation; membership; terms.
Section 333.17431SectionRenewal of license; evidence required; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as continuing education; rules.
Section 333.17432SectionDuties of optometrist upon determining symptoms evidencing disease; conditions requiring consultation with physician for further diagnosis and treatment; diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.
Section 333.17433SectionRepealed. 1994, Act 384, Eff. Mar. 30, 1995.
Section 333.17435SectionAdministration and prescription of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents; certification requirements.
Section 333.17437SectionTime of certification.
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