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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

451-1994-I-17 - PART 17 MICHIGAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ACT (324.1701...324.1706)
Section 324.1701 ‑ Actions for declaratory and equitable relief for environmental protection; parties; standards; judicial action.
Section 324.1702 ‑ Payment of costs or judgment; posting surety bond or cash; amount.
Section 324.1703 ‑ Rebuttal evidence; affirmative defense; burden of proof; referee; costs.
Section 324.1704 ‑ Granting of relief; administrative, licensing, or other proceedings; adjudication; judicial review.
Section 324.1705 ‑ Administrative, licensing, or other proceedings; intervenors; determinations; doctrines applicable.
Section 324.1706 ‑ Part as supplement.

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