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Act 343 of 2016StatuteWRONGFUL IMPRISONMENT COMPENSATION ACT (691.1751 - 691.1757)
Section 691.1751SectionShort title.
Section 691.1752SectionDefinitions.
Section 691.1753SectionWrongful conviction and imprisonment; action for compensation against state.
Section 691.1754SectionComplaint; documentation; verification by plaintiff; service; notice to victim of assaultive crime or serious misdemeanor; discovery.
Section 691.1755SectionJudgment in plaintiff's favor; findings; award of compensation; payments; evidence in civil action; acceptance; compromise or settlement of claim; writing; offset; award as subject to income taxes; payment of child support owed by plaintiff; collection of debt by state or local government; setoff or reimbursement for damages; order.
Section 691.1756SectionWrongful imprisonment compensation fund; report.
Section 691.1757SectionAction for compensation; commencement.
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