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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 55

Section 600.5501SectionCivil action concerning prison conditions; jurisdiction.
Section 600.5503SectionExhaustion of administrative remedies; dismissal; appointment of counsel; prohibition.
Section 600.5505SectionApplicability of MCL 600.2963; conditions for dismissal.
Section 600.5507SectionClaim of indigency; limitations; exceptions; disclosure of previous civil actions and appeals; conditions for dismissal.
Section 600.5509SectionComplaint; review by court; dismissal; reply; waiver; requirement; reasons for decision by court.
Section 600.5511SectionAction for mental or emotional injury suffered while in custody; showing of physical injury; payment of damages to prisoner; satisfaction of outstanding restitution orders; notification to crime victims.
Section 600.5513SectionRevocation of prisoner's good time or disciplinary credit; conditions.
Section 600.5515SectionParticipation of prisoner in pretrial or hearing proceedings.
Section 600.5517SectionProspective relief; conditions; limitation.
Section 600.5519SectionPreliminary injunctive relief.
Section 600.5521SectionProspective relief; termination or modification.
Section 600.5523SectionImmediate termination of prospective relief; court findings; limitations.
Section 600.5525SectionConsent decree.
Section 600.5527SectionProspective relief; ruling on motion; automatic stay; postponement of stay for good cause; appeal.
Section 600.5529SectionActions dismissed as frivolous; compilation, maintenance, and use of list.
Section 600.5531SectionDefinitions.
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