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Act 398 of 1919
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Act 398 of 1919

AN ACT to authorize the construction of bridges over navigable streams and waters in certain cases, for the continuance of public highways over such water as avenues of public travel; to authorize the levying, spreading and collecting of special taxes and assessments for any such bridge; to authorize the borrowing of money and issuance of bonds under certain restrictions, regulations and limitations; to provide for the recovery by the owners of property or property rights abutting upon or adjoining any such highway of their damages resulting by reason of the construction of such bridge and providing the procedure for recovery of such damages; and to prescribe the powers and duties of certain officers with reference thereto.

History: 1919, Act 398, Imd. Eff. May 13, 1919

© 2020 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 254.51SectionBridge over navigable waters in certain counties; petition.
Section 254.52SectionBridge over navigable waters in certain counties; meeting of county supervisors, notices; plans and specifications.
Section 254.53SectionBridge over navigable waters in certain counties; board of supervisors, authority; type of bridge.
Section 254.54SectionCounty under road system; authority of commissioners; specifications; type of bridges not to be changed.
Section 254.55SectionCounty under road system; special assessment district, hearings, objections, boundary changes.
Section 254.56SectionCounty under road system; commissioners' final order.
Section 254.57SectionCounty under road system; commissioners' powers and duties.
Section 254.58SectionCounty under road system; rights, duties, remedies, limitations; legislative intent.
Section 254.59SectionCounty under road system; annual installments, apportionment of cost; announcement of decision, exemption.
Section 254.60SectionCounty not under road system; supervisors' authority, delegation.
Section 254.61SectionCounty not under road system; powers and duties, legislative intent.
Section 254.62SectionBridge deemed public highway; county maintenance.
Section 254.63SectionTax limit; borrowing funds.
Section 254.64SectionRecovery of damages; plaintiffs; actions within year.
Section 254.65SectionRecovery of damages; action by summons, service; alias and pluries summons.
Section 254.66SectionRecovery of damages; pleadings, proceedings.
Section 254.67SectionRecovery of damages; tax levy.
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