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Section 285.1

Act 13 of 1921

285.1 Department of agriculture; commission; director; assistants and employees; term, compensation, offices.

Sec. 1.

There is hereby created a state department of agriculture which shall possess the powers and perform the duties hereinafter granted and conferred. The general administration of said powers and duties shall be vested in a bipartisan commission of agriculture which shall be composed of 5 members appointed by the governor, subject to confirmation by the senate: Provided, That 1 member of said commission shall be a resident of the Upper Peninsula. The members of said commission shall be selected with special reference to their training and experience along the line of 1 or more of the principal lines of activities vested in the department of agriculture and their ability and fitness to deal therewith. The term of office of each member of the commission shall be 6 years: Provided, That of those first appointed 2 shall be appointed for 2 years, 2 for 4 years and 1 for 6 years. The governor shall fill any vacancy occurring in the membership of the commission and may remove any member of the commission for cause after a hearing. Each member of this commission shall hold his office until the appointment and qualification of his successor. The commission, after having qualified, shall within 30 days and annually thereafter meet at its office in Lansing and organize by electing a chairman and a secretary. Three members of said commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Meetings may be called by the chairman and shall be called on request of a majority of the members of the commission and may be held as often as necessary and at other places than the commissioners' offices at Lansing: Provided, That 1 meeting shall be held each month. The commission shall appoint and employ a director of agriculture who shall continue in office at the pleasure of the commission and who shall receive such annual salary as shall be appropriated by the legislature. He may appoint, with the approval of the commission, such assistants and employees as may be necessary to perform the duties hereby imposed, the number of such assistants and employees, and the compensation payable to all persons so appointed and employed, being within the appropriation made therefor by the legislature. The members of the commission shall receive compensation of $20.00 per day when in actual performance of duties: Provided, That no commissioner shall receive more than $400.00 in any fiscal year as compensation. The salaries of all officers and employees hereby authorized, and the necessary expenses thereof while traveling in performing any of their duties, shall be paid in the same manner as the salaries and expenses of other state officers and employees are paid. The board of auditors shall provide suitable offices at Lansing and proper office equipment for the use of said department. Each member of the commission and the director of agriculture shall qualify by taking and subscribing to the constitutional oath of office, and filing same in the office of the secretary of state.

Whenever, in any law of the state reference is made to the commissioner of agriculture, reference shall be deemed to be made to the director of agriculture.

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