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Act 270 of 1984

Section 125.2088SectionLegislative findings; intent; scope of activities.
Section 125.2088aSectionDefinitions.
Section 125.2088bSectionPrograms created and operated by fund board; expenditures or investments; use of appropriated or transferred money; fees; restriction; selection of vendors; expenditure of funds without further appropriation.
Section 125.2088cSectionDuties of fund board; definitions.
Section 125.2088dSectionLoan enhancement program; loan guarantee program; small business capital access program; Michigan film and digital media investment loan program; choose Michigan film and digital media loan fund; choose Michigan fund program; Michigan micro loan program; definitions.
Section 125.2088eSectionPrivate equity investment program.
Section 125.2088fSectionVenture capital investment program.
Section 125.2088gSectionMezzanine investment program.
Section 125.2088hSectionInvestment fund; creation; duties of fund board.
Section 125.2088iSectionOffice of chief compliance officer.
Section 125.2088jSectionDisbursements.
Section 125.2088kSectionStrategic economic investment and commercialization board; creation; powers, duties, and authority; award of grants and loans; duties of fund; standards for expenditures of money; reasons for selection of grant recipient.
Section 125.2088lSectionCommercialization board; membership; appointment; terms; vacancy; chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary; oath of office; compensation; reimbursement for expenses; organization; quorum; business conducted at public meetings.
Section 125.2088mSectionMember, employee, or agent of commercialization board; conduct.
Section 125.2088nSectionAccess to books and records by auditor general; separate audit; requirement that recipient provide information necessary for production of reports.
Section 125.2088oSectionTechnology transfer acceleration program.
Section 125.2088pSectionMichigan life sciences pipeline; establishment; purpose; commencement of operations; awards; selection of pipeline operator; request for proposals; contract; duration; report; "pipeline" defined.
Section 125.2088qSectionCenter of innovation program; definitions.
Section 125.2088rSectionMichigan business development program; posting certain information on website; finding and declaration of public purpose; definitions.
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