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328-1931-XXA - CHAPTER XXA VULNERABLE ADULTS (750.145m...750.145r)
Section 750.145m ‑ Definitions.
Section 750.145n ‑ Vulnerable adult abuse; first degree; second degree; third degree; fourth degree; authority to prevent vulnerable adult from being harmed or harming others not prohibited; applicability of section to act carried out by patient advocate.
Section 750.145o ‑ Violation of act by operator or employee of unlicensed facility; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 750.145p ‑ Caregiver, other person with authority over vulnerable adult, or licensee; certain conduct as misdemeanor; penalty; certain disciplinary action not precluded by subsection (3); certain conduct as felony; penalty.
Section 750.145q ‑ Violation of other applicable laws.
Section 750.145r ‑ Sentence to perform community service.

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