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Act 386 of 1998
Part 7

Section 700.3701SectionPowers and duties of personal representative; commencement; accrual.
Section 700.3702SectionPriority among different letters.
Section 700.3703SectionGeneral duties; relation and liability to persons interested in estate; standing to sue; accounting.
Section 700.3704SectionPersonal representative to proceed without court order; exception.
Section 700.3705SectionDuty of personal representative; information to heirs and devisees; notice to attorney general; notice of spouse's right to election; notice to friend of the court.
Section 700.3705.amendedSectionAppointment of personal representative; notice requirements.
Section 700.3706SectionDuty of personal representative; inventory and appraisement.
Section 700.3707SectionEmployment of appraiser.
Section 700.3708SectionDuty of personal representative; supplemental inventory.
Section 700.3709SectionDuty of personal representative; possession of estate.
Section 700.3710SectionPower to avoid transfers.
Section 700.3711SectionPowers of personal representatives generally.
Section 700.3712SectionImproper exercise of power; breach of fiduciary duty.
Section 700.3713SectionSale, encumbrance, or transaction involving conflict of interest; voidable; exceptions; presumption; compliance with Michigan prudent investor rule; exceptions.
Section 700.3714SectionPersons dealing with personal representative; protection.
Section 700.3715SectionTransactions authorized for personal representatives.
Section 700.3715.amendedSectionTransactions authorized for personal representatives.
Section 700.3716SectionPowers and duties of successor personal representative.
Section 700.3717SectionCorepresentatives; concurrence.
Section 700.3718SectionPowers of surviving personal representative.
Section 700.3719SectionCompensation of personal representative.
Section 700.3720SectionExpenses in estate litigation.
Section 700.3721SectionEmployment of agents and compensation of personal representatives and employees of estate; proceedings for review.
Section 700.3722SectionAuthority regarding environmental matters.
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