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Section 487.13703

Act 276 of 1999

487.13703 Consolidated bank; rights, privileges, and powers.

Sec. 3703.

  (1) If approval and certification of the consolidation agreement as required by section 3701 have been completed, the corporate existence of each consolidating organization is merged into and continued in the consolidated bank. To the extent authorized by this act, the consolidated bank possesses all the rights, interests, privileges, powers, and franchises and is subject to all the restrictions, disabilities, liabilities, and duties of each of the consolidating organizations. The title to all property, real, personal, and mixed, is transferred to the consolidated bank, and shall not revert or be in any way impaired by reason of this act.
  (2) A consolidated bank holds and enjoys the same and all rights of property, franchises, and interests, including appointments, designations, and nominations and all other rights and interests as a fiduciary, in the same manner and to the same extent as those rights and interests were held or enjoyed by each consolidating organization at the time of the consolidation. If a consolidating organization at the time of consolidation was acting under appointment of any court as a fiduciary, the consolidated bank is subject to removal by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  (3) A consolidated bank shall file with each court or other public tribunal, agency, or officer in any state by which any of the consolidating organizations have been appointed as a fiduciary, and in the court file of each estate, suit, or any other proceeding in which any of them has been acting as a fiduciary, an affidavit setting forth the fact of consolidation, the name of each consolidating organization, the name of the consolidated bank, the location of its principal office, and the amount of its capital and surplus. This subsection does not require filing of an affidavit related to any consolidating organization that after the consolidation retains the same corporate name, charter, and principal office location.
  (4) The liability of any consolidating organization or of a shareholder, director, or officer of a consolidating organization, or the rights or remedies of the creditors of, or other persons transacting business with, the consolidating organization shall not be altered or impaired as the result of a consolidation.

History: 1999, Act 276, Eff. Mar. 1, 2000

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