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Persons w/ Dis. Civil Rts. Act, PA 220 of 1976
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Section 37.1101SectionShort title.
Section 37.1102SectionOpportunity guaranteed; civil right; accommodation of person with disability; undue hardship.
Section 37.1103SectionDefinitions.
Section 37.1201SectionDefinitions.
Section 37.1202SectionEmployer; prohibited conduct; exceptions; access to genetic information.
Section 37.1203SectionEmployment agency; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1204SectionLabor organization; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1205SectionApprenticeship, on the job, or other training or retraining programs; discrimination prohibited.
Section 37.1206SectionProhibited notices, advertisements, inquiries, applications, and records.
Section 37.1208SectionPlan.
Section 37.1301SectionDefinitions.
Section 37.1302SectionProhibited conduct.
Section 37.1303SectionExemptions.
Section 37.1401Section“Educational institution” defined.
Section 37.1402SectionEducational institution; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1403SectionEducational institution; plan.
Section 37.1501SectionDefinitions.
Section 37.1502SectionOwners, persons engaging in real estate transactions, real estate brokers, and real estate salesmen; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1503SectionCertain rentals excepted from MCL 37.1502.
Section 37.1504SectionFinancial assistance or financing; prohibited conduct.
Section 37.1505SectionInformation as to applicant's credit worthiness.
Section 37.1506SectionProhibited representations.
Section 37.1507SectionPerson subject to article; plan.
Section 37.1601SectionAdministration of act; rules.
Section 37.1602SectionProhibited conduct.
Section 37.1603SectionAdjustment order; violation of terms prohibited.
Section 37.1604SectionOther acts not invalidated.
Section 37.1605SectionComplaints.

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