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Act 101 of 2012StatuteAUTISM COVERAGE REIMBURSEMENT ACT (550.1831 - 550.1841)
Section 550.1831SectionShort title.
Section 550.1833SectionDefinitions.
Section 550.1835SectionAutism coverage reimbursement program; creation; operation; development of application, approval, and compliance process; forms; approval or denial of application; limitation on amount of coverage; receipt of funding by third party administrator; increase in rates by carrier.
Section 550.1837SectionAutism coverage fund; creation within state treasury; investment; credit of interest and earnings; administration of fund by department for auditing purposes; expenditures; reimbursement; insufficient money in fund; notice of insufficient funds; money in fund at close of fiscal year; payment of claim approved under MCL 550.1835; reimbursement to carrier or third party administrator; formula.
Section 550.1839SectionAnnual report.
Section 550.1841SectionImplementation of program.
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