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Section 400.117i.added

Act 280 of 1939

***** 400.117i.added THIS ADDED SECTION IS EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2021 *****

400.117i.added Raise the age fund; creation within state treasury; deposit of money or other assets; investment; money remaining at end of fiscal year; administrator; expenditures; report of expenditures; request for reimbursement.

Sec. 117i.

  (1) The raise the age fund is created within the state treasury.
  (2) The state treasurer may receive money or other assets from any source for deposit into the fund. The state treasurer shall direct the investment of the fund. The state treasurer shall credit to the fund interest and earnings from fund investments.
  (3) Money in the fund at the close of the fiscal year remains in the fund and does not lapse to the general fund.
  (4) The department is the administrator of the fund for auditing purposes.
  (5) The department shall expend money from the fund, upon appropriation, to support the cost of raising the age of criminal responsibility for costs not eligible for reimbursement through the child care fund as provided in section 117a(4)(j). The costs eligible for reimbursement from the raise the age fund include the costs listed and associated with a court exercising jurisdiction under section 2 of chapter XIIA of the probate code of 1939, 1939 PA 288, MCL 712A.2, over a juvenile who is 17 years of age, but under the age of 18, at the time of offense.
  (6) A county, court, or tribe must report expenditures of money received from the funds for costs, including, but not limited to, the following:
  (a) Personnel costs for county, court, or tribe staff providing direct services to the youth, including full or appropriately prorated salaries and training.
  (b) Contracted staffing, programming, and services.
  (c) Youth placement and care costs, including, but not limited to, room and board, clothing, incidentals, incentives, transportation, and treatment.
  (d) Indirect administrative costs, including, but not limited to, judicial staff and operational expenditures necessary to carry out the judicial process.
  (7) Any request for reimbursement must be accompanied by substantiating documentation, as determined by the department. A request for reimbursement is subject to approval by the department. The court, tribe, or county may appeal a disapproved reimbursement from the raise the age fund made under this act. The appeal shall be conducted according to the administrative procedures act of 1969, 1969 PA 306, MCL 24.201 to 24.328. An appeal from a final order issued in an administrative hearing shall be made to the court that has jurisdiction with respect to the cases described in subsection (5) as in nonjury cases under the authority provided in section 631 of the revised judicature act of 1961, 1961 PA 236, MCL 600.631.

History: Add. 2019, Act 97, Eff. Oct. 1, 2021
Popular Name: Act 280

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