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328-1931-XVII - CHAPTER XVII BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION (750.117...750.125)
Section 750.117 ‑ Public officer; bribery.
Section 750.118 ‑ Public officer; accepting bribe.
Section 750.119 ‑ Corruption of appraiser, receiver, trustee, administrator, executor, commissioner, auditor, juror, arbitrator, or referee by giving, offering, or promising gift or gratuity regarding pending matter; intent; penalties.
Section 750.120 ‑ Jurors, appraisers, etc.; accepting bribe.
Section 750.120a ‑ Willfully attempting to influence juror by intimidation or other improper means; retaliating against person for having performed duties as juror; penalties.
Section 750.120b ‑ Jury deliberations; recording or attempting to record; penalty.
Section 750.121 ‑ Public institutions; bribery of officers.
Section 750.122 ‑ Prohibited acts; witnesses; threat or intimidation; affirmative defense; violation as felony; penalties; applicability of section; definitions.
Section 750.123 ‑ Officer omitting duty for reward.
Section 750.124 ‑ Bribery of athlete.
Section 750.125 ‑ Giving, offering, or promising commission, gift, or gratuity to agent, employee, or other person with intent to influence action of agent or employee; requesting or accepting commission, gift, or gratuity; using or giving document containing materially false, erroneous, or defective statement; evidence; use of truthful testimony, evidence, or other information against witness in criminal case; violation as misdemeanor.

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