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110-2006-III - ARTICLE III ZONING COMMISSION (125.3301...125.3308)
Section 125.3301 ‑ Zoning commission; creation; transfer of powers to planning commission; resolution; membership; terms; successors; vacancy; limitation; removal of member; officers.
Section 125.3302 ‑ Expenses; compensation.
Section 125.3303 ‑ Planning expert; compensation.
Section 125.3304 ‑ Regular meetings; notice; zoning commission subject to open meetings act.
Section 125.3305 ‑ Recommendations of zoning commission; adoption and filing.
Section 125.3306 ‑ Recommendations of zoning commission; submission to legislative body; public hearing; notice; examination of proposed text and maps.
Section 125.3307 ‑ Review and recommendations after hearing; submission to township; submission to coordinating zoning committee; waiver of right to review.
Section 125.3308 ‑ Summary of public hearing comments; transmission to legislative body by zoning commission; report.

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