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Act 116 of 1954

Section 168.542SectionNominating petitions; provisions governing.
Section 168.543, 168.544SectionRepealed. 1965, Act 312, Eff. Jan. 1, 1966.
Section 168.544aSectionNonpartisan nominating petitions; size, form, contents.
Section 168.544bSectionCandidates for judicial office; affidavit of qualifications to be filed with nominating petitions.
Section 168.544cSectionNominating petition; type size; form; contents; circulation and signing; validity of elector's signature; agreement of circulator to accept jurisdiction; service with legal process; violations; misdemeanor; sanctions; refusal of individual to comply with subpoena; applicability of section to all sections.
Section 168.544dSectionNominating petitions for offices and purposes; circulation; form; identification of city or township; certificate of circulator; other form not prohibited.
Section 168.544eSectionCanvassing petitions; number designations for months.
Section 168.544fSectionNumber of signatures required.
Section 168.545SectionNominating petitions; combination of two offices.
Section 168.546SectionNominating petitions; supply by county and city clerks; printing by candidate.
Section 168.547SectionRepealed. 1965, Act 312, Eff. Jan. 1, 1966.
Section 168.547aSectionNominating petitions; signatures by voters, number, counting.
Section 168.548SectionNominating petitions; maximum number of signatures.
Section 168.549SectionNominating petitions; excess signatures, counting.
Section 168.550SectionCandidates for nomination; qualification upon compliance with act.
Section 168.551SectionNominating petitions or filing fees; filing period.
Section 168.551aSectionRepealed. 1956, Act 37, Imd. Eff. Mar. 28, 1956.
Section 168.552SectionNominating petitions; certification by county or city clerk; sworn complaint; investigation to determine validity of signatures and genuineness of petition; examination of petitions; declaration of sufficiency or insufficiency of petitions; review; filing of nominating petitions with secretary of state; notification; canvass of petitions; hearing; subpoenas; oaths; adjournment; completion of canvass; availability to public; declaration; request for notice of approval or rejection of petition; judicial review; use of qualified voter file; certification to boards of election commissioners.
Section 168.552aSectionValidity of petition or signature.
Section 168.553SectionNominating petitions; insufficiency, notice to candidate.
Section 168.554SectionList of candidates; posting.
Section 168.554aSectionRepealed. 1971, Act 5, Eff. Mar. 30, 1972.
Section 168.555SectionNominating petitions and filing fees; public record, contents; public inspection.
Section 168.556SectionNominating petitions; final disposition, record.
Section 168.557SectionRepealed. 2002, Act 163, Imd. Eff. Apr. 9, 2002.
Section 168.558SectionFiling nominating petition, qualifying petition, filing fee, or affidavit of candidacy; affidavit of identity; requirement to indicate name change; exception; statement; noncompliance; selection of office to which candidacy restricted; failure to make selection.
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