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Act 368 of 1978 - PUBLIC HEALTH CODE (333.1101 - 333.25211)
***** 333.12909 SUBSECTION (3) EXPIRES AUGUST 17, 1981: See (3) of 333.12909 ***** ***** 333.16189 THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 563 OF 2018 EFFECTIVE MARCH 28, 2022 *****

368‑1978‑1 ‑ ARTICLE 1 PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS (333.1101...333.1299)
     368‑1978‑1‑11 ‑ PART 11 SHORT TITLE, GENERAL DEFINITIONS, AND CONSTRUCTION (333.1101...333.1117)
          Section 333.1101 ‑ Short title.
          Section 333.1103 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 333.1104 ‑ Definitions; A to G.
          Section 333.1105 ‑ Definitions; I to M.
          Section 333.1106 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.1108 ‑ Definitions; R, S.
          Section 333.1111 ‑ Intent and construction of code.
          Section 333.1113 ‑ Headings or titles of code.
          Section 333.1114 ‑ Prohibited construction of code.
          Section 333.1115 ‑ Controlling provisions.
          Section 333.1117 ‑ References to repealed or rescinded provisions.
     368‑1978‑1‑12 ‑ PART 12 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.1201...333.1299)
          Section 333.1201 ‑ Delaying promulgation of new rules.
          Section 333.1203 ‑ Approval of certain plans or issuance of certain permits pursuant to code; effect.
          Section 333.1205 ‑ Contested case hearing; appeal.
          Section 333.1211 ‑ Expired. 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1981.
          Section 333.1212 ‑ Members of predecessor agency; continuation in office.
          Section 333.1213 ‑ Members of successor agency; increase or decrease in number.
          Section 333.1214 ‑ New agency not succeeding former agency; terms of office.
          Section 333.1216 ‑ Travel or other expenses; payment.
          Section 333.1221 ‑ Expired. 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1983.
          Section 333.1222 ‑ Renewals; distribution of work; pro rata fee; waiver.
          Section 333.1291 ‑ Obstruction of person enforcing health law.
          Section 333.1299 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; prosecution.
368‑1978‑2 ‑ ARTICLE 2 ADMINISTRATION (333.2201...333.3625)
     368‑1978‑2‑22 ‑ PART 22 STATE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH (333.2201...333.2264)
          Section 333.2201 ‑ Department of public health and office of director of public health continued.
          Section 333.2202 ‑ Director of public health; appointment, term, and qualifications; designation and responsibility of chief medical executive; “administrative experience” defined.
          Section 333.2204 ‑ Director of public health; salary; full-time performance of functions; expenses.
          Section 333.2205 ‑ Assignment, vesting, and exercise of functions; internal organization of department; allocation and reallocation of duties and functions.
          Section 333.2208 ‑ Public health advisory council; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; removal; vacancy.
          Section 333.2209 ‑ Public health advisory council; election and terms of chairperson and vice-chairperson; quorum; reimbursement; staff support.
          Section 333.2210 ‑ Public health advisory council; powers and duties generally.
          Section 333.2211 ‑ Coordination between local health departments and local health planning agencies; review; annual assessment; information.
          Section 333.2213 ‑ Task forces.
          Section 333.2215 ‑ Termination of advisory committee or task force; exception; review of advisory council, commission, board, task force, or body.
          Section 333.2221 ‑ Organized programs to prevent disease, prolong life, and promote public health; duties of department.
          Section 333.2223 ‑ Biennial plan for rural health; preparation; submission to standing committees.
          Section 333.2224 ‑ Promotion of local health services; coordination and integration of public health services.
          Section 333.2226 ‑ Powers of department.
          Section 333.2227 ‑ Racial and ethnic health disparities; duties of department.
          Section 333.2228 ‑ Heads of intra-departmental units and employees; appointment; salaries and expenses; liability for damages; quarters and facilities.
          Section 333.2229 ‑ Employees at veterans' facility physically injured by assault; wages; supplement; fringe benefits.
          Section 333.2231 ‑ Furnishing information relating to public health; report.
          Section 333.2232 ‑ Repealed. 1986, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1987.
          Section 333.2232a ‑ Repeal of MCL 333.2232.
          Section 333.2233 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.2235 ‑ Local health department; authorization to exercise power or function; primary organization as to services and programs; exceptions; summary reports.
          Section 333.2237 ‑ Duties of department as to health education; “health education” defined.
          Section 333.2241 ‑ Inspection or investigation to assure compliance; application for warrant.
          Section 333.2242 ‑ Warrant; affidavit required for issuance.
          Section 333.2243 ‑ Warrant; grounds for issuance.
          Section 333.2244 ‑ Warrant; finding of cause.
          Section 333.2245 ‑ Warrant; directing to law enforcement officer; contents.
          Section 333.2246 ‑ Warrant; execution.
          Section 333.2247 ‑ Warrant; procuring maliciously or without cause; misdemeanor.
          Section 333.2251 ‑ Imminent danger to health or lives; informing individuals affected; order; noncompliance; petition to restrain condition or practice; conditions constituting menace to public health; promulgation of emergency rule under MCL 24.248; definitions.
          Section 333.2253 ‑ Epidemic; emergency order and procedures; avian influenza; conditions requiring assistance of department of agriculture.
          Section 333.2255 ‑ Injunctive action.
          Section 333.2261 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 333.2262 ‑ Violation; rules adopting schedule of monetary civil penalties; issuance, contents, and delivery of citation.
          Section 333.2263 ‑ Citation; petition for administrative hearing; decision of hearings officer; review; provisions governing hearings and appeals; civil penalty.
          Section 333.2264 ‑ Patient safety organization; certification of more than 1 entity.
     368‑1978‑2‑23 ‑ PART 23 BASIC HEALTH SERVICES (333.2301...333.2321)
          Section 333.2301 ‑ Identification of priority health problems; preparation and basis of proposed list of basic health services.
          Section 333.2302 ‑ Annual budget request to include proposed list of basic health services and proposed program statement; review and comment.
          Section 333.2305 ‑ Proposed program statement; contents.
          Section 333.2311 ‑ Proposed health services as basic health services; revision, publication, and dissemination of list and program statement.
          Section 333.2321 ‑ Availability and accessibility of basic health services; demonstration upon request; basic health service as required service; notice of nonavailability or nonaccessibility; investigation; notice to complainant.
     368‑1978‑2‑24 ‑ PART 24 LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS (333.2401...333.2498)
          Section 333.2401 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.2403 ‑ Definitions; A to D.
          Section 333.2406 ‑ Definitions; L.
          Section 333.2408 ‑ Definitions; R to U.
          Section 333.2411 ‑ Division of powers and duties.
          Section 333.2413 ‑ County health department; county board of health.
          Section 333.2415 ‑ Creation of district health department; composition of district board of health.
          Section 333.2417 ‑ Claim against district health department; audit; allowance of claim; report; appeal; apportionment of allowed claims; formula; voucher.
          Section 333.2419 ‑ Employment of personnel; consolidation of functions.
          Section 333.2421 ‑ City health department; creation; powers and duties.
          Section 333.2422 ‑ Selection of option by city; notice of intent.
          Section 333.2423 ‑ Selection of option by city; failure to notify department; continuing local financial support for affected services.
          Section 333.2424 ‑ Selection of option by city; planning period; transition plan; responsibility for local cost of required services; approval of developed plan; disposition of federal funds.
          Section 333.2426 ‑ Real and personal property of village or township board or department of health; title; use and administration.
          Section 333.2428 ‑ Local health officer; appointment; qualifications; powers and duties.
          Section 333.2431 ‑ Local health department; requirements; report; reviewing plan for organization of local health department; waiver.
          Section 333.2433 ‑ Local health department; powers and duties generally.
          Section 333.2435 ‑ Local health department; additional powers.
          Section 333.2437 ‑ Exercise by department of public health of power vested in local health department.
          Section 333.2441 ‑ Adoption of regulations; purpose; approval; effective date; stringency; conflicting regulations.
          Section 333.2442 ‑ Adoption of regulation; notice of public hearing.
          Section 333.2443 ‑ Violation of regulation or order; misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 333.2444 ‑ Fees for services; expenses and compensation.
          Section 333.2446 ‑ Inspection or investigation.
          Section 333.2448 ‑ Intergovernmental contracts; existing contracts not affected.
          Section 333.2451 ‑ Imminent danger to health or lives; informing individuals affected; order; noncompliance; petition to restrain condition or practice; “imminent danger” and “person” defined.
          Section 333.2453 ‑ Epidemic; emergency order and procedures; involuntary detention and treatment.
          Section 333.2455 ‑ Building or condition violating health laws or constituting nuisance, unsanitary condition, or cause of illness; order; noncompliance; warrant; assessment and collection of expenses; liability; judicial order; other powers not affected.
          Section 333.2458 ‑ Establishment of cemetery; requirements; determinations; approval; disposition of plats; vacating cemetery; removal and reinterment of bodies and remains.
          Section 333.2461 ‑ Violation; schedule of monetary civil penalties; issuance, contents, and delivery of citation.
          Section 333.2462 ‑ Citation; petition for administrative hearing; decision of local health officer; review; petition for judicial review; civil penalty.
          Section 333.2463 ‑ Appearance tickets.
          Section 333.2465 ‑ Injunctive action; liability for damages.
          Section 333.2471 ‑ Program; establishment; objectives.
          Section 333.2472 ‑ Services eligible for cost sharing; criteria and procedures for additional services; minimum standards for delivery of services.
          Section 333.2473 ‑ Specific objectives of required services; demonstrating provision of service; contracts.
          Section 333.2475 ‑ Reimbursement for costs of services; equitable distribution; schedule; local expenditure in excess of prior appropriation.
          Section 333.2476 ‑ Reimbursement of certain expenditures prohibited.
          Section 333.2477 ‑ Local governing entity not to receive less than received under prior provisions; providing, designating, and reallocating funds; accountability.
          Section 333.2479 ‑ Criteria for determining costs for services.
          Section 333.2481 ‑ Condition for approval of funding.
          Section 333.2482 ‑ Minimum expenditure for health services; waiving maintenance of local funding; certain services considered health services.
          Section 333.2483 ‑ Conditions for reimbursement.
          Section 333.2484 ‑ Agreement implementing standards; basis for reimbursement; operating advance; adjustments.
          Section 333.2486 ‑ Notice of appeal; informal conference; reaffirming, modifying, or revoking decision; hearing; petition for redress.
          Section 333.2488 ‑ Appropriation request to include funds for reimbursement of local health departments; basis of sums requested.
          Section 333.2490 ‑ Administration of MCL 333.2471 to 333.2498.
          Section 333.2492 ‑ Status report; appropriation for development and implementation of evaluation and related training.
          Section 333.2495 ‑ Rules; determinations; review and comment.
          Section 333.2497 ‑ Administrative compliance order.
          Section 333.2498 ‑ Petition for administrative hearing; finality of order or compliance date; reaffirming, modifying, or revoking order; modifying time for compliance; petition for writ of mandamus.
     368‑1978‑2‑25. ‑ PART 25. HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (333.2501...333.2511)
          Section 333.2501 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.2503 ‑ Health information technology commission; creation; membership; appointment; representation; terms; vacancy; removal; election of chairperson and officers; meetings; conduct of business at public meeting; availability of writings; participation of professionals and advisors; compensation.
          Section 333.2505 ‑ Commission; duties; strategic plan.
          Section 333.2507 ‑ Personal liability of commission or commission members.
          Section 333.2511 ‑ Healthcare information technology and infrastructure development fund; administration; use; authority of director or commission to accept money or make expenditures; prohibited conduct by commission members; conflict of interest; annual report.
     368‑1978‑2‑26 ‑ PART 26 DATA, INFORMATION, AND RESEARCH (333.2601...333.2692)
          Section 333.2601 ‑ Applicability.
          Section 333.2602 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.2603 ‑ Definitions; D.
          Section 333.2607 ‑ Definitions; R, S.
          Section 333.2611 ‑ Coordination of activities; establishment of policy; interests to be considered; establishment, purpose, and powers of nonprofit corporation.
          Section 333.2612 ‑ Nonprofit corporation; establishment; purpose; duties; selection and composition of board of directors; appointment and composition of internal management committee.
          Section 333.2613 ‑ Nature of data to be defined by rule.
          Section 333.2614 ‑ Duties of department generally.
          Section 333.2615 ‑ Level of coverage; determination.
          Section 333.2616 ‑ Comprehensive health information system; establishment; provisions.
          Section 333.2617 ‑ Comprehensive health information system; statistics.
          Section 333.2617a ‑ Maternal death; submission of information for inclusion in health information system.
          Section 333.2618 ‑ Publications; annual report; summary report; statement of limitations of data used.
          Section 333.2619 ‑ Cancer registry; establishment; purpose; reports; records; rules; medical or department examination or supervision not required; contracts; evaluation of reports; publication of summary reports; commencement of reporting; effective date of section.
          Section 333.2621 ‑ Comprehensive policy for conduct and support of research and demonstration activities; conducting and supporting demonstration projects and scientific evaluations.
          Section 333.2623 ‑ Publication and dissemination of results and information obtained under MCL 333.2621.
          Section 333.2624 ‑ Grants and contracts to conduct or support research activities and scientific evaluations.
          Section 333.2631 ‑ Data concerning medical research project; confidentiality; use.
          Section 333.2632 ‑ Data concerning medical research project; inadmissible as evidence; exhibition or disclosure.
          Section 333.2633 ‑ Data concerning medical research projects; liability for furnishing.
          Section 333.2635 ‑ Power to demand or require data.
          Section 333.2637 ‑ Procedures protecting confidentiality and regulating disclosure of data and records.
          Section 333.2638 ‑ Violation; penalty.
          Section 333.2639 ‑ Review of personal records upon request; procedures for reviewing request; administrative hearing; records of requests.
          Section 333.2640 ‑ Parentage registry; use and access by family independence agency; access to child's medical records and information; immunity; exception.
          Section 333.2641 ‑ Fees; disposition of collections.
          Section 333.2651 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 301, Imd. Eff. July 20, 2006.
          Section 333.2652 ‑ Receiving and allocating bodies or parts; purpose; records of receipt and disposition; universities designated to perform duties and responsibilities; powers.
          Section 333.2653 ‑ “Unclaimed body” defined; notice to persons with authority to control disposition of unclaimed body; availability of unclaimed body to department; request for notification concerning unclaimed body; time, manner, and contents of notice; release of body; notice and surrender of body to benevolent association.
          Section 333.2655 ‑ Embalming and disposing of unclaimed body; standards; holding period; identification and claim by person with authority over body.
          Section 333.2656 ‑ Receiving unclaimed body for educational purposes; expense; record; disposition.
          Section 333.2658 ‑ Postmortem examination of unclaimed body; certification of body unfit for scientific or education purposes; interment of unclaimed body; expense.
          Section 333.2659 ‑ Adoption of standards for unclaimed bodies or parts.
          Section 333.2661 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 301, Imd. Eff. July 20, 2006.
          Section 333.2663 ‑ Violations; misdemeanor.
          Section 333.2671 ‑ Public health and welfare dependent on humane use of animals for certain purposes.
          Section 333.2672 ‑ Animal research advisory board; creation; membership.
          Section 333.2673 ‑ Animal research advisory board; powers.
          Section 333.2674 ‑ Administration of MCL 333.2671 to 333.2675; expenses of members.
          Section 333.2675 ‑ Inspection of premises or property on which animals kept for experimental purposes; purpose.
          Section 333.2676 ‑ Registration for humane use of animals for experimental purposes; compliance with standards; grounds for suspension or revocation of registration; findings of fact conclusive; application for review of questions of law; orders.
          Section 333.2678 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.2681 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.2682 ‑ Statewide network of cord blood stem cell banks.
          Section 333.2683 ‑ Educational materials on uses and benefits of cord blood stem cells; development and dissemination; availability.
          Section 333.2683a ‑ Statewide network of cord blood stem cell banks; public awareness efforts; report on expenditure of funds.
          Section 333.2685 ‑ Use of live human embryo, fetus, or neonate for nontherapeutic research; prohibitions; presumption.
          Section 333.2686 ‑ Diagnostic, assessment, or treatment procedures not prohibited.
          Section 333.2687 ‑ Embryo, fetus, or neonate considered live.
          Section 333.2688 ‑ Research on dead embryo, fetus, or neonate; consent of mother; presumption; authorized transfer to medical research facilities; research standards.
          Section 333.2689 ‑ Abortion; consideration.
          Section 333.2690 ‑ Selling, collecting fee for, transferring, distributing, or giving away embryo, fetus, or neonate; financial benefit or compensation prohibited; exception; definitions.
          Section 333.2691 ‑ Violation; penalty.
          Section 333.2692 ‑ “Nontherapeutic research” defined.
          Section 333.2701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.2703 ‑ Michigan essential health provider recruitment strategy; creation; purpose; duties of department.
          Section 333.2705 ‑ Essential health provider repayment program for designated professionals; administration; repayment of debt or expenses; contract; requirements; lump sum payment; forfeiture; discretionary debt or expense repayment; maximum amount of debt or expense repayment; source of funds; distribution of funds; priority.
          Section 333.2707 ‑ Grant program for minority students; administration; eligibility; condition for award of grant; priority; determination of appropriate grant; failure to fulfill service obligation or complete training program; repayment; disposition of amounts repaid; service obligation considered fulfilled; source of funds; distribution of funds; definition.
          Section 333.2709 ‑ Placement of certified nurse midwives.
          Section 333.2711 ‑ Recruitment for programs created in MCL 333.2705 and 333.2707; designated physician specialty areas; preference; "qualified" defined.
          Section 333.2713 ‑ Fulfillment of service obligation; commencement; guidelines for assignment of designated professionals; condition for placement.
          Section 333.2715 ‑ Individuals ineligible to receive funds under MCL 333.2705 or 333.2707.
          Section 333.2717 ‑ Health resource shortage area; criteria for identification and designation.
          Section 333.2719 ‑ Departmental discretion; guidelines for priority.
          Section 333.2721 ‑ Minority health profession grant fund; creation; funding; use; investments; crediting earnings to fund.
          Section 333.2723 ‑ Rules; status report.
          Section 333.2725 ‑ Short title.
          Section 333.2727 ‑ Conditional effective date.
     368‑1978‑2‑28 ‑ PART 28 VITAL RECORDS (333.2801...333.2899)
          Section 333.2801 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.2803 ‑ Definitions; A to F.
          Section 333.2804 ‑ Definitions; I to R.
          Section 333.2805 ‑ Definitions; S to V.
          Section 333.2811 ‑ Form and content of vital records and certificates.
          Section 333.2813 ‑ State registrar; appointment; duties; inclusion of social security number; disclosure prohibited; violation; penalty.
          Section 333.2814 ‑ City clerk or city department as local registrar; rules.
          Section 333.2815 ‑ Local registrar; duties.
          Section 333.2821 ‑ Birth registration required; filing record of birth; time of registration; transmission to childhood immunization registry.
          Section 333.2822 ‑ Individuals required to report live birth occurring in state; “surrender” defined.
          Section 333.2823 ‑ Registration of live birth occurring in moving conveyance.
          Section 333.2824 ‑ Registering name of husband as father of child; registering surname of child; consent; acknowledgment of parentage; designating surname of child; entering name of father and surname of child on birth certificate; father not named on birth registration; utilization of assisted reproductive technology; reference to legitimacy or illegitimacy prohibited.
          Section 333.2825 ‑ Assuming custody of live born child of unknown parentage; form, contents, and filing of report; place of birth; report as birth registration; sealing and opening of report.
          Section 333.2827 ‑ Failure to register birth within time prescribed; filing certificate of birth; registration of birth subject to evidentiary requirements; marking certificate “delayed” and showing date of delayed registration; endorsing summary statement of evidence on certificate; failure to register due to conflict of information.
          Section 333.2828 ‑ Conditions prohibiting registration of delayed certificate of birth; advising applicant of reasons and right of appeal; dismissal of application; judicial findings and order; forwarding order to state registrar; registration of order as certificate of birth; forwarding copy of delayed registration to local registrar.
          Section 333.2829 ‑ Report of adoption; form; contents; report when adoption order amended, annulled, or rescinded; duty of probate register or clerk; requirements of birth certificate issued to adopted individual.
          Section 333.2830 ‑ Adoption of child born outside United States, territory of United States, or Canada; filing, form, and contents of delayed registration of birth; petition for issuance of delayed registration of birth; entering change of name.
          Section 333.2831 ‑ New certificate of birth; establishment; requirements.
          Section 333.2832 ‑ New certificate of birth; actual place and date of birth to be shown; substitution for original certificate; inspection; restoration of original certificate upon notice of annulment or rescission of adoption; preparing new certificate on delayed birth certificate form; sealing or forwarding original certificate.
          Section 333.2833 ‑ Recording death on decedent's birth certificate; notification; recordation by department or local registrar; recordation on face of copies of certificate; correction of record.
          Section 333.2834 ‑ Report of fetal death; time, form, and manner; prohibited information; report if dead fetus delivered in or outside institution; notice to medical examiner; investigation and report; use and disposition of confidential statistical reports; disclosure identifying biological parents prohibited; incorporation of records into system of vital statistics; certificate of stillbirth.
          Section 333.2835 ‑ "Physical complication" defined; report of abortion; form, transmittal, and contents of report; prohibited information; destruction of reports; annual statistical report; use of statistical reports; prohibited disclosures; violation; penalty; release of reports or contents to department of licensing and regulatory affairs.
          Section 333.2836 ‑ Disposal of fetal remains.
          Section 333.2837 ‑ Physical complication or death resulting from abortion; report.
          Section 333.2841 ‑ Death registration required; place of death; failure to report death to law enforcement agency, funeral home, or 9-1-1 operator; violation; penalty.
          Section 333.2842 ‑ Death registration; death occurring in moving conveyance.
          Section 333.2843 ‑ Report of death by funeral director; “dead body” defined; personal data; medical certification; neglecting or refusing to sign death certificate as misdemeanor; penalty; certification and filing of death record; deceased infant; information.
          Section 333.2843a ‑ Ascertaining if deceased person veteran; releasing information for graves registration list of all burials of veterans.
          Section 333.2843b ‑ Physician having actual knowledge of presence in deceased individual of infectious agent; notification of funeral director or authorized agent; refusal to render services prohibited; effective date of subsection (1); confidentiality; rules; violation as misdemeanor.
          Section 333.2844 ‑ Referral of case to county medical examiner; determining and certifying cause of death; investigation; completing and signing medical certification; notice to funeral director; final disposition.
          Section 333.2844a ‑ Dental examination of dead body; forwarding records to law enforcement agency; entering information into national crime information center; cancellation of information.
          Section 333.2845 ‑ Inability to locate body; registration of death upon receipt of findings of probate court; marking death registration; extension of time periods.
          Section 333.2846 ‑ Failure to register death within prescribed time period; filing, registering, and marking certificate; evidentiary requirements.
          Section 333.2847 ‑ Death of individual in county in which individual not a resident; information; issuance of certified copy or certificate of registration prohibited.
          Section 333.2848 ‑ Authorization for final disposition of dead body or fetus; time; form; retention of permit; religious service or ceremony not required; cremation; moving body; permit issued by other state.
          Section 333.2850 ‑ Interment or other disposition of dead body or fetus; duty of individual in charge of premises; record of final disposition.
          Section 333.2851 ‑ Permit request for disinterment of dead human body.
          Section 333.2852 ‑ Weather conditions requiring storage of dead body; authorization for delayed interment; disinterment and reinterment permit not required.
          Section 333.2853 ‑ Permit for disinterment and reinterment required; issuance; forms for permits and applications; retention of application; copy of permit as permanent record; petition for disinterment order.
          Section 333.2854 ‑ Failure to comply with provisions of MCL 333.2836 or 333.2848; violation; state civil infraction; civil fine.
          Section 333.2855 ‑ Autopsy; physician to perform; consent; ordering of autopsy; exceptions; removal, retention, or use of pituitary gland; conditions; charge; submitting pituitary gland for treatment of human being; agreement.
          Section 333.2855a ‑ Public display of autopsy photograph; court action; applicability of section to internet service provider; constitutionally protected speech or activity not prohibited; definitions.
          Section 333.2861 ‑ Original marriage license certificates; filing; incorporating information relating to marriages in system of vital statistics.
          Section 333.2864 ‑ Report of divorce proceedings; filing; forms; specifying number of divorces granted; report by party petitioning for divorce; signing and filing report; incorporating divorce reports in system of vital statistics.
          Section 333.2867 ‑ Information necessary to complete birth, death, marriage, or divorce registration; furnishing on demand; attesting accuracy of personal data regarding live birth registration.
          Section 333.2871 ‑ Amendment of certificate or record; procedures; requirements; rules.
          Section 333.2872 ‑ Acknowledgement of paternity; creating new certificate of birth; changing surname of child; sealing original certificate; addendum to certificate of live birth; creating new live birth certificate and sealing original.
          Section 333.2873 ‑ Conditions precluding amendment of vital record; reason for refusal; appeal; reporting amendment; preservation of original information.
          Section 333.2876 ‑ Preservation of vital records and vital statistics; procedures.
          Section 333.2881 ‑ Procedures applicable to system of vital statistics; request and fee for verification of facts; request and fee for name and location of court which finalized adoption.
          Section 333.2882 ‑ Issuance of certain certified copies; request; fee; request of adopted adult or confidential intermediary; phrase to be marked on certificate provided under subsection (2) or (3).
          Section 333.2882a ‑ Heirloom birth certificate; issuance; administration; fee; design; seal; signature of governor; marketing and promotion; certificate not official record; section to be referred to as "Pam Posthumus law."
          Section 333.2883 ‑ Furnishing copies or data from system of vital statistics; requirements; availability of copies of certificates or reports.
          Section 333.2884 ‑ Transmitting transcripts of records and other reports to offices of vital statistics outside state; agreement; return of transcripts; transcripts received from other jurisdictions.
          Section 333.2885 ‑ Transmission of vital records to library of Michigan.
          Section 333.2886 ‑ Certified copies considered same as original; prima facie evidence.
          Section 333.2888 ‑ Inspection of vital records, disclosure of information, and issuance of copies; procedures; appeal to state registrar.
          Section 333.2889 ‑ Tagging birth certificate of missing child; notifying state police of request for copy of certificate; matching LEIN entry and certificate; tagging by local registrar; removal of tag.
          Section 333.2890 ‑ Issuing birth certificate, certificate of registration, or information by mail; marking phrase “missing person” on face of document; telephoning state registrar upon receipt of request for tagged record; providing state registrar with certain information; telephoning state police; notice to law enforcement agency.
          Section 333.2891 ‑ Search for vital record; request; fee; official statement if record not located; verification of identity; fees for search, establishment, or registration; furnishing copies without charge; fees for creation of new vital records and corrections of vital records; additional fees; disposition of fees; system of fees for local registrars; vital records fund.
          Section 333.2892 ‑ Vital records fund creation; duties of state treasurer; disposition of fund; administrator of fund; expenditures; limitation.
          Section 333.2894 ‑ Prohibited conduct.
          Section 333.2895 ‑ Inspection or copying of information contained in system of vital statistics.
          Section 333.2896 ‑ Rules; minimum requirements.
          Section 333.2898 ‑ Violation; penalty.
          Section 333.2899 ‑ Reporting violation; statement; initiation of proceedings.
     368‑1978‑2‑32 ‑ PART 32 EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES SYSTEM (333.3201...333.3249)
          Section 333.3201‑333.3249 ‑  Repealed. 1981, Act 79, Imd. Eff. June 30, 1981.
     368‑1978‑2‑36 ‑ PART 36 NUTRITION SERVICES SYSTEM (333.3601...333.3625)
          Section 333.3601‑333.3625 ‑ Expired. 1978, Act 368, Eff. Oct. 1, 1980.
     368‑1978‑5‑51 ‑ PART 51 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.5101...333.5141)
          Section 333.5101 ‑ Definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.5110 ‑ Expedited partner therapy.
          Section 333.5111 ‑ List of reportable diseases, infections, and disabilities; rules.
          Section 333.5112 ‑ Pandemic influenza plan; establishment and maintenance; annual review and update; availability to public; report.
          Section 333.5113 ‑ Medical treatment, testing, or examination as violative of personal religious beliefs; compliance with provisions regarding sanitation and reporting of diseases.
          Section 333.5114 ‑ HIV infected test subject; report; form.
          Section 333.5114a ‑ Referral of individual to local health department; assistance with partner notification; information; legal obligation to inform sexual partners; criminal sanctions; partner notification program; confidentiality; priority duty of local health department; destruction of reports, records, and data; information exempt from disclosure.
          Section 333.5115 ‑ Communicable diseases and serious communicable diseases and infections; minimum procedures and standards for control and elimination.
          Section 333.5117 ‑ Individual with serious communicable disease or infection; order authorizing care; report; authority not restricted; financial liability for care.
          Section 333.5119 ‑ Individual applying for marriage license; availability of tests for sexually transmitted infection and HIV infection; educational materials; informing HIV infected applicant of test results; definitions.
          Section 333.5121 ‑ Prohibited conduct; misdemeanor.
          Section 333.5123 ‑ Initial examination or third trimester of pregnant woman or woman recently delivering infant; test specimens required; exceptions; record; availability of test results and records.
          Section 333.5125 ‑ Birth of infant; treatment of eyes; report.
          Section 333.5127 ‑ Minor infected with sexually transmitted infection or HIV; consent to treatment; informing spouse, parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis; financial responsibility.
          Section 333.5129 ‑ Individuals arrested and charged, bound over, or convicted of certain crimes; examination or testing for certain diseases; partner notification; expedited examination or testing; information and counseling; providing name, address, and telephone number of victim or individual; providing test results to victim or individual; transmitting test results and other medical information; confidentiality; referral of individual for appropriate medical care; financial responsibility; applicability of subsections (2), (3), and (4) to certain individuals; costs; definitions.
          Section 333.5131 ‑ HIV infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; confidentiality of reports, records, data, and information; test results; limitations and restrictions on disclosures in response to court order and subpoena; information released to legislative body; applicability of subsection (1); immunity; identification of individual; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 333.5133 ‑ Information on HIV testing; notification of testing and opportunity for questions; authority to decline; partner notification; HIV test performed for purpose of research; inapplicability of section; conditions; informing patient of test results.
          Section 333.5139 ‑ Report by physician or optometrist; definitions.
          Section 333.5141 ‑ Reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome (RSD/CRPS); work group; education program; materials and brochures; funds.
     368‑1978‑5‑52 ‑ PART 52 HAZARDOUS COMMUNICABLE DISEASES (333.5201...333.5269)
          Section 333.5201 ‑ Definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.5203 ‑ Warning notice generally.
          Section 333.5204 ‑ Request for testing made by officer, employee, or individual making lawful arrest; procedures; rules; definitions.
          Section 333.5205 ‑ Failure or refusal to comply with warning notice; petition; hearing; notice; waiver; orders; recommendation and duties of commitment review panel and circuit court; appeal to circuit court; termination or continuation of commitment; cost of implementing order; right to counsel; appeal to court of appeals; leaving facility or refusal to undergo testing for certain infections as contempt.
          Section 333.5207 ‑ Protection of public health in emergency; affidavit; court order; taking individual into custody; transporting individual to emergency care or treatment facility; temporary detention; notice of hearing; continued temporary detention; petition.
          Section 333.5209 ‑ Power not limited.
          Section 333.5210 ‑ Intercourse with specific intent or reckless disregard to infect with HIV; felony; violations as misdemeanor.
          Section 333.5211‑333.5269 ‑  Repealed. 1988, Act 491, Eff. Mar. 30, 1989.
     368‑1978‑5‑53 ‑ PART 53 EXPENSE OF CARE (333.5301...333.5307)
          Section 333.5301 ‑ County chargeable with expense of care; reimbursement by state; individuals with tuberculosis or honorable discharges considered domiciled in state at large; expense of care paid by state on certification of department; reasonableness of claims and accounts; appeal.
          Section 333.5303 ‑ Care provided where individual found at expense of county where individual domiciled; notice; return of individual to county of domicile; disputed or contested claim arising between 2 or more counties; decision.
          Section 333.5305 ‑ Determination that county where individual found not county of domicile; reimbursement.
          Section 333.5307 ‑ Expenditure under MCL 333.5117 considered expenditure for protection of public health, not welfare or relief; reimbursement; notice and hearing; finding; order; distribution of receipts.
     368‑1978‑5‑54 ‑ PART 54 CHRONIC DISEASES (333.5401...333.5439)
          Section 333.5401 ‑ “Chronic disease” defined; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.5411 ‑ Chronic disease prevention and control program; statewide program as to mental disabilities; establishment; scope; programs continued.
          Section 333.5412 ‑ Scope of chronic disease program; availability of services subject to appropriation; contracts for programs; evaluation of program; recommending discontinuance of program.
          Section 333.5413‑333.5415 ‑  Repealed. 1992, Act 25, Eff. Mar. 30, 1996.
          Section 333.5421 ‑ Chronic disease advisory committee; creation; appointment of members; committee subject to MCL 333.2215.
          Section 333.5423 ‑ Chronic disease advisory committee; advising and assisting department; reimbursement for travel expenses.
          Section 333.5425 ‑ Chronic disease advisory committee; creation and purpose of subcommittee; chairperson; membership.
          Section 333.5429 ‑ Terminated. 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1980.
          Section 333.5430 ‑ Newborn screening quality assurance advisory committee; membership; appointment; screening tests; annual review of list; report; recommendations; approval or rejection by legislature.
          Section 333.5431 ‑ Testing newborn infant for certain conditions; reporting positive test results to parents, guardian, or person in loco parentis; compliance; fee; “Detroit consumer price index” defined; violation as misdemeanor; hardship waiver; conduct of department regarding blood specimens; pamphlet; additional blood specimen for future identification.
          Section 333.5432 ‑ Hearing test and screening.
          Section 333.5439 ‑ Rules.
     368‑1978‑5‑54A ‑ PART 54A LEAD ABATEMENT (333.5451... 333.5479)
          Section 333.5451 ‑ Short title of part.
          Section 333.5452 ‑ Words and phrases; meanings.
          Section 333.5453 ‑ Definitions; A.
          Section 333.5454 ‑ Definitions; C.
          Section 333.5455 ‑ Definitions; C.
          Section 333.5456 ‑ Definitions; D, E.
          Section 333.5457 ‑ Definitions; G to I.
          Section 333.5458 ‑ Definitions; L.
          Section 333.5459 ‑ Definitions; M to S.
          Section 333.5460 ‑ Definitions; T to V.
          Section 333.5460a ‑ Lead-based paint activities; procedures and requirements.
          Section 333.5461 ‑ Persons engaged in lead-based paint activity; certification required.
          Section 333.5461a ‑ Lead-based paint activities; training program; accreditation required.
          Section 333.5462 ‑ Lead-based paint activities; training program; accreditation generally.
          Section 333.5463 ‑ Training program; training hour requirements for accreditation in certain disciplines; rules; course test; hands-on skills assessment; course completion certificates; quality control plan; teaching work practice standards; duties of training manager.
          Section 333.5464 ‑ Accreditation of refresher course.
          Section 333.5465 ‑ Reaccreditation of training program.
          Section 333.5466 ‑ Suspension, revocation, or modification of accreditation.
          Section 333.5467 ‑ Accreditation training program; availability and retention of records; notice of change of address.
          Section 333.5468 ‑ Certification to engage in lead-based paint activities; fees; application; requirements for certification in specific discipline.
          Section 333.5469 ‑ Certification to engage in lead-based paint activities; employment of certified employees; requirements.
          Section 333.5470 ‑ Certification in appropriate discipline required.
          Section 333.5471 ‑ Training program or refresher courses; fees.
          Section 333.5472 ‑ Notice of lead-based paint abatement.
          Section 333.5473 ‑ Administration and enforcement of part.
          Section 333.5473a ‑ Administration and enforcement of part by department; rules; establishment of programs; recommendations; disclosure; exemption.
          Section 333.5474 ‑ Establishment of lead poisoning prevention program; components; reports.
          Section 333.5474a ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 431, Eff. July 1, 2007.
          Section 333.5474b ‑ Lead safe housing registry.
          Section 333.5474b[1] ‑ Lead safe housing registry.
          Section 333.5474c ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 400, Eff. July 1, 2007.
          Section 333.5474c[1] ‑ Lead Poisoning Prevention Week.
          Section 333.5475 ‑ Alleged violations or complaints; actions by department.
          Section 333.5475a ‑ Rental unit containing lead-based hazard; presumption of actual knowledge; violation; penalties; defense; burden of proof; definitions.
          Section 333.5476 ‑ Violation of part; fine; citation; administrative hearing.
          Section 333.5477 ‑ Violation; failure to correct violation after notice as misdemeanor; sanctions, penalties, or other provisions.
          Section 333.5478, 333.5479 ‑ Repealed. 2007, Act 162, Eff. July 1, 2010.
     368‑1978‑5‑54B. ‑ PART 54B. LEAD-BEARING SUBSTANCES (333.5481...333.5486)
          Section 333.5481 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.5482 ‑ Children's jewelry; use or application of lead-bearing substance prohibited.
          Section 333.5483 ‑ Children's jewelry containing lead-bearing substance; sale, offer for sale, or transfer prohibited.
          Section 333.5484 ‑ Hazards of lead-bearing substances; posting information on website.
          Section 333.5485 ‑ Lunch box containing lead-bearing substance; exception; "lunch box" defined.
          Section 333.5486 ‑ Violations; penalties; waiver.
     368‑1978‑5‑54C. ‑ PART 54C. TOXIC SUBSTANCES IN CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS (333.5491...333.5493)
          Section 333.5491 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.5492 ‑ Toxic substance in toy or child care article; prohibited conduct; exception.
          Section 333.5493 ‑ Violation; penalties; waiver.
     368‑1978‑5‑55 ‑ PART 55 (333.5501...333.5539)
          Section 333.5501 ‑ Repealed. 1988, Act 442, Eff. Dec. 27, 1991.
          Section 333.5511 ‑ Alzheimer's disease or related disorder; state plan for network of regional, multidisciplinary diagnostic and assessment centers; submission to governor and legislature.
          Section 333.5521 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases used in MCL 333.5521 to 333.5539.
          Section 333.5523 ‑ Identification of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders autopsy network; tasks.
          Section 333.5525 ‑ Identification of tissue repositories.
          Section 333.5527 ‑ Tissue repository; access; collection and use of fees; report.
          Section 333.5529 ‑ Request for autopsy; information; written consent.
          Section 333.5533 ‑ Duty of chronic disease advisory committee.
          Section 333.5535 ‑ Subsidy program.
          Section 333.5537 ‑ Information on critical role of autopsies.
          Section 333.5539 ‑ Authority of family representative.
     368‑1978‑5‑55A ‑ PART 55A EYE CARE CONSUMER PROTECTION (333.5551...333.5571)
          Section 333.5551 ‑ Eye care consumer protection law; meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 333.5553 ‑ Definitions; C to E.
          Section 333.5555 ‑ Definitions; L to S.
          Section 333.5557 ‑ Definitions; V.
          Section 333.5559 ‑ Spectacles and contact lenses as medical devices; exceptions.
          Section 333.5561 ‑ Prohibited acts; "supervision" defined.
          Section 333.5563 ‑ Administration and enforcement of part; rules.
          Section 333.5565 ‑ Allegation of violation; writing; review by department; hearing, oaths, and testimony; authority of department to proceed under MCL 333.5567; initiation of investigation.
          Section 333.5567 ‑ Order to cease and desist; hearing; costs; referral of case for further enforcement; action under MCL 333.5569 or 333.5571.
          Section 333.5569 ‑ Civil action; filing; injunction or other relief; civil fine; costs; attorney fees.
          Section 333.5571 ‑ Violation of part, rule, or order as misdemeanor; fine; costs; attorney fees.
     368‑1978‑5‑56 ‑ PART 56 OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES (333.5601...333.5639)
          Section 333.5601 ‑ “Occupational disease” defined; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.5611 ‑ Report of occupational disease or health condition aggravated by workplace exposures; time; contents; forms and instructions.
          Section 333.5613 ‑ Investigation; advising physician of nature of hazardous substance or agent and conditions of exposure; confidentiality.
          Section 333.5621 ‑ Reports not public records; exemption from disclosure; access to record.
          Section 333.5623 ‑ Statistical summaries; dissemination of instructions and information.
          Section 333.5639 ‑ Failure to make report or wilful false statement as misdemeanor; penalty.
     368‑1978‑5‑56A ‑ PART 56A TERMINAL ILLNESS (333.5651...333.5661)
          Section 333.5651 ‑ Short title of part.
          Section 333.5652 ‑ Legislative findings; Michigan dignified death act.
          Section 333.5653 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.5654 ‑ Recommended medical treatment for advanced illness; duty of physician to inform orally; limitation or modification of disclosed information.
          Section 333.5655 ‑ Recommended medical treatment for advanced illness; duty of physician to inform orally and in writing; requirements.
          Section 333.5656 ‑ Updated standardized written summary; development; publication; contents; availability to physicians.
          Section 333.5657 ‑ Availability of form to patient, patient surrogate, or patient advocate; compliance with MCL 333.5656; placement of signed form in patient's medical record; signed form as bar to civil or administrative action.
          Section 333.5658 ‑ Prescription of controlled substance; immunity from administrative and civil liability.
          Section 333.5659 ‑ Life insurer, health insurer, or health care payment or benefits plan; prohibited acts.
          Section 333.5660 ‑ Scope of part; limitation.
          Section 333.5661 ‑ Fraud resulting in death of patient; violation as felony; penalty.
     368‑1978‑5‑56B ‑ PART 56B PHYSICIAN ORDERS FOR SCOPE OF TREATMENT (333.5671...333.5685)
          Section 333.5671 ‑ Words and phrases; applicability of definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.5672 ‑ Definitions: A to C.
          Section 333.5673 ‑ Definitions; E to I.
          Section 333.5674 ‑ Definitions; M to W.
          Section 333.5675 ‑ Advisory committee; appointment; membership; recommendations; abolishment; "committee" defined.
          Section 333.5676 ‑ Duties of department; publication of information or materials regarding POST form.
          Section 333.5677 ‑ POST form; individuals consenting to medical orders; consent by patient representative; information to be provided by attending health professional; signature; copy of form as part of medical record; possession of original form.
          Section 333.5678 ‑ Revocation of POST form.
          Section 333.5679 ‑ POST form; use as communication tool; treatment by emergency medical services personnel; exceptions; noncompliance by health professional or health facility.
          Section 333.5680 ‑ Treatment or services not subject to criminal prosecution, civil liability, or professional disciplinary action.
          Section 333.5681 ‑ Valid execution of POST form; presumption.
          Section 333.5682 ‑ Belief that execution of POST form contrary to wishes or best interests; petition; review; injunction.
          Section 333.5683 ‑ Life or health insurer; prohibited conduct.
          Section 333.5684 ‑ Provisions as cumulative; legal right not impaired or superseded; presumption.
          Section 333.5685 ‑ Advisory committee to be appointed 3 years after effective date of amendatory act; meeting; recommendations; report; abolishment; "committee" defined.
     368‑1978‑5‑57 ‑ PART 57 EXPOSURE TO CHEMICAL HERBICIDES (333.5701...333.5749)
          Section 333.5701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.5703 ‑ Toxicological studies; consent; report; information on physical health.
          Section 333.5709 ‑ Studying causes of death.
          Section 333.5711 ‑ Epidemiological studies; consent.
          Section 333.5713 ‑ Annual report; recommendations.
          Section 333.5715 ‑ Report or other information as public information; availability; confidentiality of medical information.
          Section 333.5717 ‑ Birth defects registry; establishment; purposes.
          Section 333.5721 ‑ Birth defects; reports; records; confidentiality; rules; submission to medical examination or supervision not required; contract for collection and analysis of data; evaluation of information reported to birth defects registry; public reports.
          Section 333.5723 ‑ Referral services.
          Section 333.5725 ‑ Class action; purpose.
          Section 333.5731 ‑ Agent orange commission; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy.
          Section 333.5735 ‑ Agent orange commission; duties.
          Section 333.5737 ‑ Agent orange commission; election of chairperson; meetings; travel expenses; conducting business at public meeting; notice; writings available to public.
          Section 333.5745 ‑ Agent orange information resource center; creation; membership; duties.
          Section 333.5747 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.5749 ‑ Phasing in studies and birth defects registry.
     368‑1978‑5‑58 ‑ PART 58 CHILDREN AND YOUTH WITH SPECIAL HEALTH CARE NEEDS (333.5801...333.5879)
          Section 333.5801 ‑ “Child or youth with special health care needs” or “child” defined; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.5805 ‑ Service to be developed, extended, and improved; purposes; referral of child to appropriate services; purposes of program.
          Section 333.5811 ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 91, Imd. Eff. June 25, 2015.
          Section 333.5815 ‑ Program of services; establishment and administration; rules.
          Section 333.5817 ‑ Duties of department.
          Section 333.5821 ‑ Diagnostic clinics and services; availability of examination results.
          Section 333.5823 ‑ Eligibility for services; application; investigation; medical evidence.
          Section 333.5825 ‑ Eligibility for services; determination; financial assessment; transportation; referrals.
          Section 333.5826 ‑ Approval of hospital, facilities, and specialists.
          Section 333.5828 ‑ Hospital bed to be provided; operation or treatment by physician or surgeon.
          Section 333.5831 ‑ Report from approved hospital; form; contents; time.
          Section 333.5835 ‑ Educational services for hospitalized child; compliance; records.
          Section 333.5841 ‑ Charges for medical care and treatment; agreement for payment; information; account; disposition of parent participation payments; modification or cancellation of agreement.
          Section 333.5843 ‑ Cost of care and surgical and medical treatment; subrogation.
          Section 333.5847 ‑ Payments not considered social services aid; individual not considered indigent.
          Section 333.5861 ‑ Receiving and holding title to property; property as trust fund; disposition of property; children with special needs fund; minimum balance.
          Section 333.5863 ‑ Duties of department of treasury.
          Section 333.5871 ‑ Entering home or taking charge of child or youth with special health care needs; power to accept or refuse services.
          Section 333.5874 ‑ Confidentiality of records; disclosure.
          Section 333.5879 ‑ Unlawful conduct; misdemeanor.
     368‑1978‑5‑58A ‑ PART 58A INFANT DEATH DUE TO UNSAFE SLEEP EDUCATION AND PREVENTION (333.5881...333.5887)
          Section 333.5881 ‑ "Infant safe sleep act"; meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.5883 ‑ Definitions; H, I.
          Section 333.5884 ‑ Definitions; P.
          Section 333.5885 ‑ Infant safe sleep practices; information and materials to be provided by hospital; parent acknowledgment statement; form; birth occurring in setting other than hospital; use of materials consistent with or provided by department.
          Section 333.5886 ‑ Parent acknowledgment statement; liability of hospital or health professional.
          Section 333.5887 ‑ Duties of department and department of human services.
     368‑1978‑5‑59 ‑ PART 59 MICHIGAN HEALTH INITIATIVE PROGRAM (333.5901...333.5929)
          Section 333.5901 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.5903 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 238, Imd. Eff. June 26, 2006.
          Section 333.5905 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 238, Imd. Eff. June 26, 2006.
          Section 333.5906 ‑ Hepatitis C advisory task force; creation; membership; terms; chairperson and officers; compensation and expenses; business conducted at public meeting; writings; duties; abolishment of task force on June 30, 2010.
          Section 333.5907 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 238, Imd. Eff. June 26, 2006.
          Section 333.5909 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 238, Imd. Eff. June 26, 2006.
          Section 333.5911 ‑ Michigan health initiative fund; creation; administration; expenditures; fund cumulative; amounts credited to fund; investment of fund; crediting earnings; disposition and use of unencumbered balance.
          Section 333.5913 ‑ Michigan health initiative information clearinghouse; establishment; accessibility; duties.
          Section 333.5915 ‑ Media campaign; public service announcements.
          Section 333.5917 ‑ Risk reduction and AIDS education module; approval process.
          Section 333.5919 ‑ Risk reduction, HCV information package, and AIDS information package.
          Section 333.5921 ‑ Model AIDS information package; local AIDS information package.
          Section 333.5923 ‑ HIV and HCV testing; counseling; costs.
          Section 333.5925 ‑ Employee wellness programs; grants; applications; rules.
          Section 333.5927 ‑ Educational programs for health care workers; availability of educational materials to individuals at high risk for hepatitis C virus.
          Section 333.5929 ‑ Local community demonstration and pilot projects; grants.
     368‑1978‑5‑59A ‑ PART 59A HEALTHY MICHIGAN FUND (333.5951...333.5955)
          Section 333.5951 ‑ “Fund” defined.
          Section 333.5953 ‑ Healthy Michigan fund; creation; expenditure; fund as additional appropriation; crediting amount and earnings; investment; grants or donations; availability of remaining funds; reversion.
          Section 333.5955 ‑ Use and purpose of fund.
368‑1978‑6 ‑ ARTICLE 6 SUBSTANCE ABUSE (333.6101...333.6523)
     368‑1978‑6‑61 ‑ PART 61 GENERAL PROVISIONS (Repealed by 2012 PA 500) (333.6101...333.6141)
          Section 333.6101‑333.6141 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
     368‑1978‑6‑62 ‑ PART 62 SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES (333.6201...333.6251)
          Section 333.6201 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6203 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6205 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6207 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6209 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6211 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6213 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6215 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6217 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6221 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6222 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6223 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6226 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6228 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6230 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.6231 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6232 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
          Section 333.6233 ‑ License required; licensing unit; exceptions.
          Section 333.6234 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.6235 ‑ Application for license; form; authorization to obtain information; evidence of notice to churches, schools, and incorporated nonprofit civic organizations.
          Section 333.6236 ‑ License; comments by individuals in applicant's service delivery area; basis of issuing or denying license; explanation of denial.
          Section 333.6237 ‑ License; annual fee; compliance; display.
          Section 333.6238 ‑ Duration of standard or provisional license; renewal or extension of provisional license; duration and purpose of temporary, nonrenewable permit; visit to licensed substance use disorder program; waiver; confidentiality of accreditation information; complaint.
          Section 333.6241 ‑ Premises of applicant; inspection; compliance; facility visit; health and sanitation matters; other matters; conduct.
          Section 333.6243 ‑ License; denial, suspension, revocation, or refusal to renew; violation; hearing and appeal.
          Section 333.6249 ‑ Individual, agent, representative, or officer; subject to part; violation; misdemeanor; revocation.
          Section 333.6251 ‑ Injunction or other process.
     368‑1978‑6‑65 ‑ PART 65 INCAPACITATED PERSONS (Repealed by 2012 PA 500) (333.6501...333.6523)
          Section 333.6501‑333.6523 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 500, Imd. Eff. Dec. 28, 2012.
368‑1978‑7 ‑ ARTICLE 7 CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES (333.7101...333.7545)
     368‑1978‑7‑71 ‑ PART 71 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.7101...333.7125)
          Section 333.7101 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.7103 ‑ Definitions; A.
          Section 333.7104 ‑ Definitions; B to E.
          Section 333.7105 ‑ Additional definitions.
          Section 333.7106 ‑ Definitions; I to M.
          Section 333.7107 ‑ Definitions; N.
          Section 333.7108 ‑ Definitions; O.
          Section 333.7109 ‑ Definitions; P to U.
          Section 333.7111 ‑ Controlled substances advisory commission; appointment and qualifications of members; ex officio members; secretary; appointment and qualifications of drug control administrator.
          Section 333.7112 ‑ Controlled substances advisory commission; compensation and expenses; terms; vacancy; meetings; report; recommendations.
          Section 333.7113 ‑ Controlled substances advisory commission; monitoring; investigations; plan of action; annual report; establishment and use of standardized data base format; transmission of information.
          Section 333.7113a ‑ Prescription drug and opioid abuse commission; recommendations to department of education.
          Section 333.7121 ‑ Application and construction of article.
          Section 333.7123 ‑ Effect of article on rights and duties, penalties, proceedings, prosecutions, sentencing, civil seizures or forfeitures, injunctive proceedings, and administrative proceedings.
          Section 333.7125 ‑ Continuation of order or rule.
     368‑1978‑7‑72 ‑ PART 72 STANDARDS AND SCHEDULES (333.7201...333.7231)
          Section 333.7201 ‑ Administration of article; adding, deleting, or rescheduling substances.
          Section 333.7202 ‑ Considerations in making determination regarding substance; emergency rule.
          Section 333.7203 ‑ Findings; rule controlling substance; imminent danger; extension of emergency rule; substance as precursor of controlled precursor.
          Section 333.7204 ‑ Substance designated, rescheduled, or deleted as controlled substance under federal law; notice; board meeting; similar control of substance by administrator; publication of reasons for determination.
          Section 333.7206 ‑ Scientific advisory commission; creation; purpose; appointment and terms of members; recommendations.
          Section 333.7208 ‑ Authority to control; exclusions.
          Section 333.7210 ‑ Inclusion of controlled substances by whatever name designated.
          Section 333.7211 ‑ Schedule 1; placement of substance.
          Section 333.7212 ‑ Schedule 1; controlled substances included.
          Section 333.7213 ‑ Schedule 2; placement of substance.
          Section 333.7214 ‑ Schedule 2; controlled substances included.
          Section 333.7215 ‑ Schedule 3; placement of substance.
          Section 333.7216 ‑ Schedule 3; controlled substances included; rules.
          Section 333.7217 ‑ Schedule 4; placement of substance.
          Section 333.7218 ‑ Schedule 4; controlled substances included.
          Section 333.7219 ‑ Schedule 5; placement of substance.
          Section 333.7220 ‑ Schedule 5; controlled substances included.
          Section 333.7227 ‑ Substances excluded from schedules of controlled substances; excluded substance as deleterious drug; manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing excluded substance.
          Section 333.7229 ‑ Excepted compound, mixture, or preparation; compliance.
          Section 333.7231 ‑ Notice of change in scheduling or rescheduling.
     368‑1978‑7‑73 ‑ PART 73 MANUFACTURE, DISTRIBUTION, AND DISPENSING (333.7301...333.7341)
          Section 333.7301 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.7301a ‑ Licensing activities subject to certain provisions.
          Section 333.7302 ‑ Labeling controlled substances; contents of label; altering, defacing, or removing label.
          Section 333.7302a ‑ Identification of certain prescription drugs and manufacturer or distributor; descriptive material; national registry of prescription drugs; exemptions; rules; “prescription drug” defined; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 333.7303 ‑ License required; renewal; scope of authority; compliance; additional requirements; persons exempted; waiving or imposing requirement for licensure; separate license for each principal place of business or professional practice; inspection; quarterly report.
          Section 333.7303a ‑ Licensed prescriber; administering or dispensing controlled substance without separate license; prescriber in bona fide prescriber-patient relationship with patient; follow-up care; use of other controlled substances; recording response; obtaining and reviewing report from electronic system; exceptions; registering with electronic system; records required to be maintained; waiver of requirement under MCL 333.7303.
          Section 333.7303b ‑ First prescription in single course of treatment for controlled substance containing opioid; issuance to minor by prescriber; requirements; exceptions; talking consent form authorizing adult to consent to minor's medical treatment; form; definitions.
          Section 333.7303c ‑ Information to be provided before controlled substance containing opioid is prescribed; signature; inclusion of signed form in patient's medical or clinical record; controlled substance prescribed for inpatient use; definitions.
          Section 333.7304 ‑ Exemptions from licensure.
          Section 333.7305 ‑ Permitting certain persons to apply for license; application upon expiration of existing license.
          Section 333.7306 ‑ License to be granted unless inconsistent with public interest; factors in determining public interest; scope of licensure; license to dispense, prescribe, or conduct research with controlled substances in schedules 2 to 5; registration under federal law to conduct research with schedule 1 substances; effect of compliance with federal law as to registration; limitation on licensure.
          Section 333.7311 ‑ Actions by disciplinary subcommittee; grounds; limitation; conviction of felony; placing under seal or seizing controlled substances; disposition of controlled substances; judicial order for sale; deposit of proceeds; forfeiture of controlled substances; notice of orders and forfeitures; voiding license under MCL 333.7306; effect of conviction; applicability of subsection (7).
          Section 333.7314 ‑ Denial, suspension, revocation, or limitation of license; order to show cause; service of order; conduct of proceedings; effect of proceeding on existing license; suspension of license on finding of imminent danger; duration of suspension; applicability of subsection (1).
          Section 333.7315 ‑ Reinstatement of license; application; hearing.
          Section 333.7316 ‑ Reinstatement of license; good moral character; public interest; disciplinary or corrective measure.
          Section 333.7321 ‑ Records; inventories; annual inventory; retention.
          Section 333.7331 ‑ Authority to purchase schedule 1 or 2 controlled substance; order form.
          Section 333.7333 ‑ "Good faith" defined; dispensing controlled substance included in schedule 2; prescription form; emergency; filling and refilling prescription; dispensing controlled substance included in schedule 3, 4, or 5; requirements and use of written prescription; class B dealer; animal control shelter or animal protection shelter; limited permit; administration of commercially prepared, premixed solution of sodium pentobarbital or animal tranquilizer; liability of veterinarian; "animal tranquilizer" and "class B dealer" defined.
          Section 333.7333a ‑ Electronic monitoring system; definitions.
          Section 333.7333b ‑ Treatment of patient for acute pain; prescription for opioid; limitation; "acute pain" defined.
          Section 333.7334 ‑ Repealed. 2001, Act 231, Eff. Jan. 6, 2003.
          Section 333.7335 ‑ Repealed. 2013, Act 268, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2013.
          Section 333.7336 ‑ Repealed. 2013, Act 268, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 2013.
          Section 333.7339 ‑ Dispensing, selling, or giving product to individual less than 18 years of age; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 333.7340 ‑ Selling, distributing, delivering, or furnishing product containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine; prohibition; exceptions; violation as felony; penalty.
          Section 333.7340a ‑ Submission of information to NPLEx.
          Section 333.7340c ‑ Soliciting or attempting to solicit another person to obtain ephedrine or pseudoephedrine; violation; penalty; other violation; report to state police; definitions.
          Section 333.7341 ‑ Definitions; factors in determining imitation controlled substance; prohibited conduct; violation; civil fine; misdemeanor; penalty; default in payment of civil fine or costs; collection; prohibited advertisement or solicitation; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; section inapplicable to certain persons; violation as felony; penalty.
     368‑1978‑7‑74 ‑ PART 74 OFFENSES AND PENALTIES (333.7401...333.7461)
          Section 333.7401 ‑ Manufacturing, creating, delivering, or possessing with intent to manufacture, create, or deliver controlled substance, prescription form, or counterfeit prescription form; dispensing, prescribing, or administering controlled substance; violations; penalties; consecutive terms; discharge from lifetime probation; "plant" defined.
          Section 333.7401a ‑ Delivery of controlled substance; violation of MCL 750.520b to 750.520e or MCL 750.520g.
          Section 333.7401b ‑ Manufacture, delivery, or possession of gamma-butyrolactone prohibited; exception; violation; definitions.
          Section 333.7401c ‑ Manufacture of controlled substance; prohibited acts; violation as felony; exceptions; imposition of consecutive terms; court order to pay response activity costs; definitions.
          Section 333.7402 ‑ Creating, manufacturing, delivering, or possessing with intent to deliver counterfeit substance or controlled substance analogue intended for human consumption; applicability of section and certain federal provisions; violations; penalties.
          Section 333.7403 ‑ Knowingly or intentionally possessing controlled substance, controlled substance analogue, or prescription form; violations; penalties; individuals exempt from violation; notification of parent, guardian, or custodian of minor; other criminal charges; discharge from probation; definitions.
          Section 333.7403a ‑ Fraudulently obtaining controlled substance or prescription from health care provider; certain privileges inapplicable to released or available medical records or information; immunity from civil or administrative liability; violation; penalty; probation; screening and assessment by bureau of substance abuse and addiction services; other violations; "health care provider" defined.
          Section 333.7404 ‑ Use of controlled substance or controlled substance analogue; violations; penalties; individuals exempt from violation; notification of parent, guardian, or custodian of minor; other criminal charges; definitions.
          Section 333.7405 ‑ Prohibited conduct; violation; penalties.
          Section 333.7406 ‑ Violation of MCL 333.7405; penalty.
          Section 333.7407 ‑ Prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty.
          Section 333.7407a ‑ Attempt to violate or knowingly or intentionally solicit, induce, or intimidate another person to violate part; penalty.
          Section 333.7408 ‑ Penalty cumulative.
          Section 333.7408a ‑ Licensing sanctions.
          Section 333.7409 ‑ Conviction or acquittal under federal law or law of other state as bar to prosecution.
          Section 333.7410 ‑ Violations by individual 18 years of age or over who violates MCL 333.7401; distribution of marihuana; penalties; definitions.
          Section 333.7410a ‑ Delivery or intent to deliver controlled substance in or within public or private park; term of imprisonment; definitions.
          Section 333.7411 ‑ Possession or use of controlled substance or imitation controlled substance; probation; terms and conditions; violation; discharge and dismissal; deferral of proceedings; nonpublic record of arrest, court proceedings, and disposition; nonpublic record open to certain individuals and entities; purposes; course of instruction or rehabilitation program; conviction of second violation; screening and assessment; costs.
          Section 333.7413 ‑ Conviction of second or subsequent violation; penalty.
          Section 333.7415 ‑ Dismissal of case; reduction of charge; plea of guilty, guilty but mentally ill, or nolo contendere.
          Section 333.7416 ‑ Recruiting, inducing, soliciting, or coercing minor to commit felony; penalties; exception.
          Section 333.7417 ‑ Product producing same or similar effect as scheduled ingredient; sale or offer to sell prohibited; violation; penalty; "named product" defined.
          Section 333.7421 ‑ Opioid-related overdose fatalities; report.
          Section 333.7422 ‑ Compliance with MCL 333.17744b or MCL 333.17744e; prescribing, dispensing, possessing, or administering opioid antagonist; person not in violation of article.
          Section 333.7423 ‑ Compliance with MCL 333.21418 not a violation of article.
          Section 333.7451 ‑ “Drug paraphernalia” defined.
          Section 333.7453 ‑ Sale of drug paraphernalia prohibited; notice; compliance.
          Section 333.7455 ‑ Violation of MCL 333.7453 as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 333.7457 ‑ Applicability of MCL 333.7451 to 333.7455.
          Section 333.7459 ‑ Action for declaratory judgment; defendant.
          Section 333.7461 ‑ Declaratory judgment as complete defense.
     368‑1978‑7‑75 ‑ PART 75 ENFORCEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION (333.7501...333.7545)
          Section 333.7501 ‑ Arrest without warrant.
          Section 333.7502 ‑ Powers of agents.
          Section 333.7504 ‑ Administrative inspection warrants; issuance; execution; oath or affirmation showing probable cause; seizure of property; existence of probable cause; affidavit; contents of warrant.
          Section 333.7505 ‑ Contents, execution, and return of warrant; copy of warrant and receipt for property seized; inventory of property taken; delivering copy of inventory; filing warrant with copy of return and papers returnable.
          Section 333.7507 ‑ Administrative inspections of controlled premises.
          Section 333.7511 ‑ Restraining or enjoining violation; trial by jury.
          Section 333.7515 ‑ Cooperation with federal and other state agencies; relying and acting upon results, information, and evidence.
          Section 333.7516 ‑ Name or identity of patient, research, or individual.
          Section 333.7521 ‑ Property subject to forfeiture; burden of proof; "imitation controlled substance" defined.
          Section 333.7521a ‑ Civil asset forfeiture; conditions, requirements, and limitations.
          Section 333.7522 ‑ Property subject to forfeiture; seizure; process; seizure without process.
          Section 333.7523 ‑ Seizure under MCL 333.7522; forfeiture proceedings; procedure; property subject to section or to order and judgment of court; powers of seizing agency; determining title to forfeited real property; forfeiture of real property encumbered by bona fide security interest; examination of money.
          Section 333.7523a ‑ Stay of civil forfeiture during pending criminal proceedings; forfeiture hearing; burden of proof; return of property.
          Section 333.7524 ‑ Disposition of forfeited property; donation of lights and scales for educational purposes; appointment, compensation, and authority of receiver to dispose of forfeited real property; expenses of forfeiture proceedings; court order.
          Section 333.7524a ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 148, Eff. Feb. 1, 2016.
          Section 333.7524b ‑ Report by agency of seizure and forfeiture activities under uniform forfeiture reporting act.
          Section 333.7525 ‑ Controlled substance as contraband; seizure and summary forfeiture; seizure and forfeiture of species of plants.
          Section 333.7527 ‑ Destruction of controlled substance seized as evidence.
          Section 333.7531 ‑ Burden of proof of exemption or exception; presumption as to license or order form; burden of rebutting presumption; liability not imposed for lawful performance of duties.
          Section 333.7533 ‑ Judicial review.
          Section 333.7541 ‑ Educational programs; powers of administrator.
          Section 333.7543 ‑ Research and enforcement; duties of administrator.
          Section 333.7544 ‑ Authorization to withhold names and other identifying characteristics of individuals who are subjects of research; authorization of persons engaged in research to possess and distribute controlled substances; exemption from prosecution.
          Section 333.7545 ‑ Contracts for educational and research activities.
368‑1978‑8 ‑ ARTICLE 8 PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE CANNABIS (333.8101...333.8511)
     368‑1978‑8‑81 ‑ PART 81 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.8101...333.8119)
          Section 333.8101 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 333.8103 ‑ Definitions; A to G.
          Section 333.8105 ‑ Definitions; M to P.
          Section 333.8107 ‑ Definitions; Q to T.
          Section 333.8109 ‑ Manufacturing, distributing, prescribing, or dispensing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis; license required.
          Section 333.8111 ‑ Fees.
          Section 333.8113 ‑ Pharmaceutical-grade cannabis fund.
          Section 333.8115 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.8117 ‑ Pharmaceutical-grade cannabis licensed facility registry.
          Section 333.8119 ‑ Annual report.
          Section 333.8151 ‑ Recommendation by physician.
          Section 333.8152 ‑ Enhanced pharmaceutical-grade cannabis card; issuance by department; conditions; surrender of registry identification card.
          Section 333.8153 ‑ Entry of information into law enforcement information network.
          Section 333.8154 ‑ Prescription; contents; monitoring; access to information; limitation; confidentiality; retrieval system; use of information; removal of identity; contractual agreement.
     368‑1978‑8‑82 ‑ PART 82 FACILITY LICENSING (333.8201...333.8211)
          Section 333.8201 ‑ Licensing; purpose.
          Section 333.8205 ‑ Issuance of license; requirements; submission of fingerprints; criminal history check.
          Section 333.8209 ‑ Inspections; delegation to local health department; consultation with ad hoc committee; reimbursement.
          Section 333.8211 ‑ License renewal.
          Section 333.8301 ‑ Physical location.
          Section 333.8303 ‑ Records; notification; prohibited acts; destruction of marihuana determined not pharmaceutical-grade cannabis; standards; manner of irradiation.
          Section 333.8305 ‑ Facility as profit or nonprofit entity.
          Section 333.8307 ‑ Operation.
          Section 333.8309 ‑ Liability.
     368‑1978‑8‑84 ‑ PART 84 SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF PHARMACEUTICAL-GRADE CANNABIS (333.8401...333.8401)
          Section 333.8401 ‑ Sale or distribution; requirements; report.
     368‑1978‑8‑85 ‑ PART 85 ENFORCEMENT (333.8501...333.8511)
          Section 333.8501 ‑ Enforcement; inspection; finding of emergency; suspension of license; order.
          Section 333.8503 ‑ Suspension or revocation of facility license; oaths and subpoenas; notice; fees; summary suspension.
          Section 333.8505 ‑ Licensing hearing; testimony; self-incrimination; use in criminal prosecution; refusal as grounds for suspension or revocation.
          Section 333.8507 ‑ Violation; penalty; other violations.
          Section 333.8509 ‑ Facility or individuals not subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty.
          Section 333.8511 ‑ Local ordinances and regulations.
368‑1978‑9 ‑ ARTICLE 9 SUPPORTIVE PERSONAL HEALTH SERVICES (333.9101...333.9709)
     368‑1978‑9‑91 ‑ PART 91 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.9101...333.9161)
          Section 333.9101 ‑ Plan for health services for pupils in elementary and secondary schools; establishment; contents; cooperation in developing plan; consistency with program of school nursing services; employment of certified school nurses; excusing pupils from health instructions and class attendance.
          Section 333.9105 ‑ Examinations or health services provided on equal basis to school children.
          Section 333.9111 ‑ Pharmaceutical, biologic, and diagnostic products and by-products for human, veterinary, or agricultural use; developing, producing, purchasing, and receiving by gift; research; distribution; costs.
          Section 333.9112 ‑ Pharmaceutical products fund.
          Section 333.9121 ‑ Blood, blood plasma, blood products, blood derivatives, and human and artificial tissues; standards regulating procurement, processing, distribution, and use; rendition of service; warranty; liability.
          Section 333.9122 ‑ Donation of blood by individual at least 17 years of age; donation of blood by individual at least 16 but less than 17 years of age; parent's or legal guardian's permission or authorization.
          Section 333.9123 ‑ Testing of donor, sample, specimen, or organ for presence of HIV or antibody to HIV; applicability of subsection (1); effect of positive test results; inability to perform test; written consent to use blood, tissue, organ, or other human specimen; donation of blood exclusively for own use; use of self-replicating body fluids; informing donor of positive test result; violation; liability; definitions.
          Section 333.9131 ‑ Family planning services; publicity; request by medically indigent individual; clinical abortions.
          Section 333.9132 ‑ Consent of minor to provision of health care; notice; permission to contact parents for additional medical information; giving or withholding information without consent of minor; “health care” defined.
          Section 333.9133 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.9141 ‑ Ultrasound equipment; purchase; grant program; fund; application; conditions; report; rules; definitions.
          Section 333.9145 ‑ Nonopioid directive; form; revocation; exception for emergency; liability; definitions.
          Section 333.9152 ‑ Screening pupils for scoliosis and other spinal disorders; guidelines; participation; written statement; short title of section.
          Section 333.9155 ‑ Concussions; educational materials on nature and risk; concussion awareness training program; availability of materials and program on website; review; definitions.
          Section 333.9156 ‑ Sponsor or operation of athletic activity; compliance with section by organizing entity; duties of coach or other adult; removal of youth athlete; written clearance; exceptions.
          Section 333.9159 ‑ Development of educational program and dissemination of information on female genital mutilation; duties of department; definitions.
          Section 333.9161 ‑ Pamphlet; contents; printing; distribution.
     368‑1978‑9‑92 ‑ PART 92 IMMUNIZATION (333.9201...333.9229)
          Section 333.9201 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.9203 ‑ Free immunization treatments; free periodic immunization clinics for children; publicity; mass immunization programs; liability.
          Section 333.9204 ‑ Administration of immunizing agent.
          Section 333.9205 ‑ Immunization of child required.
          Section 333.9205a ‑ Risks associated with meningococcal disease; materials; notice; availability; “institution of higher education” defined.
          Section 333.9205b ‑ Risks of human papillomavirus; availability of materials; definitions.
          Section 333.9206 ‑ Certificate of immunization required; form; contents; right to object to reporting requirement; report to department; failure to comply with subsection (3); “health care provider” defined.
          Section 333.9207 ‑ Childhood immunization registry; Michigan care improvement registry; establishment; purpose; confidentiality and disclosure requirements.
          Section 333.9208 ‑ Certificate of immunization or statement of exemption; presentation to school officials; minimum doses of immunizing agent; updated certificate; annual report.
          Section 333.9209 ‑ Immunization status of kindergarten and first grade students; minimum percentage levels of immunization; raising immunization level; report of additional immunizations; form of report; exclusion of child from school attendance.
          Section 333.9211 ‑ Preschool aged child registered in program of group residence, care, or camping; certificate of immunization or statement of exemption; minimum dose of immunizing agent; updated certificate; report of immunization status.
          Section 333.9212 ‑ Immunization requirements of MCL 333.9208 as condition for admission to grade in public or nonpublic school.
          Section 333.9215 ‑ Exemptions.
          Section 333.9221 ‑ Enforcement; cooperation.
          Section 333.9227 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.9229 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor.
     368‑1978‑9‑93 ‑ PART 93 HEARING AND VISION (333.9301...333.9329)
          Section 333.9301 ‑ Free hearing and vision testing and screening programs; publicity.
          Section 333.9302 ‑ Duty of parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis; time and frequency of testing and screening.
          Section 333.9303 ‑ Program to assist local health departments; establishment and administration.
          Section 333.9305 ‑ Follow-up treatment; statement; information.
          Section 333.9307 ‑ Registration of child for kindergarten or first grade; certificate of hearing and vision testing or screening or statement of exemption required; summary of hearing or vision reports; forms; records.
          Section 333.9309 ‑ Individual testing and screening to determine hearing efficiency.
          Section 333.9311 ‑ Exemption.
          Section 333.9315 ‑ Advisory committee; appointment of members; duties; cooperation of department.
          Section 333.9321 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.9329 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor.
     368‑1978‑9‑95 ‑ PART 95 BREAST CANCER PROGRAM (333.9501...333.9503)
          Section 333.9501 ‑ Breast cancer mortality reduction program; creation; scope.
          Section 333.9503 ‑ Report.
     368‑1978‑9‑96 ‑ PART 96 STATE LABORATORIES (333.9601...333.9623)
          Section 333.9601 ‑ Laboratories; establishment, operation, and maintenance; services; continuation of existing laboratories; location; agreements and contracts; fees; development and publication of comprehensive schedule of testing services and fees; report.
          Section 333.9611 ‑ Agreements relating to laboratory services.
          Section 333.9621 ‑ Microbiological examination and analysis; container for sample; statement; no charge.
          Section 333.9623 ‑ Laboratory testing fund; creation; use; unexpended funds.
     368‑1978‑9‑97. ‑ PART 97. MICHIGAN PHARMACEUTICAL BEST PRACTICES INITIATIVE (333.9701...333.9709)
          Section 333.9701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.9703 ‑ Pharmaceutical best practices initiative; implementation; prior authorization and appeal process; establishment of disease management and health management programs; hiring and retaining contractors, subcontractors, advisors, consultants, and agents; rules.
          Section 333.9705 ‑ Transfer of Michigan pharmacy and therapeutics committee to department; appointment and composition of membership; conflict of interest; terms; vacancy; powers, duties, and responsibilities of committee; reimbursement for expenses; rules; quorum; voting; meetings.
          Section 333.9707 ‑ Functions.
          Section 333.9709 ‑ Prior authorization for drugs not on preferred drug list.
     368‑1978‑10‑101 ‑ PART 101 REVISED UNIFORM ANATOMICAL GIFT LAW (333.10101...333.10123)
          Section 333.10101 ‑ Short title of part.
          Section 333.10102 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.10102a ‑ Repealed. 2008, Act 39, Eff. May 1, 2008.
          Section 333.10103 ‑ Applicability of part to anatomical gift.
          Section 333.10104 ‑ Anatomical gift of donor's body or body part; purpose; persons making gift.
          Section 333.10105 ‑ Donor making anatomical gift; methods; gift by donor card or other record; effect of revocation, suspension, expiration, or cancellation of driver license or identification card upon which anatomical gift is indicated; anatomical gift made by will; effect of probate or invalidation.
          Section 333.10106 ‑ Amendment or revocation of anatomical gift; means.
          Section 333.10107 ‑ Refusal to make anatomical gift; means.
          Section 333.10108 ‑ Person other than donor barred from making, amending, or revoking anatomical gift; conditions; revocation of anatomical gift not considered as refusal; unrevoked or revocation of anatomical gift by person other than donor; certain conduct not considered as limitation; donor as unemancipated minor.
          Section 333.10109 ‑ Classes of persons making anatomical gift; priority; more than 1 member of class making anatomical gift; availability of person in prior class.
          Section 333.10110 ‑ Document of gift; amendment or revocation of gift made under MCL 333.10109; revocation effective before incision made or invasive procedures begun.
          Section 333.10111 ‑ Persons named in document of gift; inability to transplant gift to named individual; person not named in gift document; rules; more than 1 purpose or body part set forth in document of gift; use of gift if general intent specified by certain words; organ procurement organization as custodian of organ; disposal of body part; ineffective gift; allocation of organs for transplantation or therapy.
          Section 333.10112 ‑ Search for document of gift or other information; persons required to make search; document to be sent to hospital for documentation; failure to discharge duties; administrative sanctions.
          Section 333.10113 ‑ Document of gift; delivery; examination and copying.
          Section 333.10114 ‑ Referral of individual to procurement organization; search of records of secretary of state and donor registry; access to records; examination to ensure medical suitability; search for parents of minor donor; rights of person to which body part passes; participation of physician.
          Section 333.10115 ‑ Hospital agreements or affiliations with procurement organizations.
          Section 333.10116 ‑ Purchase or sale of body part for transplantation or therapy; violation as felony; penalty; exception.
          Section 333.10117 ‑ Intentionally falsifying, forging, concealing, defacing, or obliterating document of gift; violation as felony; penalty.
          Section 333.10118 ‑ Good faith acts.
          Section 333.10119 ‑ Validity of document of gift; execution; presumption.
          Section 333.10120 ‑ Donor registry; establishment by organ procurement organization; duties of secretary of state; requirements to be met by donor registry; disclosure of identifiable information; donor registry not established by or under contract with state.
          Section 333.10121 ‑ Definitions; medical suitability of body part; conflict with declaration or advance health care directive or enrollment in hospice program; resolution.
          Section 333.10122 ‑ Uniformity of law among states.
          Section 333.10123 ‑ Electronic signatures or electronic delivery of notices.
     368‑1978‑10‑102 ‑ PART 102 DISPOSITION OF HUMAN BODY PARTS (333.10201...333.11101)
          Section 333.10201 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.10202 ‑ Removal of cornea; circumstances.
          Section 333.10203 ‑ Removal of cornea; liability.
          Section 333.10204 ‑ Prohibited conduct; felony; permissible practices; definitions; rules.
          Section 333.10205 ‑ Surgical removal of human organ for transplant, implant, infusion, injection or other purpose; facilities; exceptions; rules; violation as felony.
          Section 333.10301 ‑ Peace of mind registry; creation, operation, and maintenance; report; rules; immunity from civil liability; legal weight and validity; definitions.
          Section 333.11101 ‑ Prohibited donation or sale of blood or blood products; notice of violation.
368‑1978‑12 ‑ ARTICLE 12 ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH (333.12101...333.13832)
     368‑1978‑12‑121 ‑ PART 121 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.12101...333.12195)
          Section 333.12101 ‑ “Environmental health” defined; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.12103 ‑ Department as environmental health agency; purpose; duties; contamination of property or dwelling that is site of illegal drug manufacturing; requirements; "dwelling" defined.
          Section 333.12104 ‑ Statutes which impact on environmental health; review; recommendations; state programs related to lead-based paint poisoning and rodent control.
          Section 333.12105 ‑ Organizational structure; creation; purpose.
          Section 333.12106 ‑ Delegation of license inspection function to local health department; denial or granting of license; explanatory statement.
          Section 333.12195 ‑ Alternative waste disposal systems.
     368‑1978‑12‑122 ‑ PART 122 HOUSING (333.12201...333.12222)
          Section 333.12201‑333.12222 ‑  Repealed. 1980, Act 431, Eff. Mar. 31, 1981.
     368‑1978‑12‑124 ‑ PART 124 AGRICULTURAL LABOR CAMPS (333.12401...333.12434)
          Section 333.12401 ‑ Definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.12411 ‑ License for operation of agricultural labor camp required; posting license or license placard; notice of construction, enlargement, or conversion; violation; fine.
          Section 333.12412 ‑ License for operation of agricultural labor camp; form; fee; contents; time of application.
          Section 333.12413 ‑ License for operation of agricultural labor camp; issuance; duration; recital on face of license; transferability or assignability.
          Section 333.12414 ‑ Temporary license; renewal application.
          Section 333.12415 ‑ Denial of application for license; notice; hearing.
          Section 333.12416 ‑ Suspension or revocation of license; grounds; notice; hearing; appeal.
          Section 333.12421 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.12425 ‑ Enforcement; inspection and investigation of premises; assistance; payments to local health departments.
          Section 333.12426 ‑ Action for injunction or other process.
          Section 333.12431 ‑ Migratory labor housing fund; creation; appropriation; deposit; investment; interest and earnings; administration for auditing purposes; use of funds; money in fund.
          Section 333.12432 ‑ Filing claim for grant; approval; priority list.
          Section 333.12433 ‑ Powers of department.
          Section 333.12434 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; each day of violation as separate violation; wilful damage or destruction of camp.
     368‑1978‑12‑125 ‑ PART 125 CAMPGROUNDS, SWIMMING AREAS, AND SWIMMERS' ITCH (333.12501...333.12563)
          Section 333.12501 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.12505 ‑ Construction permit for campground; application; contents.
          Section 333.12506 ‑ Campground license required; application; contents; exemption; expiration.
          Section 333.12506a ‑ Campground fees.
          Section 333.12506b ‑ Campground fund; creation; remaining balance; expenditures; use; annual report.
          Section 333.12507 ‑ Campground facilities to meet requirements prescribed under MCL 333.12511.
          Section 333.12508 ‑ Campground license; issuance; display; notice of denial; statement of reasons; reconsideration; hearing; appeal.
          Section 333.12509 ‑ Campground license; transfer.
          Section 333.12510 ‑ Annual inspection by local health department; payments; additional fees.
          Section 333.12511 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.12512 ‑ Notice of noncompliance; specifying particular violations; time for compliance; revocation of license; hearing; decision; appeal.
          Section 333.12513 ‑ Advisory board; purpose; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members.
          Section 333.12514 ‑ Access to campground; purpose.
          Section 333.12515 ‑ Application and construction of MCL 333.12501 to 333.12516.
          Section 333.12516 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; action for injunction.
          Section 333.12521 ‑ Definitions used in MCL 333.12521 to 333.12534.
          Section 333.12522 ‑ Public swimming pool; review of design, construction, and operation; rules; exception.
          Section 333.12523 ‑ Construction and operation of public swimming pools; supervisory and visitorial power; control.
          Section 333.12524 ‑ Public swimming pools; periodic inspections; right of entry.
          Section 333.12525 ‑ Construction or modification of public swimming pool; review and approval of plans and specifications; fee; permit; responsibility of applicant or owner; nuisance or hazard to health or safety; description of swimming pool system and auxiliary structures.
          Section 333.12526 ‑ Examination of plans and specifications; determination; issuance of permit; notice of deficiencies; resubmission of documents; duration of permit; written approval of change.
          Section 333.12527 ‑ Public swimming pool; license required; fee; display; expiration; renewal; replacement.
          Section 333.12527a ‑ Fees.
          Section 333.12527b ‑ Public swimming pool fund; creation; remaining balance; expenditures; use; annual report.
          Section 333.12528 ‑ Denial of license; grounds; notice; failure to correct deficiencies or noncomplying items.
          Section 333.12529 ‑ Revocation of license; grounds; reissuance.
          Section 333.12530 ‑ Periodic reports covering operation of public swimming pools.
          Section 333.12531 ‑ Ordering owner or operator to prohibit use of swimming pool.
          Section 333.12531a ‑ Use of life jacket in public swimming pool.
          Section 333.12532 ‑ Payments to local health departments; additional fees.
          Section 333.12533 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; each day of violation as separate violation; prosecution.
          Section 333.12534 ‑ Action for injunction or other process.
          Section 333.12541 ‑ Testing and evaluating quality of water at bathing beaches; purpose; posting sign; injunction; definitions.
          Section 333.12542 ‑ Public bathing beach; safety and rescue equipment; communication with outside sources of assistance.
          Section 333.12543 ‑ Consulting and cooperating with local health officers; training for employees; assistance.
          Section 333.12544 ‑ Rules; contents; use.
          Section 333.12545 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor.
          Section 333.12546 ‑ Local regulations.
          Section 333.12561‑333.12563 ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 246, Eff. Oct. 1, 2004.
     368‑1978‑12‑126 ‑ PART 126 SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES (333.12601...333.12617)
          Section 333.12601 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.12603 ‑ Smoking in public place or at meeting of public body prohibited; duties of owner, operator, manager, or person having control of public place, food establishment, or casino; good faith effort to prohibit smoking; affirmative defense; affidavit; section referred to as "Dr. Ron Davis Law."
          Section 333.12604 ‑ Smoking in a child caring institution or child care center or on the real property under control of institution or center; violation; penalties.
          Section 333.12604a, 333.12605 ‑ Repealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
          Section 333.12606 ‑ Retaliatory or adverse personnel action against employee or applicant prohibited.
          Section 333.12606a ‑ Cigar bar or tobacco specialty retail store in existence on effective date of section; exemption from smoking prohibition; affidavit; request for additional information; failure to file affidavit.
          Section 333.12606b ‑ Casino in existence on effective date of section; "gaming area" defined.
          Section 333.12607 ‑ Repealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
          Section 333.12609 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.12610 ‑ Rules prohibited.
          Section 333.12611 ‑ Violation; compliance; civil fine; perjury.
          Section 333.12613 ‑ Enforcement; civil fine; injunctive relief; remedies independent and cumulative.
          Section 333.12614 ‑ Reports.
          Section 333.12615 ‑ Repealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
          Section 333.12616 ‑ Short title.
          Section 333.12617 ‑ Repealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
     368‑1978‑12‑127 ‑ PART 127 WATER SUPPLY AND SEWER SYSTEMS (333.12701...333.12771)
          Section 333.12701 ‑ Definitions used in MCL 333.12701 to 333.12715.
          Section 333.12703 ‑ Applicability of MCL 333.12701 to 333.12715.
          Section 333.12704 ‑ Certificate of registration as well drilling contractor, pump installer, water well drilling contractor, or dewatering well pump installer; application; fees; exemption.
          Section 333.12705 ‑ Certificate of registration; issuance; nontransferable; expiration; renewal; examination; eligibility; reciprocity.
          Section 333.12706 ‑ Numbers, seal, and words to be placed on well drilling machine.
          Section 333.12707 ‑ Record required; contents; copies; forms; sufficiency of record for drive point well.
          Section 333.12708 ‑ Entering and inspecting installation.
          Section 333.12709 ‑ Inspection of violation; order; notice of suspension of certificate of registration; petition for hearing; revocation of certificate of registration.
          Section 333.12711 ‑ Advisory board; creation; appointment and qualifications of members.
          Section 333.12712 ‑ Advisory board; terms of members; vacancies.
          Section 333.12713 ‑ Advisory board; election of chairperson; secretary; number of meetings; quorum; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; compensation and expenses.
          Section 333.12714 ‑ Rules and construction code.
          Section 333.12715 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalties; prosecution.
          Section 333.12721 ‑ Adding fluoride to water.
          Section 333.12751 ‑ Definitions used in MCL 333.12752 to 333.12758.
          Section 333.12752 ‑ Public sanitary sewer systems; declaration of necessity.
          Section 333.12753 ‑ Structures in which sanitary sewage originates to be connected to public sanitary sewer; approval; time.
          Section 333.12754 ‑ Failure to connect structure to public sanitary sewer; notice; action to compel connection.
          Section 333.12756 ‑ Tap-in fee for connection; deferment of payment by reason of hardship; application; evidence of hardship; ordinance defining hardship and permitting deferred or partial payment; condition to granting deferred or partial payment.
          Section 333.12757 ‑ Installation and use of acceptable innovative or alternative waste treatment system alone or in combination with acceptable alternative greywater system; regulation by local health department; guidelines; exemption from special assessments not permitted; connection to available public sanitary sewer system not required; payment of sewer availability fee in lieu of connection or user fees; exemption from connection or user fees.
          Section 333.12758 ‑ Voluntary connection to public sanitary sewer system; provisions cumulative.
          Section 333.12771 ‑ Outhouses; requirements; rules; violation as misdemeanor; public nuisance; “outhouse” defined.
     368‑1978‑12‑129. ‑ PART 129. SMOKE-FREE FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS (333.12901...333.12922)
          Section 333.12901‑333.12904 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 92, Eff. Nov. 8, 2000.
          Section 333.12905 ‑ Food service establishment; smoking prohibited; shopping malls; inspection; determination of compliance; investigation of complaint; order to cease food service operations; good faith effort to prohibit smoking; affirmative defense; affidavit; violation; civil fine; definitions.
          Section 333.12905a‑333.12908 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 92, Eff. Nov. 8, 2000.
          Section 333.12909 ‑ Rules; manufacturing, processing, or freezing frozen desserts; compliance with standards; adoption of federal provisions by reference; recognition of other enforcement procedures; meanings of certain terms; expiration of subsection (3); food service establishment or vending machine in place before effective date of part; food service sanitation program as required service.
          Section 333.12910‑333.12913 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 92, Eff. Nov. 8, 2000.
          Section 333.12914 ‑ Rules prohibited.
          Section 333.12915 ‑ Local authority limited; exception; local permit; compliance with local codes, regulations, or ordinances.
          Section 333.12916 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 92, Eff. Nov. 8, 2000.
          Section 333.12921 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 92, Eff. Nov. 8, 2000.
          Section 333.12922 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor.
     368‑1978‑12‑131. ‑ PART 131. BODY ART FACILITIES (333.13101...333.13112)
          Section 333.13101 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.13102 ‑ Tattoo, brand, or body piercing on minor; consent and proof of authority of parent or guardian required.
          Section 333.13103 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 375, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 2010.
          Section 333.13104 ‑ Tattooing, branding, or performing body piercing; licensure of body art facility required; application; form; issuance; duration; temporary license; fees; adjustment.
          Section 333.13105 ‑ Inspection by local health department; results; recommendation; annual inspection; license nontransferable.
          Section 333.13105a ‑ Access to body art facility; books and records; findings; inspection report; order to immediately cease operation of facility; license limitations.
          Section 333.13106 ‑ License renewal.
          Section 333.13107 ‑ Licensee; duties.
          Section 333.13108 ‑ Enforcement.
          Section 333.13109 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalty; civil action.
          Section 333.13110 ‑ Giving or selling tattooing, branding, body piercing kit or device to minor prohibited; violation; fine.
          Section 333.13111 ‑ Local codes, regulations, or ordinances; variance.
          Section 333.13112 ‑ Individual under influence of alcohol or controlled substance; prohibition.
     368‑1978‑12‑133 ‑ PART 133 DRY CLEANING (333.13301...333.13325)
          Section 333.13301 ‑ Definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.13303 ‑ Class IV cleaning installation; establishment or remodeling; examination and approval of drawings; scale and contents of drawings; specifications.
          Section 333.13304 ‑ Inspection of building and premises; conformity as condition to issuance of license.
          Section 333.13305 ‑ License required.
          Section 333.13306 ‑ License; application; issuance; duration; fee; fee adjustment; “Detroit consumer price index” defined.
          Section 333.13307 ‑ Inspections; delegation to local health department; costs; local ordinance prohibited; staff.
          Section 333.13308 ‑ License renewal; application; fee; issuance.
          Section 333.13309 ‑ Exhibition of license.
          Section 333.13310 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 195, Imd. Eff. June 19, 2006.
          Section 333.13311 ‑ Installation in building approved by department.
          Section 333.13312 ‑ Prohibited installation; exception.
          Section 333.13313 ‑ Preventing escape of vapors; ventilation; exception.
          Section 333.13314 ‑ Use of flammable solvent.
          Section 333.13315 ‑ Fire extinguishers.
          Section 333.13316 ‑ Installation to be kept in clean and sanitary condition.
          Section 333.13321 ‑ Enforcement; suspension, revocation, or denial of license; finding of emergency; emergency order; hearing; continuing, modifying, or revoking order.
          Section 333.13322 ‑ Rules; appointment of advisory committee.
          Section 333.13325 ‑ Violations; penalties.
     368‑1978‑12‑134. ‑ PART 134. TANNING FACILITIES (333.13401...333.13409)
          Section 333.13401 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.13403 ‑ Statement; contents; display of poster; claim or distribution of promotional materials; prohibition.
          Section 333.13405 ‑ Acknowledgment that customer has read statement required under MCL 333.13403; signing of statement and agreement to use protective eyewear; duties of owner or operator of tanning facility; signing of statement by parent or legal guardian of customer under 18 years of age.
          Section 333.13407 ‑ Repealed. 2008, Act 368, Imd. Eff. Dec. 23, 2008.
          Section 333.13407a ‑ Action by individual suffering injury.
          Section 333.13409 ‑ Remedies.
     368‑1978‑12‑135 ‑ PART 135 RADIATION CONTROL (333.13501...333.13537)
          Section 333.13501 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.13505 ‑ License, registration, or exemption required.
          Section 333.13506 ‑ Applicability of MCL 333.13505 and 333.13515 to 333.13536.
          Section 333.13511 ‑ Agreements as to inspections, environmental monitoring, or other functions.
          Section 333.13515 ‑ Department as radiation control agency; duties generally.
          Section 333.13516 ‑ Finding of emergency; emergency order; hearing; continuing, modifying, or revoking order.
          Section 333.13517 ‑ Right of entry to determine compliance or violation; warrant; search and seizure.
          Section 333.13518 ‑ Operation of environmental monitoring systems; collection and coordination of radiation data.
          Section 333.13521 ‑ Rules generally.
          Section 333.13522 ‑ Rules; avoiding dual licensing; recognition of other state or federal licenses; schedule of fees; deposit of fees; nonrefundable fees in connection with mammography authorization; waiver of fee; waiver prohibited; adjustment of fees.
          Section 333.13523 ‑ Radiation machine; registration; temporary authorization; authorization; standards; application; certificate; inspections; denial or withdrawal of authorization; hearing; emergency order; reinstatement of authorization; fine; notice; rules; definitions.
          Section 333.13524 ‑ Mammogram demonstrating dense breast tissue; notification to patient; information to be provided in report; "dense breast tissue" defined.
          Section 333.13525 ‑ Licensing, regulation, or registration by municipalities prohibited.
          Section 333.13527 ‑ Use of handheld dental X-ray system; registration requirements; "handheld dental X-ray system" defined.
          Section 333.13531 ‑ Radiation advisory board; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; expenses; duty to furnish technical advice.
          Section 333.13535 ‑ Violations; penalties.
          Section 333.13536 ‑ Injunction; order directing compliance.
          Section 333.13537 ‑ Part subject to MCL 324.1401 to 324.1429.
     368‑1978‑12‑136 ‑ PART 136 RADIOACTIVE WASTE CONTROL COMMITTEE (333.13601...333.13607)
          Section 333.13601‑333.13606 ‑  Repealed. 1985, Act 190, Eff. Dec. 31, 1993.
          Section 333.13607 ‑ Repeal of MCL 333.13601 to 333.13606.
     368‑1978‑12‑137 ‑ PART 137 (333.13701...333.13741)
          Section 333.13701 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases.
          Section 333.13702 ‑ Definitions; A to H.
          Section 333.13703 ‑ Definitions; G to M.
          Section 333.13704 ‑ Definitions; M to S.
          Section 333.13705 ‑ Regulatory responsibility.
          Section 333.13706 ‑ Implementation and enforcement of part; coordination of regulatory activities; consultation, cooperation, and assistance.
          Section 333.13707 ‑ Review and recommendations; conflicting laws and rules.
          Section 333.13708 ‑ Duties of director or director's designee.
          Section 333.13709 ‑ Compliance; disposal of waste; full agreement state status; waiver; acceptance of waste for disposal.
          Section 333.13710 ‑ Minimum criteria for design, construction, and operation of disposal site.
          Section 333.13711 ‑ Licensing requirements for design, construction, and operation of disposal site.
          Section 333.13712 ‑ Construction and operating license; application; additional information; fee; license nontransferable.
          Section 333.13713 ‑ Application for construction and operating license; additional information; nullification of contract; supplementing and keeping current information.
          Section 333.13714 ‑ Surety bond, secured trust fund, or other suitable secured instrument or mechanism.
          Section 333.13715 ‑ Financial responsibility.
          Section 333.13716 ‑ Duties of department; issuance or denial of license; consultation; cooperation; assistance; exemption; effect of local requirements.
          Section 333.13717 ‑ Independent contractor; inspecting and verifying construction of disposal site; qualification of contractor; certification; compliance; filing and availability of inspection results; addressing deficiencies.
          Section 333.13718 ‑ Temporary or permanent closure of disposal site; reopening.
          Section 333.13719 ‑ Release of waste or hazardous waste; remedial action; site closure and stabilization; cost.
          Section 333.13720 ‑ Site closure and stabilization; control; cost; rules; surveillance and maintenance of disposal site.
          Section 333.13721 ‑ Amendment to construction and operating license.
          Section 333.13721a ‑ Disposal shipment registration system; validity and contents of approved disposal shipment certificate; application for certificate; duty of generator, processor, or collector; duty of carrier; approval or denial of application for certificate; amended certificate.
          Section 333.13722 ‑ Manifest; duties of authority accepting waste at disposal site.
          Section 333.13723 ‑ Operation of disposal site; inspection of shipment; refusal to accept waste; return of waste; seizure and impoundment of vehicle and contents; imposition of surcharges; notice; unloading; requirements as to transport vehicle; informing department of violations.
          Section 333.13724 ‑ Compact member states; list of generators, carriers, processors, and collectors; state laws and rules; valid permits; permitting and regulatory system; permission to receive waste; equivalent privileges; expenses; liabilities; primary place of business; eligibility for permit.
          Section 333.13725 ‑ Generator's permit; identification number; requirements; conditions; validity; issuance or renewal; application; nontransferable; applicability; fee; modification of permit; administrative costs; automatic issuance of permit.
          Section 333.13726 ‑ Duties of generator; generator acting as carrier, collector, or processor.
          Section 333.13727 ‑ Carrier's permit; identification number; requirements; conditions; validity; issuance or renewal; application; registration and inspection of vehicle; inspection fee; vehicle tag; permit nontransferable; applicability; application fee; modification of permit; administrative costs; specifying available routes.
          Section 333.13728 ‑ Manifest as condition to transporting of waste by carrier; certification; contents; delivery; retaining copy of manifest; forwarding copy of manifest.
          Section 333.13729 ‑ Collector's permit; identification number; requirements; conditions; validity; issuance or renewal; application; nontransferable; applicability; fee; modification of permit; administrative costs.
          Section 333.13730 ‑ Manifest as condition to collector accepting delivery of waste; certification; contents; transfer; retaining copy of manifest; forwarding copy of manifest.
          Section 333.13731 ‑ Processor's permit; identification number; requirements; conditions; validity; issuance or renewal; application; nontransferable; applicability; fee; modification of permit; administrative costs.
          Section 333.13732 ‑ Manifest as condition to processor accepting delivery of waste; certification; contents; transportation of waste; forwarding copy of certified manifest to generator; retaining copy of manifest; preparation of manifest; compliance; records; packaging waste; labeling containers.
          Section 333.13733 ‑ Condition to possession of waste; data as public information.
          Section 333.13734 ‑ Implied consent; due process rights; surety bond, secured trust fund, or other secured instrument or mechanism; reimbursement of costs resulting from violation; conduct constituting violation.
          Section 333.13735 ‑ Notice of release of waste; report.
          Section 333.13736 ‑ Sanctions for negligence or failure to exercise due care; grounds for suspending, revoking, annulling, withdrawing, recalling, or cancelling license or permit; order; procedures, hearings, oaths, subpoenas, and testimony; books, papers, or documents; aid of circuit court; grounds for denial of application for license or permit; monitoring, surveillance, and inspection; spot checks; advising authority of regulatory actions; administrative inspection warrant; search warrant; probable cause.
          Section 333.13737 ‑ Action to restrain, enjoin, prevent, or correct violation; rules adopting schedule of monetary civil fines.
          Section 333.13738 ‑ Order requiring compliance or remedial action; emergency order; civil action; venue; civil fine; violation as misdemeanor or felony; penalty; “state of mind”; “placing person in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury”; affirmative defense; “serious bodily injury”; action for damage; costs of litigation; intervention.
          Section 333.13739 ‑ Action for injunction; noncompliance by department.
          Section 333.13740 ‑ Disposition of receipts from civil fines and fees; appropriations; construction of section; expenditures required as result of release.
          Section 333.13741 ‑ Lawful activity not prohibited or restricted.
     368‑1978‑12‑138 ‑ PART 138 MEDICAL WASTE (333.13801...333.13832)
          Section 333.13801 ‑ Short title.
          Section 333.13803 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.13805 ‑ Definitions; A to M.
          Section 333.13807 ‑ Definitions; P to T.
          Section 333.13809 ‑ Producing facility not incinerating medical waste on site; containment of medical waste.
          Section 333.13810 ‑ Producing facility incinerating medical waste on site; containment of medical waste.
          Section 333.13811 ‑ Storage, decontamination, and disposal of medical waste.
          Section 333.13813 ‑ Producing facility; registration; form; medical waste management plan required; registration fee; certificate of registration; investigation of complaint; inspection of facility; disposition of fees.
          Section 333.13815 ‑ Registration fee.
          Section 333.13817 ‑ Medical waste management plan; contents; compliance; update; availability.
          Section 333.13819 ‑ Medical waste management plan; modification; warning.
          Section 333.13821 ‑ Manner of packaging medical waste.
          Section 333.13823 ‑ Investigation and confirmation of reported medical waste on land or water; report; protective measures; consultations; information on results of investigation.
          Section 333.13825 ‑ Investigation and confirmation of violation; report; corrective and protective measures; consultations; assistance; information on results of investigation.
          Section 333.13827 ‑ Interdepartmental medical waste advisory council; creation; appointment and qualifications of members; chairperson; duties of advisory council.
          Section 333.13829 ‑ Medical waste emergency response fund; creation; deposits; investments; interest and earnings; no reversion to general fund; use of fund.
          Section 333.13830 ‑ Rules to prescribe training standards.
          Section 333.13831 ‑ Violation; administrative fine; failure to register or have plan available for inspection; injunction.
          Section 333.13832 ‑ Part subject to MCL 324.1401 to 324.1429.
368‑1978‑15 ‑ ARTICLE 15 OCCUPATIONS (333.16101...333.18838)
     368‑1978‑15‑161 ‑ PART 161 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.16101...333.16349)
          Section 333.16101 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.16103 ‑ Definitions; B, C.
          Section 333.16103a ‑ “Committee” defined.
          Section 333.16104 ‑ Definitions; D to G.
          Section 333.16105 ‑ Definitions; H.
          Section 333.16105a ‑ “Health professional recovery program” defined.
          Section 333.16106 ‑ Definitions; I to L.
          Section 333.16106a ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.16107 ‑ Definitions; P.
          Section 333.16108 ‑ Definitions; R.
          Section 333.16109 ‑ Definitions; S to T.
          Section 333.16109a ‑ “Treatment” or “treatment plan” defined.
          Section 333.16111 ‑ Applicability of part; part controlling over other parts in article; effect of part on other licenses and registrants.
          Section 333.16115 ‑ Board created as successor to former board with same or similar name.
          Section 333.16121 ‑ Board or task force; appointment of members; vacancy; nominations; removal or suspension of member.
          Section 333.16122 ‑ Board or task force; terms.
          Section 333.16123 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994.
          Section 333.16125 ‑ Licensing board; membership.
          Section 333.16126 ‑ Registration board; membership.
          Section 333.16128 ‑ Health profession subfield task force and health profession specialty field task force; membership.
          Section 333.16131 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 392, Imd. Eff. Sept. 27, 2006
          Section 333.16132 ‑ Expired. 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1983.
          Section 333.16134 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994.
          Section 333.16135 ‑ Board, committee, or task force; qualifications of members.
          Section 333.16137 ‑ Board, committee, or task force; compensation and expenses of members.
          Section 333.16138 ‑ Board, committee, or task force; meetings; quorum; final action; voting by proxy prohibited; times and places of meetings; minutes; record of actions; meetings open to public.
          Section 333.16139 ‑ Board or task force; election of chairperson or vice-chairperson; selection and terms of officers; vacancy; presiding officer.
          Section 333.16141 ‑ Committee, board, or task force; office services; offices, records and money; managerial and administrative functions; administrative and secretarial staff, clerks, and employees; salaries and expenses; rules.
          Section 333.16143 ‑ Committee, board, or task force; bylaws; annual report; actions and determinations; contracts for assistance.
          Section 333.16145 ‑ Board or task force; official seal; rules.
          Section 333.16146 ‑ Board; granting license or registration.
          Section 333.16147 ‑ Department or board; order, rule, or other method requiring a national or regional certification as condition for licensure or renewal; prohibit.
          Section 333.16148 ‑ Rules; establishing standards for education and training for practice of health profession; training standards for identifying victims of human trafficking; accreditation of training programs; requirements for action or decision; voting; applicability of R 338.10305 to certain members of nursing faculties.
          Section 333.16151‑333.16156 ‑  Repealed. 1993, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994.
          Section 333.16158 ‑ Repealed. 1986, Act 77, Imd. Eff. Apr. 7, 1986.
          Section 333.16161 ‑ Health profession subfield task force and health profession specialty field task force; function.
          Section 333.16163 ‑ Task force; recommendations to board.
          Section 333.16165 ‑ Health professional recovery committee; creation; appointment of members; ex officio member; qualifications.
          Section 333.16166 ‑ Committee; term; vacancy.
          Section 333.16167 ‑ Committee; duties.
          Section 333.16168 ‑ Contracts with private entities to assist with health professional recovery program; report.
          Section 333.16169 ‑ Impairment of health professional; transmitting information; determination.
          Section 333.16170 ‑ Acceptance into health professional recovery program; requirements; participation; false representation of completion; violation as felony.
          Section 333.16170a ‑ Confidentiality; destruction of records; applicability of subsection (3).
          Section 333.16171 ‑ License for practice of health profession; exemptions.
          Section 333.16174 ‑ License or registration; requirements; fingerprints; criminal history check; permitted acts by board or task force; sanctions; disclosure.
          Section 333.16174a ‑ Preliminary determination; procedure; effect.
          Section 333.16175 ‑ License or registration; minimum standards of educational prerequisites.
          Section 333.16177 ‑ License or registration; form of application; inclusion of social security number; examination; passing scores; additional information; exception to social security requirement.
          Section 333.16178 ‑ Examinations, investigations, or evaluations to determine qualifications of applicants; passing national or regional examination; reexamination; notice of examination or evaluation.
          Section 333.16179 ‑ Unlawful conduct in connection with examination or application.
          Section 333.16181 ‑ Temporary license; nonrenewable; eligibility; duration; automatically voiding; expiration; supervision; issuance; applicant married to member of armed forces.
          Section 333.16182 ‑ Limited licenses; issuance.
          Section 333.16183 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994.
          Section 333.16184 ‑ Special volunteer license.
          Section 333.16185 ‑ Care by individual under special volunteer license; civil liability; gross negligence; definitions.
          Section 333.16186 ‑ Reciprocity; requirements; person licensed as respiratory therapist in Canada.
          Section 333.16189 ‑ Interstate medical licensure compact; repeal.
          Section 333.16189a ‑ Disclosure of information under the interstate medical licensure compact; conditions; subpoena requirements; conditions for certain violation investigation; definitions.
          Section 333.16189b ‑ Application for expedited license under the interstate medical licensure compact; fingerprints required; criminal history check; automated fingerprint identification system database; definitions.
          Section 333.16191 ‑ Certificate of licensure or registration; issuance; display; card to be available for inspection; displaying statement of limitation.
          Section 333.16192 ‑ Reporting change in name or address; notice of hearing or complaint; service; license or registration not transferable; service by electronic mail.
          Section 333.16193 ‑ Chemical analysis; implied consent to submit.
          Section 333.16194 ‑ Expiration of licenses and registrations for health professions; authority to issue part-term licenses and registrations.
          Section 333.16196 ‑ License or registration of individual inducted or entering into service; continuation; notice.
          Section 333.16201 ‑ Renewal of license or registration; mailing notice; electronic mail; failure to receive notice; failure to renew; relicensing or reregistration; temporary license or registration; authority to impose sanctions not terminated by expiration or surrender of license or registration.
          Section 333.16203 ‑ Repealed. 1986, Act 174, Imd. Eff. July 7, 1986.
          Section 333.16204 ‑ Completion of continuing education as condition for license renewal; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management; rules; certain individuals excluded.
          Section 333.16204a ‑ Advisory committee on pain and symptom management; creation; members; compensation; expenses; terms; duties; review of guidelines.
          Section 333.16204b ‑ Treatment of pain; enactment of legislation.
          Section 333.16204c ‑ Medical treatment of pain; use of controlled substances; legislative findings; treatment by licensed health professionals; electronic monitoring system; “controlled substance” defined.
          Section 333.16204d ‑ Information booklet on pain; development by department of consumer and industry services; educational program for health professionals.
          Section 333.16204e ‑ Rules; circumstances under which bona fide prescriber-patient relationship not required.
          Section 333.16205 ‑ Attendance at educational programs as condition to license renewal; waiver; rules for assessing continued competence.
          Section 333.16206 ‑ Electronic continuing education tracking system; agreement with nongovernmental entity; rules.
          Section 333.16208 ‑ Expired. 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1984.
          Section 333.16211 ‑ Individual historical record; creation; contents; review by department; retention of unsubstantiated allegations; removal; review of record by licensee or applicant.
          Section 333.16213 ‑ Retention of records.
          Section 333.16215 ‑ Delegation of acts, tasks, or functions to licensed or unlicensed individual; supervision; rules; immunity; third party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits.
          Section 333.16216 ‑ Disciplinary subcommittee for board or task force; members; voting; chairperson; final decision; set aside by department; issuance of different final action; inclusion of final decision on website.
          Section 333.16216a ‑ Member of disciplinary subcommittee; conflict of interest; disclosure; "conflict of interest" defined.
          Section 333.16221 ‑ Investigation of licensee, registrant, or applicant for licensure or registration; hearings, oaths, and testimony; complaint; grounds for proceeding under MCL 333.16226.
          Section 333.16221a ‑ Investigation of health care provider's recommendation or treatment under right to try act; definitions.
          Section 333.16221b ‑ Violation of MCL 333.7303a(4) or (5); reasonable basis; issuance of letter.
          Section 333.16222 ‑ Knowledge of violation; report to department; confidentiality of information; failure to make report; exception; identity of licensee or registrant making report; notice of criminal conviction or disciplinary action by another state.
          Section 333.16223 ‑ Impairment of licensee, registrant, or applicant; report; exception; liability.
          Section 333.16224 ‑ Failure or refusal to submit to examination as grounds for denial or suspension of license; additional grounds for disciplinary actions.
          Section 333.16226 ‑ Sanctions; determination; judicial review; maximum and minimum fine for violation of MCL 333.16221(a) or (b); completion of program or examination; permanent revocation; finding; violation of MCL 333.16221(b)(xiv).
          Section 333.16227 ‑ Suspension or revocation of license or registration; other sanction or action.
          Section 333.16228 ‑ Prescription of controlled substance; investigation; ad hoc review panel.
          Section 333.16231 ‑ Allegation; review; investigation; compliance conference; duties of department following investigation; confidentiality of identity; complaint; failure to respond; conditions applicable to subsection (2)(a); "conflict of interest" defined.
          Section 333.16231a ‑ Failure to reach agreement at compliance conference held under MCL 333.16231(4); hearing; conduct; determination by hearings examiner; request for continuance; representation; failure to appear as default; notice; sanction.
          Section 333.16232 ‑ Hearings; rules.
          Section 333.16233 ‑ Investigation; order to cease and desist; hearing; violation of order; summary suspension of license or registration; notice from federal agency.
          Section 333.16234 ‑ Conduct of hearings; authority of department.
          Section 333.16235 ‑ Subpoena; prima facie evidence of matters recorded; admissible evidence.
          Section 333.16236 ‑ Mental or physical examination; expense; consent; waiver.
          Section 333.16237 ‑ Imposition of penalty by disciplinary subcommittee; review of recommended findings of fact and conclusions of law; assignment of independent special assistant attorney general; additional testimony or evidence; sanction; completion of action; appeal.
          Section 333.16238 ‑ Confidentiality of information; compliance conference closed to public.
          Section 333.16239 ‑ Pamphlet.
          Section 333.16241 ‑ Publishing list of names and addresses of disciplined individuals; distribution of compilation; report of disciplinary actions; report upon summary suspension of license; notice of revocation or suspension to patient or client; notice to employer or hospital; report.
          Section 333.16243 ‑ Reports; reporting name of licensee, amount of damages awarded, or amount of approved settlement.
          Section 333.16244 ‑ Immunity from civil or criminal liability; physician-patient privilege inapplicable; confidentiality of information; disclosure; prohibition.
          Section 333.16245 ‑ Reinstatement of limited, suspended, or revoked license or registration; application; payment; time; hearing; guidelines; fee; criminal history check; permanent revocation.
          Section 333.16245a ‑ Permanent revocation.
          Section 333.16247 ‑ Reinstatement of license or issuance of limited license; requirements.
          Section 333.16248 ‑ Reinstatement of registration; requirements.
          Section 333.16249 ‑ Reclassification of limited license; requirements.
          Section 333.16261 ‑ Health profession; prohibited use of insignia, title, letter, word, or phrase.
          Section 333.16263 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 392, Imd. Eff. Sept. 27, 2006.
          Section 333.16264 ‑ Use of insignia, titles, letters, or phrases granted by authorized educational program or institution or professional organization or association.
          Section 333.16265 ‑ Use of terms “doctor” or “dr.”.
          Section 333.16266 ‑ Compliance.
          Section 333.16267 ‑ HIV infected test subject; compliance reporting requirements; definitions.
          Section 333.16273 ‑ Artificial insemination services on anonymous basis; use of frozen sperm; testing sperm donor for presence of HIV or antibody to HIV; violation; liability; definitions.
          Section 333.16274 ‑ Human cloning; prohibited acts; exception; violation of subsection (1); private right of action; definitions.
          Section 333.16275 ‑ Human cloning; prohibition; exception; violation; penalty; private right of action; “human cloning” defined.
          Section 333.16276 ‑ Use of laser for dermatological purposes; supervision of licensed physician required; exceptions; rules; definitions.
          Section 333.16277 ‑ Nonemergency health care; limitation on liability; additional restrictions; exceptions; definitions.
          Section 333.16281 ‑ Initiation of child abuse or neglect investigations; notice to licensee or registrant; request for child's medical records and information; release of medical records and information; inapplicable privileges; immunity from liability; exception; duties imposed by other statutes.
          Section 333.16282 ‑ Patient treated for opioid-related overdose to be provided with information on substance use disorder services.
          Section 333.16283 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.16284 ‑ Telehealth service; consent required; exception.
          Section 333.16285 ‑ Telehealth service; prescribing patient with drug; conditions; requirements.
          Section 333.16286 ‑ Telehealth service; restrictions or conditions; findings by disciplinary subcommittee.
          Section 333.16287 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.16288 ‑ MCL 333.16284 to 333.16287; limitations.
          Section 333.16291 ‑ Violation; injunctive relief; criminal proceeding; prosecution.
          Section 333.16294 ‑ Unlawful conduct; felony.
          Section 333.16296 ‑ Unlawful conduct; misdemeanor; penalties.
          Section 333.16299 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalties; exception.
          Section 333.16301 ‑ Fees generally.
          Section 333.16303 ‑ Nonrefundable application processing fee; examination or inspection fee; fee for initial license or registration period.
          Section 333.16305 ‑ Examination fee; forfeiture; reexamination fee.
          Section 333.16307 ‑ License and registration fees; completion of requirements for licensure or registration; forfeiture of fees; effect of void application.
          Section 333.16311 ‑ Repealed. 1988, Act 462, Eff. Sept. 1, 1989.
          Section 333.16315 ‑ Health professions regulatory fund; nurse professional fund; pain management education and controlled substances electronic monitoring and antidiversion fund.
          Section 333.16317 ‑ Fees; limitation on increase; schedule.
          Section 333.16319 ‑ Fees.
          Section 333.16321 ‑ Chiropractor; fees.
          Section 333.16322 ‑ Acupuncturist; registration fees.
          Section 333.16323 ‑ Dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental therapist; fees; waiver; "armed forces" defined.
          Section 333.16323a ‑ Fees.
          Section 333.16324 ‑ Marriage and family therapy; license fees.
          Section 333.16325 ‑ Medicine; fees.
          Section 333.16326 ‑ Practice of midwifery; license fees.
          Section 333.16327 ‑ Registered professional nurse, licensed practical nurse, or trained attendant; fees.
          Section 333.16328 ‑ Nursing home administrator; licensing fees.
          Section 333.16329 ‑ Optometry; fees.
          Section 333.16331 ‑ Osteopathic medicine and surgery; fees.
          Section 333.16333 ‑ Pharmacy or other practices regulated under Part 177; fees.
          Section 333.16334 ‑ Massage therapist; fees.
          Section 333.16335 ‑ Physical therapy; fees.
          Section 333.16336 ‑ Athletic trainer; fees.
          Section 333.16337 ‑ Physician's assistant; fees.
          Section 333.16338 ‑ Genetic counselor; fees.
          Section 333.16339 ‑ Podiatric medicine; fees.
          Section 333.16341 ‑ Counseling; fees.
          Section 333.16342 ‑ Speech-language pathologist; fees.
          Section 333.16343 ‑ Psychologist; fees.
          Section 333.16343a ‑ Practice of applied behavior analysis or assistant behavior analyst; fees.
          Section 333.16344 ‑ Respiratory therapist; license fees.
          Section 333.16345 ‑ Occupational therapist or occupational therapist assistant; fees.
          Section 333.16346 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 267, Imd. Eff. July 1, 2014.
          Section 333.16347 ‑ Sanitarian; fees.
          Section 333.16348 ‑ Licensed bachelor's social worker, licensed master's social worker, or registered social service technician; fees.
          Section 333.16349 ‑ Veterinary medicine or veterinary technician; fees.
     368‑1978‑15‑164 ‑ PART 164 CHIROPRACTIC (333.16401...333.16431)
          Section 333.16401 ‑ Definitions; scope; principles of construction.
          Section 333.16411 ‑ Practice of chiropractic; license or authorization required; scope and effect of act; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.16412 ‑ Limited license; qualifications; suspension; duration; nonrenewable.
          Section 333.16421 ‑ Michigan board of chiropractic; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.16423 ‑ Performance and ordering of tests and approval of analytical instruments and adjustment apparatus; rules; criteria; standards.
          Section 333.16431 ‑ Renewal of license; educational conferences; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management; rules.
     368‑1978‑15‑165. ‑ PART 165. (333.16501...333.16529)
          Section 333.16501 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.16511 ‑ Use of words, titles, or letters; registration required; exceptions.
          Section 333.16521 ‑ Michigan board of acupuncture; creation; membership; terms of office.
          Section 333.16525 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.16529 ‑ Third party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑15‑166 ‑ PART 166 DENTISTRY (333.16601...333.16659)
          Section 333.16601 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.16605 ‑ Use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.16608 ‑ Health profession specialty field license; qualifications; renewal; reference as specialty certification.
          Section 333.16611 ‑ Dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant; license or authorization required; deep scaling, root planing, and removal of calcareous deposits; qualifications for dental hygienist licensure; administration of intraoral block and infiltration anesthesia by dental hygienist; administration of local anesthesia or nitrous oxide analgesia; requirements; additional delegation of procedures; third party reimbursement; practice guidelines; definitions.
          Section 333.16620 ‑ Terms of office.
          Section 333.16621 ‑ Michigan board of dentistry; creation; appointment and qualifications of members; meetings; voting.
          Section 333.16624 ‑ Task force; creation; purpose; membership.
          Section 333.16625 ‑ Rules as to dental hygienist or dental assistant; dental hygiene services performed under supervision of dentist as part of program for dentally underserved program; designation of grantee health agency; requirements; notification; advisory committee; definitions.
          Section 333.16626 ‑ Dental assistant as second pair of hands.
          Section 333.16627 ‑ Establishment of dental clinic by nonprofit corporation.
          Section 333.16631 ‑ Applicability of section to dentist who uses dental amalgam and who removes dental amalgam; exceptions; procedures; rules; violations; preemption.
          Section 333.16641 ‑ Work authorization for dental laboratory services required; retention and inspection of work authorizations and copies.
          Section 333.16642 ‑ Work authorization for dental laboratory work; form; contents; name or number of work authorization to accompany invoice; prohibition.
          Section 333.16643 ‑ Dental laboratory; prohibited conduct.
          Section 333.16644 ‑ Record of dental treatment required; retention; rules prescribing form and content; using record for identification purposes.
          Section 333.16645 ‑ Marking identification on denture or orthodontic appliance.
          Section 333.16647 ‑ Dental laboratory; inspection; compliance; violation as misdemeanor.
          Section 333.16648 ‑ Information relative to care and treatment of dental patient; confidentiality; privilege; disclosure; consent; instances not prohibiting disclosure.
          Section 333.16651 ‑ Dental therapist; requirements for licensure.
          Section 333.16652 ‑ Board; granting license; payment of fees.
          Section 333.16653 ‑ License renewal; continuing education.
          Section 333.16654 ‑ Dental therapist; scope of practice; within certain health settings.
          Section 333.16655 ‑ Restricted practice; written practice agreement; requirements; supervising dentist limitations; "written practice agreement" defined.
          Section 333.16656 ‑ Scope of practice; services included; prohibition on prescribing a controlled substance; "health care professional" defined.
          Section 333.16657 ‑ Referrals; beyond scope of practice.
          Section 333.16658 ‑ Rules; study on licensing dental therapists; written report.
          Section 333.16659 ‑ Third party reimbursement or mandated worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑15‑168. ‑ PART 168. AUDIOLOGY (333.16801...333.16811)
          Section 333.16801 ‑ Definitions; scope of practice; limitation.
          Section 333.16803 ‑ Practice of audiology; license required; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.16805 ‑ Michigan board of audiology; creation; membership; terms of office.
          Section 333.16807 ‑ Limitations; exceptions.
          Section 333.16809 ‑ Administration of tests; compliance with federal guidelines for fitting and dispensing hearing instruments; sale of hearing instrument to person under 18 years of age.
          Section 333.16811 ‑ Requirements for licensure.
     368‑1978‑15‑169 ‑ PART 169 MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY (333.16901...333.16915)
          Section 333.16901 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.16903 ‑ Restricted use of title; advertising; limited license; use of title during training period; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.16905 ‑ Exceptions.
          Section 333.16907 ‑ Board of marriage and family therapy; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.16909 ‑ Marriage and family therapist; licensure requirements.
          Section 333.16911 ‑ Privileged information; waiver.
          Section 333.16913 ‑ Licenses issued under former article; terms of board members appointed under former section; effect of rules promulgated under former article.
          Section 333.16915 ‑ Additional health care payments or benefits not mandated by part.
     368‑1978‑15‑170 ‑ PART 170 MEDICINE (333.17001...333.17097)
          Section 333.17001 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.17008 ‑ Physician's assistant; health profession subfield.
          Section 333.17011 ‑ License or authorization required; granting license to individuals meeting certain requirements; prohibition; conditions for granting license; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.17011a ‑ Expedited license under the interstate medical licensure compact; authorization to engage in practice of medicine; "interstate medical licensure compact" defined.
          Section 333.17012 ‑ Postgraduate medical study requiring practice of medicine; full or limited license required; requirements of limited license; training; renewing limited license.
          Section 333.17013 ‑ Alternative methods of treatment of breast cancer; duty of physician to inform patient; standardized written summary or brochure; form; civil action.
          Section 333.17014 ‑ Legislative findings.
          Section 333.17015 ‑ Informed consent; definitions; duties of physician or assistant; location; disclosure of information; view of ultrasound; medical emergency necessitating abortion; duties of department; physician's duty to inform patient; validity of consent or certification form; right to abortion not created; prohibition; portion of act found invalid; duties of local health department; confidentiality.
          Section 333.17015a ‑ Coercion; screening; protocols; report; availability of publications about violence against women; right to abortion not created.
          Section 333.17016 ‑ Performance of partial-birth abortion prohibited.
          Section 333.17017 ‑ Physical examination required; certain other means prohibited; right to abortion not created; definitions.
          Section 333.17018 ‑ Needle electromyography; performance by licensed physician; delegation; nerve conduction tests; performance of electrodiagnostic studies by physical therapist, podiatrist, or chiropractor; payment.
          Section 333.17020 ‑ Genetic test; informed consent.
          Section 333.17021 ‑ Michigan board of medicine; creation; membership; limitation on powers and duties.
          Section 333.17025 ‑ Joint task force; creation; membership.
          Section 333.17026 ‑ Terms of office.
          Section 333.17030 ‑ Clinical academic limited license; requirements; annual renewal; duration of practice.
          Section 333.17031 ‑ Condition for more than limited licensure; requirements for full license to practice medicine; filing and contents of written statement; civil or criminal liability; rebuttable presumption; applicability to clinical academic limited license.
          Section 333.17033 ‑ Renewal of license; evidence required; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as continuing education; rules.
          Section 333.17040‑333.17047 ‑  Repealed. 1990, Act 247, Imd. Eff. Oct. 12, 1990.
          Section 333.17047 ‑ Practice as physician's assistant; practice agreement.
          Section 333.17048 ‑ Prohibiting or restricting delegation of medical care service or requiring higher levels of supervision; rules concerning prescribing of drugs; organization as professional service corporation or professional limited liability company; shareholders.
          Section 333.17049 ‑ Practice agreement; designation of physician; countersigning order or signing official form not required.
          Section 333.17050 ‑ Prohibiting physician or physician's assistant from entering into practice agreement; grounds.
          Section 333.17054 ‑ Criteria for licensure of physician's assistants and for evaluation of training programs; recommendations.
          Section 333.17056 ‑ Exception.
          Section 333.17058 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994.
          Section 333.17060 ‑ Duties of department.
          Section 333.17062 ‑ Applicant for licensure as physician's assistant; qualifications.
          Section 333.17064 ‑ Applicant for licensure as physician's assistant; examination required; waiver; nature of examination; use of national examination; discrimination prohibited; reciprocity; investigation; additional documentation or information.
          Section 333.17066 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 379, Eff. Mar. 22, 2017.
          Section 333.17068 ‑ Application by physician's assistant for licensure or renewal of licensure; form; requirements for relicensing; standards; temporary license.
          Section 333.17070 ‑ Granting renewal; notice of denial; right to hearing.
          Section 333.17072 ‑ Certificate of licensure, temporary licensure, or renewal; issuance; contents; interim licensure; nonrenewable temporary license; display; pocket card; identification.
          Section 333.17074 ‑ Prohibited undertakings, representations, and services by physician's assistant; permissible services.
          Section 333.17076 ‑ Physician's assistant; making calls or going on rounds in accordance with practice agreement; prescribing drugs; ordering, receiving, and dispensing complimentary starter dose drugs.
          Section 333.17078 ‑ Physician's assistant; conformance to minimal standards of practice.
          Section 333.17082 ‑ Investigations and evaluations by task force; purpose; revision of criteria for education and training; continuation of program approval and criteria.
          Section 333.17084 ‑ Register of programs; contents; public inspection.
          Section 333.17086‑333.17088 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994.
          Section 333.17091 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.17092 ‑ Genetic counselor; licensure requirements.
          Section 333.17093 ‑ Practice of genetic counseling; license required.
          Section 333.17094 ‑ Genetic counselor; temporary license; interim requirements.
          Section 333.17095 ‑ Use of titles, words, or initials; applicability of sections 17091 to 17096.
          Section 333.17096 ‑ Renewal of license; evidence required.
          Section 333.17097 ‑ Third party reimbursement or mandated worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑15‑171. ‑ PART 171. MIDWIFERY (333.17101...333.17123)
          Section 333.17101 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.17103 ‑ Use of titles, words, or initials.
          Section 333.17105 ‑ Practice of midwifery; license required; additional exemptions.
          Section 333.17107 ‑ Transfer of care to physician or hospital; protocol.
          Section 333.17109 ‑ Informed consent.
          Section 333.17110 ‑ Liability of health care worker for act or omission of midwife.
          Section 333.17111 ‑ Midwife; prohibited acts; administration of prescription drugs or medications; rules.
          Section 333.17112 ‑ Obtaining supplies and devices, ordering and obtaining screening tests, and receiving reports of test results; classification as normal pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum period, or newborn period; rules; findings.
          Section 333.17113 ‑ Michigan board of licensed midwifery; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.17115 ‑ Licensure; requirements; credential.
          Section 333.17116 ‑ Nonrenewable temporary license; term; failure to comply with requirements; application fee for initial license.
          Section 333.17117 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.17119 ‑ Individual licensed in another state; requirements.
          Section 333.17121 ‑ Initial or renewal licenses; term.
          Section 333.17123 ‑ Third party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑15‑172 ‑ PART 172 NURSING (333.17201...333.17242)
          Section 333.17201 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.17208 ‑ Licensed practical nurse; health profession subfield.
          Section 333.17209 ‑ Renewal of license to practice as trained attendant; eligibility; “practice as a trained attendant” defined; original license prohibited; licensed psychiatric attendant nurse considered licensed practical nurse.
          Section 333.17210 ‑ Registered professional nurse; issuance of specialty certification; qualifications; rules.
          Section 333.17211 ‑ Practice of nursing or as licensed practical nurse; license or authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.17211a ‑ Advanced practice registered nurse; authority to prescribe nonscheduled prescription drug or controlled substance.
          Section 333.17212 ‑ Registered professional nurse or advanced practice registered nurse; ordering, receiving, or dispensing complimentary starter dose drugs; delegation; "complimentary starter dose" defined.
          Section 333.17213 ‑ Licensure as registered professional nurse; graduate of nurse education program located outside of United States; requirements.
          Section 333.17214 ‑ Advanced practice registered nurse; calls or rounds.
          Section 333.17221 ‑ Michigan board of nursing; creation; number and qualifications of members; terms.
          Section 333.17224, 333.17225 ‑  Repealed. 1989, Act 201, Imd. Eff. Oct. 23, 1989.
          Section 333.17231 ‑ Honorary license; "advanced illness" defined; name of section.
          Section 333.17241 ‑ Nursing education program; application to conduct; evidence required; evaluation; inspection; report; approval; continuation of existing programs; accreditation by national board or organization; education program for psychiatric attendant nurses or trained attendants prohibited.
          Section 333.17242 ‑ Inspection of approved nursing education program; report; notice of deficiency; removal from list of approved programs; hearing.
     368‑1978‑15‑173 ‑ PART 173 (333.17301...333.17319)
          Section 333.17301 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.17303 ‑ Representation as nursing home administrator.
          Section 333.17305 ‑ Board of nursing home administrators; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.17307 ‑ Operation of nursing home; practice of nursing home administrator.
          Section 333.17309 ‑ License; issuance; requirements.
          Section 333.17311 ‑ Insufficient courses or training sessions; approval of course.
          Section 333.17313 ‑ License renewal; continuing education required.
          Section 333.17315 ‑ Nursing home administrator of Christian Science nursing home; limited license.
          Section 333.17317 ‑ Out-of-state license; requirements.
          Section 333.17319 ‑ Individual licensed under former article 19 of occupational code; members of nursing home administrators' board created under former section 1902 of occupational code; rules.
     368‑1978‑15‑174 ‑ PART 174 OPTOMETRY (333.17401...333.17437)
          Section 333.17401 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.17411 ‑ Practice of optometry; authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.17412 ‑ Administration of diagnostic pharmaceutical agents; purposes; certification required; requirements for certification; completion of course of study and examination; exception.
          Section 333.17414 ‑ Permissible conduct; untruthful, misleading, or deceptive statements in advertisement or notice prohibited.
          Section 333.17421 ‑ Michigan board of optometry; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.17431 ‑ Renewal of license; evidence required; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as continuing education; rules.
          Section 333.17432 ‑ Duties of optometrist upon determining symptoms evidencing disease; conditions requiring consultation with physician for further diagnosis and treatment; diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.
          Section 333.17433 ‑ Repealed. 1994, Act 384, Eff. Mar. 30, 1995.
          Section 333.17435 ‑ Administration and prescription of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents; certification requirements.
          Section 333.17437 ‑ Time of certification.
     368‑1978‑15‑175 ‑ PART 175 OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY (333.17501...333.17556)
          Section 333.17501 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.17508 ‑ Physician's assistant; health profession subfield.
          Section 333.17511 ‑ Practice of osteopathic medicine and surgery and practice as physician's assistant; license or authorization required; conditions; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.17511a ‑ Expedited license under the interstate medical licensure compact; authorization to engage in practice of osteopathic medicine and surgery; "interstate medical licensure compact" defined.
          Section 333.17512 ‑ Postgraduate study; full or limited license required; requirements of limited license; responsibility for training; limited license renewable.
          Section 333.17513 ‑ Alternative methods of treatment of breast cancer; duty of physician to inform patient; standardized written summary or brochure.
          Section 333.17515 ‑ Compliance with MCL 333.17015 and 333.17015a before performing abortion.
          Section 333.17516 ‑ Performance of partial-birth abortion prohibited.
          Section 333.17517 ‑ Compliance with MCL 333.17017.
          Section 333.17518 ‑ Needle electromyography; performance by licensed physician; delegation; nerve conduction tests; performance of electrodiagnostic studies by physical therapist, podiatrist, or chiropractor; payment.
          Section 333.17520 ‑ Genetic test; informed consent.
          Section 333.17521 ‑ Michigan board of osteopathic medicine and surgery; creation; membership; waiver; certain powers and duties prohibited.
          Section 333.17523 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 625, Imd. Eff. Jan. 6, 1979.
          Section 333.17525 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 161, Eff. Nov. 26, 2006.
          Section 333.17526 ‑ Terms of office.
          Section 333.17531 ‑ Postgraduate education as condition for more than limited licensure.
          Section 333.17533 ‑ Renewal of license; evidence required; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as continuing education; rules.
          Section 333.17540‑333.17547 ‑  Repealed. 1990, Act 247, Imd. Eff. Oct. 12, 1990.
          Section 333.17547 ‑ Practice as physician's assistant; practice agreement; requirements.
          Section 333.17548 ‑ Prohibiting or restricting delegation of medical care service or requiring higher levels of supervision; making calls or going on rounds; rules concerning prescribing of drugs; ordering, receiving, and dispensing complimentary starter dose drugs.
          Section 333.17549 ‑ Practice agreement; designation of physician; countersigning order or signing official form not required.
          Section 333.17550 ‑ Prohibiting physician or physician's assistant from entering into practice agreement; grounds.
          Section 333.17554 ‑ Criteria for approval or evaluation; recommendations.
          Section 333.17556 ‑ Exemption.
     368‑1978‑15‑176. ‑ PART 176. SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY (333.17601...333.17613)
          Section 333.17601 ‑ Definitions; limitation on scope of practice.
          Section 333.17603 ‑ Use of certain titles or words.
          Section 333.17605 ‑ Michigan board of speech-language pathology; creation; membership; qualifications; terms.
          Section 333.17607 ‑ Speech-language pathology; license required; restrictions.
          Section 333.17609 ‑ License; issuance requirements; eligibility of certified teacher endorsed in speech and language impairment or individual credentialed by American speech-language-hearing association; temporary license.
          Section 333.17610 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.17611 ‑ Applicant from another state.
          Section 333.17613 ‑ Third-party endorsement or mandated worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑15‑177 ‑ PART 177 PHARMACY PRACTICE AND DRUG CONTROL (333.17701...333.17780)
          Section 333.17701 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.17702 ‑ Definitions; A to C.
          Section 333.17703. ‑ Definitions; D, E.
          Section 333.17704 ‑ Definitions; F to I.
          Section 333.17705 ‑ Definitions; L.
          Section 333.17706 ‑ Definitions; M, O.
          Section 333.17707 ‑ Definitions; P.
          Section 333.17708 ‑ Definitions; P.
          Section 333.17709 ‑ Definitions; S to W.
          Section 333.17711 ‑ Practice of pharmacy or pharmacy technician; license or authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.17721 ‑ Michigan board of pharmacy; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.17722 ‑ Michigan board of pharmacy; duties generally.
          Section 333.17723 ‑ Pilot project to maintain or improve patient care in delivery of pharmacy services and improving patient outcomes.
          Section 333.17726 ‑ License; issuance.
          Section 333.17731 ‑ Renewal of pharmacist or pharmacy technician license; continuing education; rules.
          Section 333.17733 ‑ Relicensure of pharmacist; requirements.
          Section 333.17737 ‑ Rules establishing standards for internship program; limited license required.
          Section 333.17739 ‑ Pharmacy technician; functions; licensure.
          Section 333.17739a ‑ Pharmacy technician; licensure; requirements; exemption from certain requirements.
          Section 333.17739b ‑ Pharmacy technician; temporary license.
          Section 333.17739c ‑ Pharmacy technician; limited license.
          Section 333.17741 ‑ Pharmacy license required; personal charge of pharmacy by pharmacist; responsibility for compliance with laws; control and personal charge of pharmacy services; effect of violation on pharmacy license.
          Section 333.17742 ‑ Disclosure; "applicant" defined.
          Section 333.17743 ‑ Pharmacy license; contents; duration.
          Section 333.17744 ‑ Designation of agent by prescriber; issuance of prescription; limitation; transmission of prescription to pharmacy.
          Section 333.17744a ‑ Auto-injectable epinephrine; prescribing or issuing to authorizing entity.
          Section 333.17744b ‑ Prescribing, possessing, or dispensing opioid antagonist; liability.
          Section 333.17744c ‑ Person administering opioid antagonist under certain conditions; immunity from criminal prosecution or sanction.
          Section 333.17744d ‑ Auto-injectable epinephrine; storage, maintenance, general oversight, and use by designated employee or agent; training program; certificate; liability; report; administration by person other than employee, agent, or individual described in subsection (2); "authorized health care provider" defined.
          Section 333.17744e ‑ Dispensing opioid antagonist to individual pursuant to standing order issued by chief medical executive.
          Section 333.17745 ‑ Drug control license; patient's chart or clinical record to include record of drugs dispensed; delegating authority to dispense drugs; storage of drugs; container; label; complimentary starter dose drug; information; compliance with MCL 333.7303a; inspection of locations; limitation on delegation; receipt of complimentary starter dose drugs by pharmacist; "complimentary starter dose" defined.
          Section 333.17745a ‑ Definitions; public health program without on-site pharmacy; individuals delegated authority to dispense prescriptions; delegating delivery of certain oral contraceptives; circumstances; delegating delivery of methadone.
          Section 333.17745b ‑ Industrial clinic or prescriber practice without on-site pharmacy; dispensing prescription drug.
          Section 333.17746 ‑ Hospice emergency care services in patients' homes; medication box exchange program.
          Section 333.17747 ‑ Drug control license; contents; duration; renewal; conditions; license as automatically void.
          Section 333.17748 ‑ Pharmacy, manufacturer, or wholesale distributor; license required; compounding services; renewal; designation of pharmacist in charge; joint responsibility; exemption; report of change in ownership, management, location, or PIC or facility manager; duties of pharmacist in charge; submission of fingerprints; criminal history check; exception; investigation or inspection of out-of-state applicant or compounding pharmacy; reimbursement for expenses.
          Section 333.17748a ‑ Compounding services for sterile pharmaceuticals; accreditation; notification of complaint; maintenance and retention of records; resale of excess compounded pharmaceuticals prohibited; distribution of samples or complimentary starter doses; advertisement or promotion of compounding services; compounding pharmaceutical that is unavailable in marketplace; compounding and manufacturing at same location; rules.
          Section 333.17748b ‑ Compounding nonsterile or sterile pharmaceuticals for prescriber or health facility or agency to administer to patients without prescription; authorization; report of adverse event; list of authorized pharmacies and pharmacists; selling or redispensing to prescriber or health facility or agency.
          Section 333.17748c ‑ Compounding pharmaceutical; commercial availability.
          Section 333.17748d ‑ Violation of MCL 333.17748a or 17748b; penality.
          Section 333.17749 ‑ Dispensing of diagnostic or therapeutic pharmaceutical agents by wholesale distributor or pharmacist to optometrist; condition; “therapeutic pharmaceutical agent” and “diagnostic pharmaceutical agent” defined.
          Section 333.17750 ‑ Person who distributes complimentary starter doses to prescribers; records; access by board; “complimentary starter dose” defined.
          Section 333.17750a ‑ Dispensing of prescription for therapeutic pharmaceutical agent by pharmacist.
          Section 333.17751 ‑ Dispensing prescription drug or device requiring prescription; requirements.
          Section 333.17752 ‑ Prescription or equivalent record; preservation; disclosure; providing copies; refilling copy; applicability of subsection (3) to pharmacies sharing real-time, on-line database.
          Section 333.17753 ‑ Centralized prescription processing; conditions for performing or contracting; maintenance of policy and procedures manual; definition.
          Section 333.17754 ‑ Electronic transmission of prescription; conditions; information; confidentiality; professional judgment as to accuracy, validity, and authenticity; original prescription.
          Section 333.17755 ‑ Dispensing lower cost generically equivalent drug product or interchangeable biological drug product; notice; contents of prescription label; limitation; restrictions; limitation on total charge; communication to be provided prescriber; exception; link on website to Purple Book; report; definitions.
          Section 333.17756 ‑ Label on prescription; contents.
          Section 333.17757 ‑ Price information; notice; receipt evidencing transactions; omission; retention of copy of receipt; rules.
          Section 333.17757a ‑ Providing selling price of drugs dispensed upon request; notice to consumers about prescription drugs; contents; form; display; copies.
          Section 333.17758 ‑ Repealed. 1986, Act 304, Eff. Mar. 31, 1987.
          Section 333.17759 ‑ Dispensing harmful drug; requirements.
          Section 333.17760 ‑ Operation of automated device not located at same address as pharmacy; control and supervision by pharmacist; delegation of tasks.
          Section 333.17761 ‑ Display of notice; dispensing prescription in safety closure container.
          Section 333.17762 ‑ Misbranded prescription.
          Section 333.17763 ‑ Grounds for fine, reprimand, or probation; grounds for denying, limiting, suspending, or revoking license.
          Section 333.17764 ‑ Conduct constituting misdemeanor; violation; penalty; other violations.
          Section 333.17765 ‑ Adulteration or misbranding; guaranty or undertaking as protection against penalties for violation; exception; notice to seller, manufacturer, or wholesale distributor.
          Section 333.17766 ‑ Additional conduct constituting misdemeanor.
          Section 333.17766a ‑ Repealed. 2001, Act 236, Imd. Eff. Jan. 3, 2002.
          Section 333.17766b ‑ Repealed. 2001, Act 231, Eff. Jan. 6, 2003.
          Section 333.17766c ‑ Purchase or possession of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine or mixture prohibited; violation; penalty; exceptions.
          Section 333.17766d ‑ Pharmacy operated by department of corrections or under contract with county jail; resale or redistribution of prescription drug; definitions.
          Section 333.17766e ‑ Sale of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine; requirements of retail distributor; exceptions; violation; fine; report.
          Section 333.17766f ‑ Possession of products containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine; prohibited conduct; exceptions; violation; penalty; affirmative defense; rebuttal; conflict of local requirements with section.
          Section 333.17767 ‑ Rules and determinations as to licensing.
          Section 333.17768 ‑ Grounds for fine, reprimand, or probation, or for denying, limiting, suspending, or revoking license or ordering restitution or community service; applicability of subsection (2)(b).
          Section 333.17770 ‑ Exceptions.
          Section 333.17775 ‑ "Program for utilization of unused prescription drugs"; definitions; unused prescription drug repository and distribution program; rules; standards and procedures.
          Section 333.17776 ‑ Destruction and disposal of certain drugs and medications.
          Section 333.17780 ‑ Cancer drug repository program.
     368‑1978‑15‑178 ‑ PART 178 PHYSICAL THERAPY (333.17801...333.17831)
          Section 333.17801 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.17819 ‑ Practice of physical therapy or physical therapist assistant; activities; scope of practice.
          Section 333.17820 ‑ Practice of physical therapy or physical therapist assistant; license or authorization required; engaging in treatment with or without prescription of certain license holders; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.17821 ‑ Michigan board of physical therapy; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.17822 ‑ Physical therapist; practice in hospital; condition.
          Section 333.17823 ‑ Professional development requirements; rules.
          Section 333.17824 ‑ Treatment of patient upon or without prescription of health care professional; duties of physical therapist.
          Section 333.17825 ‑ Third party reimbursement or mandated worker's compensation benefits.
          Section 333.17826 ‑ Physical therapist assistant; licensure requirements; approval of physical therapist assistant training program.
          Section 333.17827 ‑ Limited license; effectiveness.
          Section 333.17831 ‑ Repealed. 1987, Act 213, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 1987.
     368‑1978‑15‑179. ‑ PART 179. ATHLETIC TRAINING (333.17901...333.17907)
          Section 333.17901 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.17902 ‑ Practice of athletic training; license required; use of titles; exceptions.
          Section 333.17903 ‑ Michigan athletic trainer board; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.17904 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.17905 ‑ License; requirements; continuing education rules.
          Section 333.17906 ‑ License; duration; renewal.
          Section 333.17907 ‑ Third party reimbursement.
     368‑1978‑15‑179A. ‑ PART 179A. MASSAGE THERAPY (333.17951...333.17969)
          Section 333.17951 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.17953 ‑ Use of certain titles, words, or initials.
          Section 333.17955 ‑ Michigan board of massage therapy; creation; membership; qualifications; terms; appointment; vacancy.
          Section 333.17957 ‑ Massage therapy; license required; exceptions.
          Section 333.17959 ‑ Massage therapist; license; issuance; requirements; "classroom instruction" and "distance education" defined.
          Section 333.17961 ‑ Examination.
          Section 333.17963 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.17965 ‑ Renewal; continuing education.
          Section 333.17967 ‑ Licensing requirements; administrative rules.
          Section 333.17969 ‑ Third party reimbursement or mandated worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑15‑180 ‑ PART 180 PODIATRIC MEDICINE AND SURGERY (333.18001...333.18058)
          Section 333.18001 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.18008 ‑ Physician's assistant; health profession subfield.
          Section 333.18011 ‑ Practice of podiatric medicine and surgery or as physician's assistant; license or authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.18012 ‑ Postgraduate podiatric study; full or limited license required; requirements of limited license; responsibility for training; limited license renewable.
          Section 333.18021 ‑ Michigan board of podiatric medicine and surgery; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.18031 ‑ Condition for more than limited licensure.
          Section 333.18033 ‑ Renewal of license; evidence required; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as continuing education; rules.
          Section 333.18047 ‑ Practice as physician's assistant; practice agreement; requirements.
          Section 333.18048 ‑ Prohibiting or restricting delegation of medical care service; requiring higher levels of supervision.
          Section 333.18049 ‑ Practice agreement; designation of podiatrist; countersigning order or signing official form not required.
          Section 333.18050 ‑ Prohibiting podiatrist or physician's assistant from entering practice agreement; grounds; rules concerning prescribing of drugs.
          Section 333.18051 ‑ Physician's assistant; making calls or going on rounds; prescribing drug; ordering, receiving, and dispensing complimentary starter dose drugs.
          Section 333.18054 ‑ Approval of physician's assistants and valuation of training programs; criteria.
          Section 333.18056 ‑ Applicability of part to student in training.
          Section 333.18058 ‑ Third party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits not required.
     368‑1978‑15‑181 ‑ PART 181 COUNSELING (333.18101...333.18117)
          Section 333.18101 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.18103 ‑ Michigan board of counseling; creation; membership; terms of office.
          Section 333.18105 ‑ Practice of counseling; conditions; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.18107 ‑ Professional counselor license; qualifications.
          Section 333.18109 ‑ Limited license; qualifications; renewal; restricted practice.
          Section 333.18111 ‑ Limited license; criteria; restricted practice.
          Section 333.18113 ‑ Professional disclosure statement.
          Section 333.18115 ‑ Practice of statutorily regulated profession or occupation not limited; definition; applicability of part; use of word “counselor.”
          Section 333.18117 ‑ Privileged communications; disclosure of confidential information.
     368‑1978‑15‑182 ‑ PART 182 PSYCHOLOGY (333.18201...333.18237)
          Section 333.18201 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.18211 ‑ Practice of psychology; license or authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.18212 ‑ Postdoctoral training which includes practice of psychology; full or limited license required; requirements of limited license; responsibility for training; limited license renewable; waiver of limited license by Michigan board of psychology.
          Section 333.18214 ‑ Permissible conduct.
          Section 333.18221 ‑ Michigan board of psychology; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.18223 ‑ Rules as to licensing requirements; limited license; renewal; supervised postgraduate experience required; temporary license.
          Section 333.18233 ‑ Renewal of license; evidence required; completion of hours or courses in pain and symptom management as continuing education; rules.
          Section 333.18237 ‑ Confidential information; disclosure; waiver.
     368‑1978‑15‑182A ‑ PART 182A APPLIED BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS (333.18251...333.18267)
          Section 333.18251 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.18253 ‑ Use of title or similar words or letters; practice of applied behavior analysis or assistant behavior analysis; licensure required; exceptions; issuance of license.
          Section 333.18255 ‑ Michigan board of behavior analysts; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.18257 ‑ Rules; minimum standards for licensure as behavior analyst.
          Section 333.18259 ‑ Rules; minimum standards for licensure as assistant behavior analyst.
          Section 333.18261 ‑ Rules; conviction of listed offense; denial or revocation of license; hearing.
          Section 333.18263 ‑ Behavior technician; requirements; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.18265 ‑ Rules; license renewal; requirements.
          Section 333.18267 ‑ Third party reimbursement or mandated worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑15‑183 ‑ PART 183 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS (333.18301...333.18315)
          Section 333.18301 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.18303 ‑ Promulgation of rules; restricted use of words or titles; practice of occupational therapy or occupation therapy assistant; license required; exceptions.
          Section 333.18305 ‑ Michigan board of occupational therapists; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.18307 ‑ Licensure as occupational therapist; rules.
          Section 333.18309 ‑ Licensure as occupational therapy assistant; rules.
          Section 333.18311 ‑ Assistance.
          Section 333.18313 ‑ Continuing education or competence requirements; rules.
          Section 333.18315 ‑ Third party reimbursement or mandated worker's compensation benefits not required.
     368‑1978‑15‑183A. ‑ PART 183A. DIETETICS AND NUTRITION (333.18351...333.18363)
          Section 333.18351‑333.18363 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 267, Imd. Eff. July 1, 2014.
     368‑1978‑15‑184 ‑ PART 184 SANITARIANS (333.18401...333.18421)
          Section 333.18401 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.18411 ‑ Use of titles or similar words.
          Section 333.18413 ‑ Conflict of interest; adoption by reference.
          Section 333.18421 ‑ Advisory committee; creation; purpose; appointment and terms of members.
     368‑1978‑15‑185. ‑ PART 185. Social Work (333.18501...333.18518)
          Section 333.18501 ‑ Definitions; scope.
          Section 333.18503 ‑ Representation or use of title; prohibition.
          Section 333.18504 ‑ License required.
          Section 333.18505 ‑ Michigan board of social work; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.18506 ‑ Postdegree experience; limited license.
          Section 333.18506a ‑ Applicability of part.
          Section 333.18507 ‑ Social service technician; registration requirements; limited registration.
          Section 333.18509 ‑ License requirements; limited license.
          Section 333.18511 ‑ Practice of social work; requirements.
          Section 333.18513 ‑ Confidentiality of communication.
          Section 333.18515 ‑ Registration issued under former act; term of member of board of examiners of social workers; continuation of rules; full licensure upon renewal application.
          Section 333.18516 ‑ Continuing education; rules.
          Section 333.18517 ‑ Third party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits.
          Section 333.18518 ‑ Training requirements; rules.
     368‑1978‑15‑187. ‑ PART 187. RESPIRATORY CARE (333.18701...333.18713)
          Section 333.18701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.18703 ‑ Restricted use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.18705 ‑ Michigan board of respiratory care; creation; membership; terms.
          Section 333.18707 ‑ Practice of respiratory care; license required.
          Section 333.18709 ‑ Licensure requirements; rules; temporary license; interim standards.
          Section 333.18711 ‑ Temporary license.
          Section 333.18713 ‑ New or additional reimbursement or benefits not required.
     368‑1978‑15‑188 ‑ PART 188 VETERINARY MEDICINE (333.18801...333.18838)
          Section 333.18801 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.18802 ‑ Definitions; A to S.
          Section 333.18805 ‑ Definitions; P to V.
          Section 333.18808 ‑ Veterinary technician; health profession subfield.
          Section 333.18811 ‑ Veterinarian or veterinary technician; license or authorization required; prohibited conduct; use of words, titles, or letters.
          Section 333.18812 ‑ Limited license for practice apart from veterinary education; requirements; graduates of nonapproved veterinary education programs.
          Section 333.18813 ‑ Veterinarian or veterinary technician license renewal; continuing education; evidence; license cycle.
          Section 333.18814 ‑ Conduct not considered practice of veterinary medicine.
          Section 333.18821 ‑ Michigan board of veterinary medicine; creation; membership; waiver; terms.
          Section 333.18822 ‑ Animal diseases; advising department of agriculture.
          Section 333.18824 ‑ Repealed. 1989, Act 201, Imd. Eff. Oct. 23, 1989.
          Section 333.18826 ‑ Veterinarian or veterinary technician; civil liability for acts or omissions; immunity; applicability; notice.
          Section 333.18827 ‑ Veterinarian or veterinary technician; reporting animal to be abandoned, neglected, or abused; immunity.
          Section 333.18835 ‑ Grounds for fine, reprimand, or probation; grounds for denying, limiting, suspending, or revoking license.
          Section 333.18838 ‑ Disposal of abandoned animal; notices; costs; relinquishment of rights by owner.
368‑1978‑17 ‑ ARTICLE 17 FACILITIES AND AGENCIES (333.20101...333.22260)
     368‑1978‑17‑201 ‑ PART 201 GENERAL PROVISIONS (333.20101...333.20211)
          Section 333.20101 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; principles of construction.
          Section 333.20102 ‑ Definitions; A.
          Section 333.20104 ‑ Definitions; C to G.
          Section 333.20106 ‑ Definitions; H.
          Section 333.20108 ‑ Definitions; I to N.
          Section 333.20109 ‑ Definitions; N to S.
          Section 333.20115 ‑ Rules defining or differentiating health facility or agency; rules differentiating freestanding surgical outpatient facility from private office; republication of certain rules; waiver or modification; information to be provided to department of licensing and regulatory affairs; definitions.
          Section 333.20121 ‑ Health facilities and agencies advisory commission; creation; appointment and qualification of members; director as ex officio member without vote.
          Section 333.20122 ‑ Advisory commission; terms of members; vacancy; removal.
          Section 333.20123 ‑ Advisory commission; meetings; chairperson and vice-chairperson; vacancy; quorum; expenses.
          Section 333.20124 ‑ Advisory commission; duties generally.
          Section 333.20126 ‑ Task forces; appointment; purpose; duties; membership; staff support.
          Section 333.20127 ‑ Task force 4; purpose; appointment and qualifications of members; chairperson and vice-chairperson; quorum; procedures; duties.
          Section 333.20131 ‑ Comprehensive system of licensure and certification; establishment; purpose; certification of health facility or agency; coordination, cooperation, and agreements; public disclosure.
          Section 333.20132 ‑ Regulation of medical or surgical treatment prohibited; control of communicable diseases; protection of individuals receiving care and services; standards for inpatient food service establishment; compliance.
          Section 333.20141 ‑ Health facility or agency; license required; eligibility to participate in federal or state health program; personnel; services; and equipment; evidence of compliance; providing data and statistics.
          Section 333.20142 ‑ Application for licensure and certification; form; certifying accuracy of information; disclosures, reports; and notices; violation; penalty; false statement as felony.
          Section 333.20143 ‑ Compliance as condition to issuance of license, certificate, or certificate of need.
          Section 333.20144 ‑ Licensing on basis of approved building program.
          Section 333.20145 ‑ Construction permit; certificate of need as condition of issuance; rules; information required for project not requiring certificate of need; public information; review and approval of architectural plans and narrative; rules; waiver; fee; "capital expenditure" defined.
          Section 333.20151 ‑ Cooperation; professional advice and consultation.
          Section 333.20152 ‑ Certification by licensee; developing facilities and programs of care; rating individuals for purposes of reimbursement.
          Section 333.20153 ‑ Definitions; single-use device; reusing, recycling, or refurbishing prohibited; exceptions; violation as felony; penalty.
          Section 333.20155 ‑ Visit to health facility or agency; survey and evaluation for purpose of licensure; nursing home surveyor; criminal history check; survey team; composition and membership; waiver; confidentiality of accreditation information; limitation and effect; consultation engineering survey; summary of substantial noncompliance or deficiencies and response; investigations or inspections; prior notice as misdemeanor; record; periodic reports; access to documents; disclosure; delegation of functions; voluntary inspections; forwarding evidence of violation to licensing agency; reports; clarification of terms; quarterly meeting; resident care policies and compliance protocols; nursing home's survey report; posting; other state and federal law; definitions.
          Section 333.20155a ‑ Nursing home health survey tasks; electronic system; determination of open survey cycle; grants; reports of survey findings; nursing home's plan of correction; notifications of acceptance or rejection; revisit; evidence of substantial compliance; informal dispute resolution; citation levels.
          Section 333.20156 ‑ Entering premises of applicant or licensee; enforcement of rules; review and inspection of existing facilities; amendment of rules; verification of existing facilities; certificate of approval from bureau of fire services; applicability of subsections (2), (3), (4), and (5).
          Section 333.20161 ‑ Fees and assessments for health facility and agency licenses and certificates of need; schedule; fees; use of quality assurance assessment; tax levy; definitions.
          Section 333.20162 ‑ License; receipt of completed application; issuance of license within certain period of time; nonrenewable temporary permit; provisional license; procedure for closing facility; order to licensee upon finding of noncompliance; notice, hearing, and status requirements; report; “completed application” defined.
          Section 333.20164 ‑ Duration of license or certification; license, certification, or certificate of need nontransferable; transfer of ownership or ownership interest; notice; application for license and certification.
          Section 333.20165 ‑ Denying, limiting, suspending, or revoking license or certification; notice of intent; imposition of administrative fine.
          Section 333.20165a ‑ Action against health facility's treatment as authorized under right to try act; definitions.
          Section 333.20166 ‑ Notice of intent to deny, limit, suspend, or revoke license or certification; service; contents; hearing; record; transcript; determination; powers of department; judicial order to appear and give testimony; contempt; failure to show need for health facility or agency.
          Section 333.20168 ‑ Emergency order limiting, suspending, or revoking license; limiting reimbursements or payments; hearing; contents of order; order not suspended by hearing.
          Section 333.20169 ‑ HIV infected test subject; compliance with reporting requirements; definitions.
          Section 333.20170 ‑ Medical records access; compliance.
          Section 333.20171 ‑ Rules implementing article; rules promulgated under MCL 333.21563; rules subject to MCL 554.917.
          Section 333.20172 ‑ Policies and procedures; publication and distribution.
          Section 333.20173 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 28, Eff. Apr. 1, 2006.
          Section 333.20173a ‑ Covered facility; employees or applicants for employment; prohibitions; criminal history check; procedure; conditional employment or clinical privileges; knowingly providing false information as misdemeanor; prohibited use or dissemination of criminal history information as misdemeanor; review by licensing or regulatory department; conditions of continued employment; failure to conduct criminal history checks as misdemeanor; storage and retention of fingerprints; notification; electronic web-based system; definitions.
          Section 333.20173b ‑ Individual disqualified or denied employment pursuant to MCL 333.20173, 333.20173a, or 330.1134a; appeal; report to legislature; "business day" defined.
          Section 333.20174 ‑ Practice agreement; designation of physician by health facility or agency.
          Section 333.20175 ‑ Maintaining record for each patient; confidentiality; wrongfully altering or destroying records; noncompliance; fine; licensing and certification records as public records; confidentiality; disclosure; report or notice of disciplinary action; information provided in report; nature and use of certain records, data, and knowledge.
          Section 333.20175a ‑ Agreement with another health facility to protect, maintain, and provide access to records; closure of health facility; noncompliance; fine; definitions.
          Section 333.20176 ‑ Notice of violation; investigation of complaints; notice of proposed action; public record; appeal; reinvestigation.
          Section 333.20176a ‑ Health facility or agency; prohibited conduct; violation; fine.
          Section 333.20177 ‑ Action to restrain, enjoin, or prevent establishment, maintenance, or operation of health facility or agency.
          Section 333.20178 ‑ Nursing home, home for the aged, or county medical care facility; description of services to patients or residents with Alzheimer's disease; contents; “represents to the public” defined.
          Section 333.20179 ‑ Artificial insemination services on anonymous basis; use of frozen sperm; testing sperm donor for presence of HIV or antibody to HIV; violation; liability; definitions.
          Section 333.20180 ‑ Health facility or agency; person making or assisting in originating, investigating, or preparing report or complaint; immunity and protection from civil or criminal liability; disclosure of identity; notice; “hospital” defined.
          Section 333.20181 ‑ Abortion; admitting patient not required; refusal to perform, participate in, or allow; immunity.
          Section 333.20182 ‑ Abortion; objection; participation in medical procedures not required; immunity.
          Section 333.20183 ‑ Abortion; refusal to give advice; refusal to participate in; immunity.
          Section 333.20184 ‑ Rights of individuals, staff members, and employees previously participating in, or expressing willingness to participate in, termination of pregnancy.
          Section 333.20188 ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 119, Eff. Nov. 27, 2005.
          Section 333.20189 ‑ Licensure under the interstate medical licensure compact as condition of employment; prohibit.
          Section 333.20189a ‑ Written practice agreement; condition of employment; prohibited.
          Section 333.20191 ‑ Emergency patient; test for presence of infectious agent; positive test results; duties of health facility; notice; request for testing; confidentiality; rules; disclosure as misdemeanor; liability; definitions.
          Section 333.20192 ‑ Do-not-resuscitate order; execution not required.
          Section 333.20192a ‑ POST form as condition for admission or receipt of services; requirement prohibited.
          Section 333.20193 ‑ Compliance.
          Section 333.20194 ‑ Pamphlets; display; distribution; model standardized complaint form; availability.
          Section 333.20197 ‑ Human cloning in facility owned or operated by health facility or agency.
          Section 333.20198 ‑ Health facility, agency inpatient facility, or residential facility; prohibited conduct; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; nonapplicability of subsections (1) and (2).
          Section 333.20199 ‑ Violations; penalties.
          Section 333.20201 ‑ Policy describing rights and responsibilities of patients or residents; adoption; posting; contents; additional requirements; discharging, harassing, retaliating, or discriminating against patient exercising protected right; exercise of rights by patient's representative; informing patient or resident of policy; designation of person to exercise rights and responsibilities; additional patients' rights; definitions.
          Section 333.20202 ‑ Responsibilities of patient or resident.
          Section 333.20203 ‑ Guidelines; immunity; other remedies at law neither expanded nor diminished.
          Section 333.20211 ‑ Summary of activities; availability of list and current inspection reports.
          Section 333.20301‑333.20382 ‑  Repealed. 1981, Act 79, Imd. Eff. June 30, 1981.
     368‑1978‑17‑204 ‑ PART 204 MEDICAL GOOD-FAITH PROVISIONS (333.20401...333.20405)
          Section 333.20401 ‑ Short title of part.
          Section 333.20403 ‑ Life-sustaining or nonbeneficial treatment; policies of heath facility or agency; disclosure to patient or resident; patient as minor or ward.
          Section 333.20405 ‑ Policy required by federal or state law.
     368‑1978‑17‑205 ‑ PART 205 CLINICAL AND OTHER LABORATORIES (333.20501...333.20554)
          Section 333.20501 ‑ "Laboratory" defined; principles of construction.
          Section 333.20507 ‑ Laboratories to which MCL 333.20501 to 333.20525 inapplicable.
          Section 333.20511 ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 104, Eff. Oct. 1, 2015.
          Section 333.20515 ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 104, Eff. Oct. 1, 2015.
          Section 333.20521 ‑ Authorization to order laboratory test classified by Food and Drug Administration.
          Section 333.20525 ‑ Repealed. 2015, Act 104, Eff. Oct. 1, 2015.
          Section 333.20531 ‑ Lead analysis; clinical laboratory reporting requirements.
          Section 333.20551 ‑ Registration of laboratory or other place handling, cultivating, selling, giving away, or shipping pathogenic microorganisms, or doing recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid research; application for and duration of registration number; "handled", "cultivated", and "shipped" defined.
          Section 333.20552 ‑ Registration of laboratory, department, or school handling pathogens or doing recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid research; application for and duration of registration number.
          Section 333.20554 ‑ Sale, gift, or other distribution of live pathogenic microorganisms and cultures or recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid materials; contents of label on container; record.
     368‑1978‑17‑206 ‑ PART 206 COUNTY MEDICAL CARE FACILITIES (333.20601...333.20621)
          Section 333.20601‑333.20621 ‑  Repealed. 1978, Act 493, Eff. Mar. 30, 1979.
     368‑1978‑17‑207 ‑ PART 207 EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES (333.20701...333.20773)
          Section 333.20701‑333.20773 ‑ Expired. 1981, Act 79, Eff. Sept. 30, 1989;—Repealed, 1990, Act 179, Imd. Eff. July 2, 1990.
     368‑1978‑17‑208 ‑ PART 208 FREESTANDING SURGICAL OUTPATIENT FACILITIES (333.20801...333.20821)
          Section 333.20801 ‑ General definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.20811 ‑ License required; use of term “freestanding surgical outpatient facility.”
          Section 333.20813 ‑ Owner, operator, and governing body of freestanding surgical outpatient facility; responsibilities and duties.
          Section 333.20821 ‑ Freestanding surgical outpatient facility; requirements.
     368‑1978‑17‑209 ‑ PART 209 EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES (333.20901...333.20979)
          Section 333.20901 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.20902 ‑ Definitions; A to D.
          Section 333.20904 ‑ Definitions; E.
          Section 333.20906 ‑ Definitions; L, M.
          Section 333.20908 ‑ Definitions; N to V.
          Section 333.20910 ‑ Powers and duties of department.
          Section 333.20911 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 582, Eff. Dec. 31, 2009.
          Section 333.20912 ‑ Duties of department with regard to educational programs and services.
          Section 333.20915 ‑ State emergency medical services coordination committee; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; ex officio members; replacement of member; chairperson; meetings; quorum; per diem compensation; reimbursement of expenses.
          Section 333.20916 ‑ State emergency medical services coordination committee; duties.
          Section 333.20917 ‑ Repealed. 2000, Act 440, Eff. July 1, 2004.
          Section 333.20917a ‑ Statewide trauma care advisory subcommittee; establishment; membership; appointment; terms; chairperson; meetings; quorum; recommendations regarding funding sources; "rural county" defined.
          Section 333.20918 ‑ Local medical control authority; designation; participating hospitals and freestanding surgical outpatient facilities; adherence to protocols; administration; appointment and membership of advisory body; medical director; operation of medical control authority; accountability of life support agencies and licensed individuals.
          Section 333.20919 ‑ Protocols for practice of life support agencies and licensed emergency medical services personnel; development and adoption; procedures; conflict with Michigan do-not-resuscitate procedure act prohibited; requirements; appeal; standards for equipment and personnel; negative medical or economic impacts; epinephrine auto-injector; availability of medical and economic information; review; findings.
          Section 333.20920 ‑ Ambulance operation; license required; contents of application; fee; contents of license; operation of ambulance operation; renewal of license; compliance; ambulance operation upgrade license; statewide emergency medical coordination committee; revocation or failure to renew ambulance operation upgrade license.
          Section 333.20921 ‑ Ambulance operation; duties; prohibitions; staffing; operation at higher level of life support; occupants of patient compartment; applicability of subsection (5).
          Section 333.20921a ‑ County population 10,000 or less and population density less than 7 people per square mile; ambulance availability.
          Section 333.20921b ‑ Transportation of nonemergency patient by rotary aircraft ambulance; duties; notice; violation; payment in full; definitions.
          Section 333.20921c ‑ Ambulance operation; patient request; right to land.
          Section 333.20922 ‑ Use of terms “ambulance,”“ambulance operation,” or similar term; advertising or disseminating information; license required.
          Section 333.20923 ‑ Operation of ambulance; conditions; application for and issuance of ambulance license or annual renewal; fee; certificate of insurance; vehicle standards; minimum requirements for equipment; use of equipment or medications by licensed personnel; communications system; ambulance license nontransferable to ambulance operation.
          Section 333.20924 ‑ Business or service of transportation of patients; licensed ambulance required; exceptions.
          Section 333.20925 ‑ Emergency transportation of police dog; allow under certain conditions.
          Section 333.20926 ‑ Nontransport prehospital life support operation; license required; application; fee; contents of license and application; renewal; compliance.
          Section 333.20927 ‑ Nontransport prehospital life support operation; duties; prohibitions.
          Section 333.20928 ‑ Use of term “nontransport prehospital life support vehicle,”“nontransport prehospital life support operation,” or similar term; advertising or disseminating information; license required.
          Section 333.20929 ‑ Operation of nontransport prehospital life support vehicle; conditions; application for and issuance of license or annual renewal; fee; certificate of insurance; communications system; equipment.
          Section 333.20931 ‑ Air transport operation; license required; application; fee; issuance and contents of license; renewal; compliance.
          Section 333.20932 ‑ Aircraft transport operation; duties; prohibitions.
          Section 333.20932a ‑ Transportation of nonemergency patient by aircraft transport operation; duties; notice; violation; payment in full; definitions.
          Section 333.20932b ‑ Aircraft transport operation; patient request; right to land.
          Section 333.20933 ‑ Use of term “aircraft transport vehicle,”“aircraft transport operation,” or similar term; advertising or disseminating information; license required.
          Section 333.20934 ‑ Operation of aircraft transport vehicle; conditions; application for and issuance of license or annual renewal; fee; certificate of insurance; communications system; equipment; amount of liability coverage; determination.
          Section 333.20935 ‑ Receipt of completed license application; issuance of license within certain period of time; report; “completed application” defined.
          Section 333.20936 ‑ Application for license renewal received after expiration date of license; late fee; completing requirements for initial licensure.
          Section 333.20938 ‑ Operation of ambulance or nontransport prehospital life support vehicle under emergency conditions; privileges and constraints.
          Section 333.20939 ‑ Spontaneous use of vehicle under exceptional circumstances; written report.
          Section 333.20941 ‑ Medical first response service; license required; issuance; requirements; duties; renewal of license; advertising or disseminating information; availability of vehicle; ability of patient to pay; police or fire suppression agency.
          Section 333.20945 ‑ Life support agency license; nonrenewable conditional license in lieu of denial, suspension, or revocation; duration; conditions.
          Section 333.20948 ‑ Operations and services furnished by local governmental unit; costs; ordinance.
          Section 333.20950 ‑ Medical first responder, emergency medical technician, emergency medical technician specialist, paramedic, or emergency medical services instructor-coordinator; licensing requirements; duration of license; fees; volunteers; waiver of fee; "armed forces" defined.
          Section 333.20952 ‑ Temporary license.
          Section 333.20954 ‑ Renewal license; renewal fees; procedures for late renewal; volunteers.
          Section 333.20956 ‑ Provision of life support; limitation; authorized techniques.
          Section 333.20958 ‑ Emergency medical services personnel license; denial, revocation, or suspension; findings; notice; hearing order of circuit court to appear and give testimony.
          Section 333.20961 ‑ Reciprocity.
          Section 333.20963 ‑ Radio communications; compliance.
          Section 333.20965 ‑ Immunity from liability.
          Section 333.20967 ‑ Authority for management of emergency patient or management of scene of emergency; declaring nonexistence of emergency.
          Section 333.20969 ‑ Objection to treatment or transportation.
          Section 333.20971 ‑ Emergency preparedness act and MCL 30.261 not affected by part; references to former laws.
          Section 333.20973 ‑ Emergency medical services to and cooperative agreements with other states.
          Section 333.20975 ‑ Rules generally.
          Section 333.20977 ‑ Rules considered as rescinded; exceptions.
          Section 333.20979 ‑ Prohibited use of fees.
     368‑1978‑17‑209A ‑ PART 209A CRITICAL INCIDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT SERVICES (333.20981...333.20983)
          Section 333.20981 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.20982 ‑ Confidentiality of communication or record; exceptions.
          Section 333.20983 ‑ Liability.
     368‑1978‑17‑210 ‑ PART 210 HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS (333.21001...333.21099)
          Section 333.21001‑333.21099 ‑ Repealed. 1982, Act 354, Imd. Eff. Dec. 21, 1982;—1987, Act 149, Imd. Eff. Oct. 26, 1987;—1988, Act 315, Eff. Mar. 30, 1989;—1996, Act 472, Eff. Oct. 1, 1997;—2000, Act 252, Imd. Eff. June 29, 2000.
     368‑1978‑17‑213 ‑ PART 213 HOMES FOR THE AGED (333.21301...333.21335)
          Section 333.21301 ‑ Definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.21302 ‑ "Continuing care community," and "supervised personal care" defined.
          Section 333.21307 ‑ Exemptions.
          Section 333.21311 ‑ License required; use of "home for aged" or similar term or abbreviation; minimum age for admission; waiver of age limitation; documentation; determination by director.
          Section 333.21311a ‑ Existing facility or facility under construction; exemption.
          Section 333.21313 ‑ Owner, operator, and governing body of home for aged; responsibilities and duties; good moral character; issuance of license by department; criminal history check and criminal records check required; renewal of license; storage of fingerprints in automated fingerprint identification system database; convictions.
          Section 333.21321 ‑ Bond required.
          Section 333.21325 ‑ Removal of resident from home for the aged; conditions.
          Section 333.21331 ‑ Licensee considered consumer of tangible personal property.
          Section 333.21332 ‑ Home for the aged; influenza vaccination.
          Section 333.21333 ‑ Repealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
          Section 333.21335 ‑ Requirement of emergency generator system in home for the aged.
     368‑1978‑17‑214 ‑ PART 214 HOSPICES (333.21401...333.21421)
          Section 333.21401 ‑ Definitions; principles of construction.
          Section 333.21411 ‑ License for hospice or hospice residence required; exception; use of term “hospice”; representation as hospice residence; exemption from licensure; separate license for health facility or agency; activities of health facility or agency not restricted; inspections and concurrent issuance of licenses.
          Section 333.21413 ‑ Duties of owner, operator, and governing body of hospice or hospice residence.
          Section 333.21415 ‑ Program of planned and continuous hospice care; direction of medical components; coordination, design, and provision of hospice services.
          Section 333.21417 ‑ Disease or condition with terminal prognosis as prerequisite for admission to or retention for care.
          Section 333.21418 ‑ Controlled substance disposal policy; requirements; rules; definitions.
          Section 333.21419 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.21420 ‑ Exemption of hospices from license fees and certificate of need fees; period.
          Section 333.21421 ‑ Repealed. 1987, Act 149, Imd. Eff. Oct. 26, 1987.
     368‑1978‑17‑215 ‑ PART 215 HOSPITALS (333.21501...333.21571)
          Section 333.21501 ‑ Definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.21511 ‑ License required; use of term “hospital.”
          Section 333.21513 ‑ Owner, operator, and governing body of hospital; responsibilities and duties generally.
          Section 333.21515 ‑ Confidentiality of records, data, and knowledge.
          Section 333.21521 ‑ Minimum standards and rules; practices.
          Section 333.21523 ‑ Strictness of rules and standards.
          Section 333.21527 ‑ Sexual medical forensic examination; administration of sexual assault evidence kit; payment provisions; "sexual assault evidence kit" defined.
          Section 333.21529 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 23, Eff. Apr. 1, 2012.
          Section 333.21530 ‑ Repealed. 2010, Act 21, Eff. Apr. 1, 2012.
          Section 333.21531 ‑ Repealed. 1988, Act 315, Eff. Mar. 30, 1989.
          Section 333.21532 ‑ Acknowledgment of parentage.
          Section 333.21533 ‑ Acknowledgment of paternity.
          Section 333.21534 ‑ Hospice care information provided by hospital.
          Section 333.21540 ‑ Use of aircraft transport vehicle or rotary aircraft ambulance; nonemergency patient; medically necessary; violation; liability.
          Section 333.21541 ‑ Transportation of nonemergency patient by aircraft transport vehicle or rotary aircraft ambulance; disclosure required; notice; signature; immunity; violation; liability.
          Section 333.21542 ‑ Granting right to land by hospital; violation; liability.
          Section 333.21551 ‑ Temporary delicensure of beds; extension; form and contents of application; amended application; alternative use of space; plans; relicensing of beds; automatic and permanent delicensing; bed inventory; transfer of beds; use of beds to comply with bed reduction plan prohibited; definitions.
          Section 333.21552 ‑ Hospital transition assistance program; purpose; elements; feasibility study; financing; advisory committee; report.
          Section 333.21561 ‑ Application for designation as rural community hospital; use of term “rural community hospital”; definition.
          Section 333.21562 ‑ Rural community hospital as limited service hospital; delivery of basic acute care services; rules implementing part; agreement to participate in medicaid program; definition; participation in federal medicare program; appointment, membership, and purpose of ad hoc advisory committee; transfer agreement.
          Section 333.21563 ‑ Rules for designation of rural community hospital, maximum number of beds, and services; showing designation on license; licensing and regulation of rural community hospital; applicable provisions of part 222; differential reimbursement.
          Section 333.21564 ‑ Waiving applicability of specified licensure requirement; conditions; application for waiver; form; duration of waiver; definition.
          Section 333.21565 ‑ Mental health crisis stabilization program.
          Section 333.21566 ‑ Essential access community hospital; designation; purpose; eligibility requirements; modification of requirements.
          Section 333.21567 ‑ Rural primary care hospital; designation; purpose; eligibility requirements; modification of requirements.
          Section 333.21568 ‑ Rural health networks.
          Section 333.21571 ‑ Rural hospital; eligibility requirements; definition.
     368‑1978‑17‑216 ‑ PART 216 MOBILE DENTAL FACILITY (333.21601...333.21617)
          Section 333.21601 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 333.21603 ‑ Mobile dental facility; permit; operator; contracting or employing other dentists, dental hygienists, or dental assistants; permit for 1 or more mobile dental facilities.
          Section 333.21605 ‑ Permit; application; fee; duration; renewal; late fee; compliance with requirements; transfer; interim permit; approval or denial within 60 days of application.
          Section 333.21607 ‑ Information to be provided by applicant; compliance with certain requirements; functional equipment; services not requiring presence of dentist.
          Section 333.21609 ‑ Written treatment plan; written consent or doctor's order; information to be received by person receiving dental services; failure to comply with federal, state, or local laws and rules.
          Section 333.21611 ‑ Memorandum of agreement; exemption.
          Section 333.21613 ‑ Occurrences requiring notification to department; cessation of operation.
          Section 333.21615 ‑ Exemption; conflict with federal law; rules.
          Section 333.21617 ‑ Third-party reimbursement or worker's compensation benefits.
     368‑1978‑17‑217 ‑ PART 217 NURSING HOMES (333.21701...333.21799e)
          Section 333.21701 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.21702 ‑ Definitions; D to P.
          Section 333.21703 ‑ Definitions; P to W.
          Section 333.21707 ‑ Prescribing course of medical treatment; limitations on authority.
          Section 333.21711 ‑ License required; prohibited terms or abbreviations; license for formal or informal nursing care services; exception.
          Section 333.21712 ‑ Name of nursing home; change in name; prohibited terms; rehabilitation services.
          Section 333.21713 ‑ Owner, operator, and governing body of nursing home; responsibilities and duties generally.
          Section 333.21715 ‑ Nursing home; programs of planned and continuing nursing and medical treatment required; employment of or contract with licensed or authorized individual; services; dental treatment.
          Section 333.21716 ‑ Nursing home; influenza vaccination.
          Section 333.21717 ‑ Care of certain individuals in nursing home; approval of area and program.
          Section 333.21718 ‑ Conditions of skilled nursing facility certification and participation in title 19 program; exception; exemption.
          Section 333.21719 ‑ Immediate access to acute care facilities.
          Section 333.21720 ‑ Nursing home administrator required.
          Section 333.21720a ‑ Director of nursing; nursing personnel; effective date of subsection (1); natural disaster or other emergency.
          Section 333.21720b ‑ Agreement with county community mental health program.
          Section 333.21721 ‑ Bond required.
          Section 333.21723 ‑ Individual responsible for receiving complaints and conducting investigations; posting information in nursing home; communication procedure; information posted on internet website; nursing home receiving medicaid reimbursement.
          Section 333.21731 ‑ Licensee considered consumer of tangible personal property.
          Section 333.21733 ‑ Repealed. 2009, Act 188, Eff. May 1, 2010.
          Section 333.21734 ‑ Nursing home; bed rails; provisions; peer-reviewed, evidence-based, best-practice resources; liability.
          Section 333.21735 ‑ Requirement of emergency generator system in nursing home.
          Section 333.21741 ‑ Rules.
          Section 333.21743 ‑ Disclosures; public inspection.
          Section 333.21744 ‑ Professional advice and consultation.
          Section 333.21751 ‑ Emergency petition to place nursing home under control of receiver; appointment of receiver; use of income and assets; major structural alteration; consultation; termination of receivership; accounting; disposition of surplus funds.
          Section 333.21755 ‑ Grounds for refusal to issue license.
          Section 333.21757 ‑ Provisional license.
          Section 333.21761 ‑ Certification of nondiscrimination; violation of rights; giving preference to members of religious or fraternal institution or organization.
          Section 333.21763 ‑ Access to nursing home patients; purposes; requirements; termination of visit; confidentiality; complaint; determination; prohibited entry.
          Section 333.21764 ‑ Approval or disapproval of nonprofit corporation rendering assistance without charge; appeal; decision.
          Section 333.21765 ‑ Policies and procedures; copy of rights enumerated in MCL 333.20201; reading or explaining rights; staff observance of rights, policies, and procedures.
          Section 333.21765a ‑ Certain admission conditions prohibited; enforcement of contract provisions or agreements in conflict with subsections (1) and (2).
          Section 333.21766 ‑ Written contract.
          Section 333.21767 ‑ Guardian, trustee, conservator, patient's representative, or protective payee for patient; receipt for money or property of patient; statement of funds.
          Section 333.21771 ‑ Abusing, mistreating, or neglecting patient; reports; investigation; retaliation prohibited; exception to report requirement; time frame for reporting.
          Section 333.21772 ‑ Interference with right to bring action or file complaint prohibited; retaliation prohibited.
          Section 333.21773 ‑ Involuntary transfer or discharge of patient; notice; form; request for hearing; copy of notice; commencement of notice period; nonpayment; redemption; explanation and discussion; counseling services; prohibition; notice of nonparticipation in state plan for medicaid funding.
          Section 333.21774 ‑ Involuntary transfer or discharge; request for hearing; informal hearing; decision; burden of proof; procedures; time for leaving facility.
          Section 333.21775 ‑ Continuation of medicaid funding during appeal, transfer, or discharge period.
          Section 333.21776 ‑ Transfer or discharge of patient; plan; counseling services.
          Section 333.21777 ‑ Holding bed open during temporary absence of patient; option; title 19 patients.
          Section 333.21781 ‑ Posting of license and other information.
          Section 333.21782 ‑ Retention of documents for public inspection.
          Section 333.21784 ‑ Threatening medical condition; notice; emergency treatment; comfort of patient.
          Section 333.21785 ‑ Discontinuance of operation; notice; relocation of patients.
          Section 333.21786 ‑ Emergency closing of nursing home.
          Section 333.21787 ‑ Michigan public health institute; consultation and contracts.
          Section 333.21791 ‑ Advertising; false or misleading information prohibited.
          Section 333.21792 ‑ Commission, bonus, fee, or gratuity; violation; penalty.
          Section 333.21794 ‑ Use of dining assistant to provide feeding assistance to nursing home patient.
          Section 333.21795 ‑ Education and training for unlicensed nursing personnel; criteria; competency examinations; rules.
          Section 333.21796 ‑ Insuring proper licensing of licensed personnel.
          Section 333.21799a ‑ Nursing home; violation; complaint; investigation; disclosure; determination; listing violation and provisions violated; copies of documents; public inspection; report of violation; penalty; request for hearing; notice of hearing; “priority complaint” defined.
          Section 333.21799b ‑ Noncompliance; notice of finding; correction notices; hearing; verification of compliance; investigation; action; definitions; annual report; presumption.
          Section 333.21799c ‑ Violations; penalties; computation of civil penalties; paying or reimbursing patient; rules for quality of care allowance formula.
          Section 333.21799d ‑ Collection of civil penalty; noncompliance; order.
          Section 333.21799e ‑ Penalties and remedies cumulative.
     368‑1978‑17‑219 ‑ PART 219 NURSE AIDE TRAINING AND REGISTRATION PROGRAM (333.21901...333.21925)
          Section 333.21901 ‑ General definitions and principles of construction.
          Section 333.21903 ‑ Definitions; C to N.
          Section 333.21905 ‑ Definitions; P to R.
          Section 333.21907 ‑ Nurse aide training and registration; administration by department; compliance.
          Section 333.21909 ‑ Practice as nurse aide; registration required; nurse aid trainer or program; permit required.
          Section 333.21911 ‑ Registration as nurse aide; requirements; permit as nurse aide trainer or training program; requirements; registration or permit not transferable.
          Section 333.21913 ‑ Applicant from another state; registration requirements.
          Section 333.21915 ‑ Registration or permit; time period effective; practice or training prohibited until renewal; application for renewal; fee.
          Section 333.21917 ‑ Registration while individual in military service or United States Public Health Service.
          Section 333.21919 ‑ Fees.
          Section 333.21921 ‑ Nurse aid registration fund.
          Section 333.21923 ‑ Rules; scope; applicability to health facilities or agencies.
          Section 333.21925 ‑ Contractual agreements.
     368‑1978‑17‑221 ‑ PART 221 CERTIFICATES OF NEED (333.22101...333.22190)
          Section 333.22101‑333.22181 ‑  Repealed. 1981, Act 76, Eff. Oct. 1, 1981;—1988, Act 332, Eff. Oct. 1, 1988.
          Section 333.22190 ‑ Expired. 1979, Act 113, Eff. Dec. 31, 1979.
     368‑1978‑17‑222 ‑ PART 222 CERTIFICATES OF NEED (333.22201...333.22260)
          Section 333.22201 ‑ Meanings of words and phrases; principles of construction.
          Section 333.22203 ‑ Definitions; A to F.
          Section 333.22205 ‑ Definitions; H to M.
          Section 333.22207 ‑ Definitions; M to S.
          Section 333.22208 ‑ Definitions; T.
          Section 333.22209 ‑ Activities requiring certificate of need; exceptions; requirements; acquisition of existing health facility; relocation; “sharing agreement” defined.
          Section 333.22210 ‑ Certificate of need for extended care services program; application; criteria; modification; fee prohibited; compliance; discrimination prohibited; exercise of rights; written acknowledgment; forms; additional rights; violation; penalty; certificate required; definitions.
          Section 333.22211 ‑ Certificate of need commission; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; laws to which commission members subject.
          Section 333.22213 ‑ Commission; bylaws; removal of member; election of chairperson and vice-chairperson; meetings; quorum; final action; compensation and expenses; duties of department; professional employees.
          Section 333.22215 ‑ Duties of commission; purpose; public hearing before final action; submission of proposed final action to joint committee; approval or disapproval; review standards; revision of fees.
          Section 333.22217 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 619, Eff. Mar. 31, 2003.
          Section 333.22219 ‑ Joint legislative committee.
          Section 333.22221 ‑ Duties of department generally.
          Section 333.22223 ‑ Application for certificate of need; statement addressing review criteria.
          Section 333.22224 ‑ Certificate of need not required.
          Section 333.22224a ‑ Magnetic resonance image units.
          Section 333.22225 ‑ Demonstration of need for proposed project; additional requirements.
          Section 333.22226 ‑ Regional certificate of need review agency; standards; designation of person for specific review area; requirements; duration and termination of agency; local certificate of need review agency; application or other information; review; recommendations; decision; convening consumers, providers, purchasers, or payers of health care; public hearing; meetings; “review area” defined.
          Section 333.22227 ‑ Health maintenance organization; purposes for which certificate of need required; capital expenditures; considerations and criteria.
          Section 333.22229 ‑ Projects and services subject to comparative review; exceptions; establishment of comparative review or alternative procedure; proposed site for project; utilization and financing of covered clinical services.
          Section 333.22230 ‑ Participation in medicaid program as distinct criterion.
          Section 333.22231 ‑ Decision to grant or deny application for certificate of need; conditions; single decision for all applications; proposed decision; final decision; notice of reversal; hearing; judicial review; effect of exceeding time frames.
          Section 333.22232 ‑ Hearing; written request; appointment and duties of hearing officer; governing law.
          Section 333.22233 ‑ Waiver of criteria and procedures.
          Section 333.22235 ‑ Waiver of law and procedural requirements and criteria for review; affidavit; emergency certificate of need.
          Section 333.22237 ‑ Data and statistics as condition precedent to issuance of certificate of need.
          Section 333.22239 ‑ Stipulation.
          Section 333.22241 ‑ “New technology” defined; new technology review period; conditions to acquisition of new technology before end of review period; appointment, composition, and purpose of standing new medical technology advisory committee.
          Section 333.22243 ‑ Acquisition of new technology before approval of federal food and drug administration; notice; requirements; deactivation and removal of new technology from service; conditions to utilizing new technology beyond specified period.
          Section 333.22247 ‑ Monitoring compliance with certificates of need; investigating allegations of noncompliance; violation; sanctions; refund of charges.
          Section 333.22249 ‑ Agreement authorizing hospital to lease space and operate beds in another hospital; conditions.
          Section 333.22251 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 88, Imd. Eff. July 9, 1993.
          Section 333.22253 ‑ Injunction or other process to restrain or prevent violation.
          Section 333.22255 ‑ Procedural rules.
          Section 333.22257 ‑ Certificate of need issued under former part 221.
          Section 333.22260 ‑ Reports of reviews; preparation and publication; statements; recommendations; public examination of applications and written materials on file; providing copies.
368‑1978‑19 ‑ ARTICLE 19 REPEALS, SAVINGS CLAUSES, AND EFFECTIVE DATES (333.25101...333.25211)
     368‑1978‑19‑251 ‑ PART 251 REPEALS (333.25101...333.25109)
          Section 333.25101 ‑ Repeal of acts and parts of acts.
          Section 333.25103 ‑ Repeal of MCL 125.401 to 125.543; time.
          Section 333.25105 ‑ Repeal of MCL 325.901 to 325.947; time.
          Section 333.25107 ‑ Repeal of MCL 722.230; time.
          Section 333.25109 ‑ Repeal of MCL 338.209a; effective date of section.
     368‑1978‑19‑252 ‑ PART 252 SAVINGS CLAUSES AND EFFECTIVE DATES (333.25201...333.25211)
          Section 333.25201 ‑ Continuation of statutory provisions and rules; submission of proposed rules to public hearing; nomination and appointment of agency members.
          Section 333.25205 ‑ Section 8.4a inapplicable to code; action or other proceeding not abated.
          Section 333.25211 ‑ Effective date of code; exceptions; promulgation of rules authorized by code.

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