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Section 333.17951

Act 368 of 1978

333.17951 Definitions.

Sec. 17951.

  (1) As used in this part:
  (a) "Feldenkrais method" means a system of somatic education in which touch and words are used to eliminate faulty habits, learn new patterns of self-organization and action, and improve a person's own functional movement patterns. Feldenkrais method is based on principles of physics, biomechanics, and an understanding of, or learning about, human development.
  (b) "Massage therapist" means an individual engaged in the practice of massage therapy.
  (c) "Polarity therapy" means diverse applications affecting the human energy system and includes energetic approaches to somatic contact, verbal facilitation, nutrition, exercise, and health education. Polarity therapy does not make medical claims, diagnose physical ailments, or allow prescription of medications.
  (d) "Practice of massage therapy" means the application of a system of structured touch, pressure, movement, and holding to the soft tissue of the human body in which the primary intent is to enhance or restore the health and well-being of the client. Practice of massage therapy includes complementary methods, including the external application of water, heat, cold, lubrication, salt scrubs, body wraps, or other topical preparations; and electromechanical devices that mimic or enhance the actions possible by the hands. Practice of massage therapy does not include medical diagnosis; practice of physical therapy; high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust to a joint; electrical stimulation; application of ultrasound; or prescription of medicines.
  (e) "School" means any of the following accredited or licensed institutions of higher education that meet the minimum standards and curriculum, in compliance with section 16148:
  (i) A public or private community college, college, or university.
  (ii) A public or private trade, vocational, or occupational school.
  (f) "Trager approach" means a form of movement education that uses subtle directed movements and the skilled touch of a practitioner. The Trager approach combines physical movement with sensory awareness and internal imagery designed to increase the client's self-awareness and generate physiological changes in the body tissues so as to allow the client to experience a new way of moving his or her body.
  (2) In addition to the definitions in this part, article 1 contains general definitions and principles of construction applicable to all articles in this act and part 161 contains definitions applicable to this part.

History: Add. 2008, Act 471, Imd. Eff. Jan. 9, 2009
Popular Name: Act 368

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