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Act 299 of 1980
Article 25

Section 339.2501SectionDefinitions.
Section 339.2502SectionBoard of real estate brokers and salespersons; creation.
Section 339.2502aSectionReal estate broker, associate real estate broker, and real estate salesperson; license; term; renewal; relicensure; licensure following revocation.
Section 339.2502bSectionOwner of real estate engaging in sale of real estate as principal vocation; license as real estate broker required.
Section 339.2503SectionExemptions.
Section 339.2504SectionReal estate broker's license; prelicensure classroom courses; suspension or revocation of approval; prohibited representations; conduct of prelicensure course; violation of subsection (4); penalties; real estate clinic, meeting, course, or institute; sponsoring studies, research, and programs; contract with statewide real estate association.
Section 339.2504aSectionContinuing education.
Section 339.2505SectionReal estate broker's license; application; contents; execution of application; effect of certain convictions; place of business; branch office license; signature; proof; examination; experience.
Section 339.2506SectionReal estate broker, associate real estate broker, associate real estate broker, or real estate salesperson; license and pocket card or temporary license required; delivering or mailing real estate salesperson's license to broker; custody and control of license; notice of change of location; notice of suspended or revoked license; forward of pocket card and license to department; transfer of license to new real estate broker; application.
Section 339.2507SectionDischarge or termination of real estate salesperson; delivering or mailing salesperson's license to department; application for transfer of license; communication; performing regulated acts without license prohibited; limitation.
Section 339.2508SectionReal estate broker's license; entities to which issued; authorized acts; associate real estate broker's license; transferability; suspension; issuance of new license; death or disability of sole principal associate broker.
Section 339.2509SectionAssociate real estate broker's license; issuance to principal and nonprincipal; limitation.
Section 339.2510SectionReal estate salesperson; commission or valuable consideration.
Section 339.2511SectionPlan or scheme for selling or promoting sale of real estate.
Section 339.2512SectionProhibited conduct; penalties; filing complaint under article 5.
Section 339.2512aSectionAction for collection of compensation for performance of act or contract; allegation and proof.
Section 339.2512bSectionActions not constituting participation in real estate transaction or in payment of real estate commissions.
Section 339.2512cSectionProperty management performed by real estate broker.
Section 339.2512dSectionService provision agreement; duties; services; misleading public prohibited; waiver of services in limited service agreement.
Section 339.2512eSectionAdvertisement.
Section 339.2512fSectionSupervision of real estate salesperson.
Section 339.2513SectionFiling bond or posting cash deposit as condition precedent to issuance of license or removal of suspension; action by injured person.
Section 339.2514SectionReal estate broker or real estate salesperson; nonresident applicant; consent to service of process; application; disposition of process or pleading.
Section 339.2515SectionListing agreement; discrimination prohibited; burden of proof; legal and equitable remedies.
Section 339.2516SectionInterest in real property; acquisition by licensee; proof of disclosures and consents.
Section 339.2516aSectionInspection of document or record by representative of department.
Section 339.2516bSectionRescission of rules.
Section 339.2517SectionDisclosure of agency relationship.
Section 339.2518SectionProhibited actions.
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