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Act 34 of 1984
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Act 34 of 1984

AN ACT to establish a low income heating assistance and shut-off protection program; to promote conservation of home heating energy; to coordinate weatherization programs; and to prescribe certain duties of certain state agencies.

History: 1984, Act 34, Eff. Apr. 12, 1984

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 400.1201SectionShort title.
Section 400.1202SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 400.1203SectionDefinitions; A to C.
Section 400.1204SectionDefinitions; D to P.
Section 400.1205SectionDefinitions; P to S.
Section 400.1206SectionDefinitions; S to W.
Section 400.1207SectionLow income heating assistance and shut-off protection program; creation; administration; purpose; duties of department.
Section 400.1207aSectionLow income customer energy bills subject to shutoff; direct payment by department to energy provider; agreement; eligibility.
Section 400.1208SectionAnnual consumption cap; establishment; conditions requiring payments in excess of limits; lowering or raising consumption caps.
Section 400.1209SectionEnrollment in program; conditions; automatic reenrollment.
Section 400.1210SectionShut-off protection; application of payments in excess of actual billings; duration of protection; effect of vacating dwelling; treatment of emergency needs recipient; relocation of assisted household.
Section 400.1211SectionExcess energy consumption; review and investigation; noncompliance with suggested corrections; reduction of excess consumption.
Section 400.1212SectionPreenrollment arrearage; determination; payment.
Section 400.1213SectionQuarterly projections or compilation of actual billings by provider utility; billing department; deduction of payments from total department obligation; sample of account status; monthly cost settlements.
Section 400.1214SectionAnnual reconciliation; payment to provider utility; section inapplicable to certain assisted households.
Section 400.1215SectionEnergy refunds or credits; application.
Section 400.1216SectionAssistance programs for temporarily and long-term unemployed workers; development; scope; implementation and duration of programs.
Section 400.1217SectionConditional effective date.
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