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Section 28.452SectionDefinitions.
Section 28.454SectionSale of consumer fireworks; certificate required; violation as civil fine; penalty; application; requirements; issuance; validity; issuance of original or renewal certificate; sales tax license information; denial; transfer; display; prohibition; location or address; disposition of fees.
Section 28.455SectionSale of consumer fireworks from retail location; conditions; automatic sprinkler system; failure to comply; civil fine; insurance coverage; notice of dates and times of permissible use; form and content; conditions for sale over phone or internet.
Section 28.456SectionWebsite; establishment and maintenance by department; registration with low-impact fireworks retail registry; application fee; failure to register; civil fine.
Section 28.458SectionFireworks safety fee; imposition; payment; deposit in fireworks safety fund; failure to comply; civil fine.
Section 28.460SectionFireworks safety fees; remittance; forms; manner; payment liability; past due amounts; aggregate filing; failure to remit; civil fine.
Section 28.461SectionFireworks safety fund; creation within department of treasury; investment; money remaining in fund; lapse; expenditures; delegation of inspection duties; program.
Section 28.462SectionProhibited conduct; permission required; violation as civil infraction; civil fine; sale to minor; definitions; violation of smoking prohibition; civil fine; signage.
Section 28.464SectionIdentification of firework in violation of act; investigation; determination of violation; seizure; criminal or civil proceedings.
Section 28.465SectionStorage of seized fireworks; disposal or destruction; storage and disposal costs; use for training purposes.
Section 28.466SectionArticles pyrotechnic or display fireworks ignition; permit; competency and qualifications of operators; retention of fee.
Section 28.467SectionConduct not prohibited by act.
Section 28.467aSectionIssuance of citation by state fire marshal.
Section 28.468aSectionCitation for serious violation; fine; prosecution; payment of civil fines to department; collection proceedings.
Section 28.468bSectionIssuance of certificate prohibited; revocation.
Section 28.468cSectionPerson ineligible to obtain consumer fireworks certificates; offenses; periods; sanctions.
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