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Section 339.2008

Act 299 of 1980

339.2008 Sealing documents requiring governmental agency approval or record; projects involving overlapping of architecture and engineering professions; sealing documents not prepared by licensee prohibited.

Sec. 2008.

(1) A plan, plat, drawing, map, and the title sheet of specifications, an addendum, bulletin, or report or, if a bound copy is submitted, the index sheets of a plan, specification, or report, if prepared by a licensee and required to be submitted to a governmental agency for approval or record, shall carry the embossed, printed, or electronic seal of the person in responsible charge.

(2) If the overlapping of the professions of architecture and engineering is involved in a project, a licensed architect or licensed professional engineer who seals the plans, drawings, specifications, and reports may perform services in the field of the other practice if the services are incidental to the architectural or engineering project as a whole.

(3) A licensee shall not seal a plan, drawing, map, plat, report, specification, or other document that is not prepared by the licensee or under the supervision of the licensee as the person in responsible charge.

History: 1980, Act 299, Imd. Eff. Oct. 21, 1980 ;-- Am. 2013, Act 178, Eff. Feb. 25, 2014
Popular Name: Act 299

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