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Act 227 of 1967
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Act 227 of 1967

AN ACT to regulate the inspection, construction, installation, alteration, maintenance, repair and operation of elevators and the licensing of elevator contractors; to regulate the construction, installation, alteration, maintenance, and repair of certain residential lifts; to prescribe the functions of the director of the department of licensing and regulatory affairs; to create, and prescribe the functions of, the elevator safety board; to provide penalties for violations of the act; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

History: 1967, Act 227, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967 ;-- Am. 2015, Act 35, Eff. Aug. 19, 2015
Compiler's Notes: Enacting section 3 of Act 35 of 2015 provides:"Enacting section 3. It is the intent of the legislature that the enactment of this amendatory act does not affect the department of licensing and regulatory affairs' examination or examination requirements for licensure as a residential builder under article 24 of the occupational code, 1980 PA 299, MCL 339.2401 to 339.2412."

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 408.801SectionElevators; applicability of definitions in American standard safety code.
Section 408.802SectionDefinitions.
Section 408.803SectionDefinitions; E.
Section 408.804SectionDefinitions; G to S.
Section 408.805SectionInapplicability of act to certain municipalities.
Section 408.806SectionElevators; compliance with American standard safety code; adoption by rule; conflicts; applicability to residential incline elevator for use by members of homeowners association accessing shoreline of Great Lake or connecting waterway; "homeowners association" defined.
Section 408.807SectionElevator safety board; creation; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; compensation and expenses.
Section 408.808SectionElevator safety board; powers and duties generally; rules establishing fee schedules; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting.
Section 408.809SectionEnforcement of act and rules.
Section 408.810SectionGeneral and special inspectors; qualifications; application requirements for examination as elevator inspectors; acceptance or rejection of applications; issuance of certificates of competency; reexamination.
Section 408.811SectionSpecial inspectors; designation by insurers or local units; commissions; renewal fees; compensation.
Section 408.812SectionElevator contractors' licenses; applications, qualifications, expiration; exemptions.
Section 408.813SectionCertificates of competency, commissions and licenses; reissuance when lost or destroyed.
Section 408.814SectionCertificates of competency, commissions and licenses; suspension or revocation; grounds, hearing, notice.
Section 408.814aSectionResidential chairlift or residential stairway platform lift; installation, construction, repair, alteration, or maintenance; requirements.
Section 408.815SectionPermit for installation or alteration; plans and specifications; approval; form; fee; emergency alterations; issuance by municipality; receipt of completed application; time period for issuance; report; “completed application” defined.
Section 408.816SectionFees for services; determination; payment; deposits.
Section 408.817SectionInspections; entry on premises, assistance.
Section 408.818SectionCertificates of operation; annual issuance.
Section 408.819SectionSealing elevator out of service; grounds.
Section 408.820SectionSmoking or carrying lighted tobacco in passenger elevators prohibited; posting sign; receptacles.
Section 408.821SectionViolations of act or rules; penalties.
Section 408.822SectionSaving clause.
Section 408.823SectionRepeals.
Section 408.824SectionElevator safety board; membership, rules and fees, continuation.
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