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Act 144 of 1895
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Act 144 of 1895

AN ACT to make it unlawful for any company or corporation to remove, abandon or discontinue any factory, work shop, machine shop, repair shop, office, agency or establishment, or the work, business or industry carried on therein from any village, city, town or place within this state, without repaying and restoring to such town, city, village or place any and all money, bonds, land and other property, with interest, which have been or may hereafter be given or granted as a consideration or inducement for the location, construction, operation, enlargement or maintenance at any such city, village, town or place, and to provide a remedy by injunction to restrain any such company or corporation from moving, abandoning or discontinuing any such factory, shop, etc., and to provide a penalty for so doing.

History: 1895, Act 144, Eff. Aug. 30, 1895

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 445.601SectionAbandonment of business by municipally aided company without restoration of benefits and interest unlawful.
Section 445.602SectionAbandonment of business; application of act; benefit to company officer or agent or to predecessor company.
Section 445.603SectionViolation of act; misdemeanor.
Section 445.604SectionViolation of act; penalty.
Section 445.605SectionRestoration of benefits; payment.
Section 445.606SectionForfeitures and injunctions; rights of municipality upon failure of company.
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