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Section 324.3113

Act 451 of 1994

324.3113 New or increased use of waters for sewage or other waste disposal purposes; filing information; permit; conditions; complaint; petition; contested case hearing; rejection of petition.

Sec. 3113.

  (1) A person who seeks a new or increased use of the waters of the state for sewage or other waste disposal purposes shall file with the department an application setting forth the information required by the department, including the nature of the enterprise or development contemplated, the amount of water required to be used, its source, the proposed point of discharge of the wastes into the waters of the state, the estimated amount to be discharged, and a statement setting forth the expected bacterial, physical, chemical, and other known characteristics of the wastes.
  (2) If a permit is granted, the department shall condition the permit upon such restrictions that the department considers necessary to adequately guard against unlawful uses of the waters of the state as are set forth in section 3109.
  (3) If the permit or denial of a new or increased use is not acceptable to the permittee, the applicant, or any other person, the permittee, the applicant, or other person may file a sworn petition with the department setting forth the grounds and reasons for the complaint and asking for a contested case hearing on the matter pursuant to the administrative procedures act of 1969, 1969 PA 306, MCL 24.201 to 24.328. A petition filed more than 60 days after action on the permit application may be rejected by the department as being untimely.

History: 1994, Act 451, Eff. Mar. 30, 1995 ;-- Am. 2004, Act 91, Imd. Eff. Apr. 22, 2004
Popular Name: Act 451
Popular Name: NREPA

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