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Section 750.54

Act 328 of 1931

750.54 Search warrants.

Sec. 54.

   Search warrant—When complaint is made, on oath or affirmation, to any magistrate authorized to issue warrants in criminal cases, that the complainant believes that any of the provisions of the preceding sections of this chapter are being, or are about to be violated in any particular building or place, such magistrate, if satisfied that there is reasonable cause for such belief, shall issue and deliver a search warrant to any sheriff, deputy sheriff, constable or public officer, authorizing him to search such building or place and to arrest any person or persons engaged in violating any of the provisions of the preceding sections of this chapter, as well as any person or persons there present, and aiding or abetting therein, and to bring such person or persons before some magistrate of competent jurisdiction, to be dealt with according to law. Such officer shall, at the same time, seize and bring to said magistrate every article or instrument found in said building or place especially designed or adapted to torture or inflict wounds upon any animal or to aid in the fighting or baiting of any animal; and unless within 10 days after the trial of the person or persons so arrested, the owner of said article or instrument shall show, to the satisfaction of said magistrate, that the same is not designed or adapted to the wounding or torture of animals, or if so designed or adapted, is not intended to be used or employed for such purpose, the magistrate shall destroy such article or instrument.

History: 1931, Act 328, Eff. Sept. 18, 1931 ;-- CL 1948, 750.54

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