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Act 328 of 1931
Chapter LXXXII

Section 750.539SectionDivulging contents of messages.
Section 750.539aSectionDefinitions.
Section 750.539bSectionTrespassing for purpose of eavesdropping or surveillance.
Section 750.539cSectionEavesdropping upon private conversation.
Section 750.539dSectionInstallation, placement, or use of device for observing, recording, transmitting, photographing or eavesdropping in private place.
Section 750.539eSectionUse or divulgence of information unlawfully obtained.
Section 750.539fSectionUnlawful manufacture, possession or transfer of eavesdropping devices.
Section 750.539gSectionExceptions.
Section 750.539hSectionCivil remedies.
Section 750.539iSectionProof of installation of device as prima facie evidence of violation.
Section 750.539jSectionSurveillance of or distribution, dissemination, or transmission of recording, photograph, or visual image of individual having reasonable expectation of privacy; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty; exceptions; “surveil” defined.
Section 750.539kSectionPersonal identifying information; prohibited conduct; exception; violation as felony; penalty; definitions.
Section 750.539lSectionTracking device; placement or installment on motor vehicle without consent; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; exemptions; inapplicability of subsection (2)(j); liability for damages; definitions.
Section 750.540SectionUse of electronic medium of communication; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; penalty; definitions.
Section 750.540aSectionParty line, emergency, defined; refusal to yield or surrender use of line; pretext; penalty.
Section 750.540bSectionNotice contained in telephone directory, printing; exception.
Section 750.540cSectionProhibited conduct with regard to telecommunications access device; “materials” defined; violation as felony; penalty; amateur radio service; forfeiture; order; definitions.
Section 750.540dSectionSeizure of devices, plans, instructions, or materials.
Section 750.540eSectionMalicious use of service provided by telecommunications service provider.
Section 750.540fSectionTelecommunications access device; use in violation of MCL 750.219a; misdemeanor; violation of subsection (1) and previous conviction as felony; prior conviction; definitions.
Section 750.540gSectionTelecommunications service; unauthorized use by officer, shareholder, partner, employee, agent, or independent contractor; use in separate incidents pursuant to scheme or course of conduct; enhanced sentence based on prior convictions.
Section 750.540hSectionIntent to permit or obtain unauthorized receipt of telecommunications service.
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