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Act 270 of 2010 - PROPERTY ASSESSED CLEAN ENERGY ACT (460.931 - 460.949)
Section 460.931 ‑ Short title.
Section 460.933 ‑ Definitions.
Section 460.935 ‑ Property assessed clean energy program; establishment by local unit of government; contract with record owner of property; financing.
Section 460.937 ‑ Establishment; actions to be taken by local unit of government; adoption or amendment of resolution.
Section 460.939 ‑ Report; contents; availability.
Section 460.941 ‑ Imposition of assessment; written contract; verification.
Section 460.943 ‑ Assessment as lien against property; installments to be included in summer and winter tax bill.
Section 460.945 ‑ Bonds or notes; issuance.
Section 460.947 ‑ Self-directed energy optimization plan.
Section 460.949 ‑ Property assessed clean energy program; joint implementation.

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