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Section 280.495

Act 40 of 1956

280.495 Assessment of cost; hearing; powers.

Sec. 495.

Before any work, other than preparation of the description and the approval, adoption and recording of the same, is done or rights in or ownership of property is acquired by the drainage board, pursuant to a petition filed under section 491, the drainage board shall make a determination, following notice and a hearing as provided in this chapter, which may be the hearing provided for in section 492, as to the public corporations to be assessed for the cost of the work or acquisition. After the hearing and the determination to proceed with the work, the drainage board shall proceed in the same manner as is provided for other drain projects in this chapter and the drainage board shall have the rights and powers so provided.

History: Add. 1965, Act 194, Imd. Eff. July 15, 1965
Popular Name: Act 40

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