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Act 368 of 1978
Part 215

Section 333.21501SectionDefinitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.21511SectionLicense required; use of term “hospital.”
Section 333.21513SectionOwner, operator, and governing body of hospital; responsibilities and duties generally.
Section 333.21515SectionConfidentiality of records, data, and knowledge.
Section 333.21521SectionMinimum standards and rules; practices.
Section 333.21523SectionStrictness of rules and standards.
Section 333.21527SectionSexual medical forensic examination; administration of sexual assault evidence kit; payment provisions; "sexual assault evidence kit" defined.
Section 333.21529SectionRepealed. 2010, Act 23, Eff. Apr. 1, 2012.
Section 333.21530SectionRepealed. 2010, Act 21, Eff. Apr. 1, 2012.
Section 333.21531SectionRepealed. 1988, Act 315, Eff. Mar. 30, 1989.
Section 333.21532SectionAcknowledgment of parentage.
Section 333.21533SectionAcknowledgment of paternity.
Section 333.21534SectionHospice care information provided by hospital.
Section 333.21540SectionUse of aircraft transport vehicle or rotary aircraft ambulance; nonemergency patient; medically necessary; violation; liability.
Section 333.21541SectionTransportation of nonemergency patient by aircraft transport vehicle or rotary aircraft ambulance; disclosure required; notice; signature; immunity; violation; liability.
Section 333.21542SectionGranting right to land by hospital; violation; liability.
Section 333.21551SectionTemporary delicensure of beds; extension; form and contents of application; amended application; alternative use of space; plans; relicensing of beds; automatic and permanent delicensing; bed inventory; transfer of beds; use of beds to comply with bed reduction plan prohibited; definitions.
Section 333.21552SectionHospital transition assistance program; purpose; elements; feasibility study; financing; advisory committee; report.
Section 333.21561SectionApplication for designation as rural community hospital; use of term “rural community hospital”; definition.
Section 333.21562SectionRural community hospital as limited service hospital; delivery of basic acute care services; rules implementing part; agreement to participate in medicaid program; definition; participation in federal medicare program; appointment, membership, and purpose of ad hoc advisory committee; transfer agreement.
Section 333.21563SectionRules for designation of rural community hospital, maximum number of beds, and services; showing designation on license; licensing and regulation of rural community hospital; applicable provisions of part 222; differential reimbursement.
Section 333.21564SectionWaiving applicability of specified licensure requirement; conditions; application for waiver; form; duration of waiver; definition.
Section 333.21565SectionMental health crisis stabilization program.
Section 333.21566SectionEssential access community hospital; designation; purpose; eligibility requirements; modification of requirements.
Section 333.21567SectionRural primary care hospital; designation; purpose; eligibility requirements; modification of requirements.
Section 333.21568SectionRural health networks.
Section 333.21571SectionRural hospital; eligibility requirements; definition.
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