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Section 125.1674

Act 197 of 1975

***** 125.1674 THIS SECTION IS REPEALED BY ACT 57 OF 2018 EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2019 *****

125.1674 Development area citizens council; meetings; notice; record; information and technical assistance; failure to organize, consult, or advise.

Sec. 24.

(1) Meetings of the development area citizens council shall be open to the public. Notice of the time and place of the meetings shall be given by publication in a newspaper of general circulation not less than 5 days before the dates set for meetings of the development area citizens council. A person present at those meetings shall have reasonable opportunity to be heard.

(2) A record of the meetings of a development area citizens council, including information and data presented, shall be maintained by the council.

(3) A development area citizens council may request of and receive from the authority information and technical assistance relevant to the preparation of the development plan for the development area.

(4) Failure of a development area citizens council to organize or to consult with and be advised by the authority, or failure to advise the governing body, as provided in this act, shall not preclude the adoption of a development plan by a municipality if the municipality complies with the other provisions of this act.

History: 1975, Act 197, Imd. Eff. Aug. 13, 1975
Popular Name: DDA
Popular Name: Downtown Development Authority Act

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