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Act 58 of 1998
Chapter 8

Section 436.1801SectionGranting or renewing license; selling, furnishing, or giving alcoholic liquor to minor or to person visibly intoxicated; right of action for damage or personal injury; actual damages; institution of action; notice; survival of action; general reputation as evidence of relation; separate actions by parents; commencement of action against retail licensee; indemnification; defenses available to licensee; rebuttable presumption; prohibited causes of action; section as exclusive remedy for money damages against licensee; civil action subject to revised judicature act.
Section 436.1803SectionRetailer or applicant for retail license; proof of financial responsibility; naming insurer or surety as defendant prohibited; effect of bankruptcy; policies and bonds to be continued from year to year; cancellation of liquor liability insurance policy; revocation; section inapplicable to special licensee or applicant for special license; rules.
Section 436.1805SectionSuit to enforce liability when service of process not effected; affidavit; service upon commission in duplicate; return; copy served on defendant; hearing; duty of commission.
Section 436.1807SectionInsurer to file notice of termination or cancellation of contract or policy; effective date.
Section 436.1809SectionPayment of judgment and costs; time; failure or neglect to pay judgment and costs; punitive damages; action against insurer.
Section 436.1811SectionInsurance policy; coverage; conditions.
Section 436.1813SectionFalse statement or breach of authority; cancellation of insurance.
Section 436.1815SectionAdherence to responsible business practices as defense; compensation of employee on commission basis.
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