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Act 451 of 1994
Part 309

Section 324.30901SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.30902SectionPetition for improvement of lake or wetland; local governing bodies' powers; lake boards.
Section 324.30903SectionLake board; composition; election of chairperson, treasurer, and secretary; quorum; concurrence of majority required; technical data; recommendations.
Section 324.30904SectionInitiation of action by freeholders.
Section 324.30905SectionPreliminary costs; revolving funds; assessments.
Section 324.30906SectionInstitution of proceedings for lake improvement; conflicts with local ordinances and charters.
Section 324.30907SectionLake improvement; initiation by department.
Section 324.30908SectionLake board; determination of scope of project; establishment of special assessment districts; ministerial duties.
Section 324.30909SectionEngineering and economic reports; cost estimates.
Section 324.30910SectionReview of reports by board; determinations of practicability; public hearings; notice; determination.
Section 324.30911SectionCounty contributions toward costs of improvement.
Section 324.30912SectionApproval of plans and cost estimates; sufficiency of petition; resolution; publication; assessment roll.
Section 324.30913SectionReport of assessment to lake board; review; notice and hearing; confirmation.
Section 324.30914SectionSpecial assessments; installments; interest; penalties.
Section 324.30915SectionSpecial assessments; liens.
Section 324.30916SectionSpecial assessments; collections.
Section 324.30917SectionDelinquent assessments; reassessment.
Section 324.30918SectionDivision of land parcels; uncollected assessment apportioned.
Section 324.30919SectionAdditional special assessments.
Section 324.30920SectionSpecial assessments; invalidity and new assessments.
Section 324.30921SectionSpecial assessments; exempt lands.
Section 324.30922SectionBorrowing; issuance of lake level orders and bonds.
Section 324.30923SectionCondemnation; commencement and conduct of proceedings.
Section 324.30924SectionGifts and grants-in-aid; acceptance by lake board; contract or agreement.
Section 324.30925SectionGifts and grants-in-aid; acceptance by department.
Section 324.30926SectionAdvertising for bids; letting of contracts; work relief project.
Section 324.30927SectionCosts of projects; computation; expenditures; representation by attorney.
Section 324.30928SectionIntervention by department.
Section 324.30929SectionLake board for inland lake; dissolution.
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