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Section 409.204

Act 415 of 1978

409.204 Youth employment clearinghouse; powers and duties.

Sec. 4.

   The clearinghouse shall:
  (a) Collect and assemble data by age, sex, race, geographic area, and other relevant characteristics on unemployed youth 14 through 23 years of age.
  (b) Establish, in consultation with directors of youth employment programs, criteria for evaluating youth employment programs. The criteria shall set forth program objectives and performance standards. The criteria shall go beyond demographic data on program participants and shall include the impact of the program on participants and on the community served by the program.
  (c) Collect data on and monitor on-going youth employment programs, based on the criteria developed pursuant to subdivision (b).
  (d) Make evaluations of youth employment programs which combine the criteria developed pursuant to subdivision (b) and the data and other information collected pursuant to subdivision (c) to reach conclusions concerning the degree to which youth employment programs and their components have met the criteria developed pursuant to subdivision (b).
  (e) Make recommendations and serve as a source of information concerning youth employment programs for the legislature, the governor, department heads, prime sponsors, program directors, and others involved in youth employment programs.
  (f) Submit each January 1 an annual program plan to the legislature and governor. The program plan shall indicate the amount and nature of youth unemployment, assess the degree and nature of cooperation and coordination among public and private agencies involved in youth employment programs, recommend how problem areas may be corrected, and make recommendations concerning the funding of youth employment programs.
  (g) Be responsible for the development of a program of public information which will inform youth of existing youth employment programs and educate the public and employers concerning the nature of youth unemployment problems.

History: 1978, Act 415, Imd. Eff. Sept. 28, 1978

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