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Section 600.5718

Act 236 of 1961

***** 600.5718 THIS SECTION IS AMENDED EFFECTIVE AUGUST 19, 2015: See 600.5718.amended *****

600.5718 Demand for possession or payment; service.

Sec. 5718.

The demand provided for in section 5716 may be served by delivering it personally to the person in possession, or by delivering it on the premises to a member of his family or household or an employee, of suitable age and discretion, with a request that it be delivered to the person in possession, or by sending it by first-class mail addressed to the person in possession. If the demand is mailed, the date of service for purposes of this chapter is the next regular day for delivery of mail after the day when it was mailed.

History: Add. 1972, Act 120, Eff. July 1, 1972

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