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House Bill 4434 (2021) rss? Friendly Link: http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?2021-HB-4434

Jeff Yaroch (district 33)
Gary Howell, Thomas Albert, Julie Alexander, Sue Allor, Andrew Beeler, Joseph Bellino, Timothy Beson, Robert Bezotte, Ann Bollin, Ken Borton, Tommy Brann, Julie Calley, Steve Carra, TC Clements, John Damoose, Gary Eisen, Diana Farrington, Graham Filler, Andrew Fink, Annette Glenn, Phil Green, Beth Griffin, Matt Hall, Roger Hauck, Michele Hoitenga, Pamela Hornberger, Mark Huizenga, Steven Johnson, Bronna Kahle, Beau LaFave, Sarah Lightner, Jim Lilly, Matt Maddock, Steve Marino, Gregory Markkanen, Luke Meerman, Mike Mueller, Jack O'Malley, Pat Outman, Brad Paquette, Bryan Posthumus, John Reilly, Daire Rendon, John Roth, Andrea Schroeder, Bradley Slagh, Mark Tisdel, Scott VanSingel, Rodney Wakeman, Jason Wentworth, Mary Whiteford, Douglas Wozniak

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Employment security: administration;

Employment security: administration; plain language; require the unemployment agency to use in communications and determinations. Amends secs. 2, 11 & 32b of 1936 (Ex Sess) PA 1 (MCL 421.2 et seq.) & adds sec. 32e.

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House Fiscal Agency Analysis
No Text Version Available Load the PDF VersionSummary as Introduced (5/12/2021)
This document analyzes: HB4434
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This document analyzes: HB4434
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This document analyzes: HB4434

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Date JournalAction
3/4/2021HJ 19 Pg. 250introduced by Representative Lori Stone
3/4/2021HJ 19 Pg. 250read a first time
3/4/2021HJ 19 Pg. 250referred to Committee on Workforce, Trades, and Talent
3/9/2021HJ 20 Pg. 256bill electronically reproduced 03/04/2021
6/10/2021HJ 55 Pg. 1086reported with recommendation with substitute (H-1)
6/10/2021HJ 55 Pg. 1086referred to second reading
6/16/2021HJ 57 Pg. 1118read a second time
6/16/2021HJ 57 Pg. 1118substitute (H-1) adopted
6/16/2021HJ 57 Pg. 1118placed on third reading
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152rule suspended
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Rep. Richard Steenland removed as cosponsor
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152postponed temporarily
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152read a third time
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152amended
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152passed; given immediate effect Roll Call # 350 Yeas 60 Nays 49 Excused 0 Not Voting 1
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Rep. Lori Stone removed as sponsor
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Laurie Pohutsky, Mari Manoogian, Kelly Breen removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Kara Hope, Padma Kuppa, Matt Koleszar removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps.Rachel Hood, Jim Ellison, Tenisha Yancey removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Helena Scott, Kevin Coleman, Karen Whitsett removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Julie Brixie, Terry Sabo, Nate Shannon removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Alex Garza, Mary Cavanagh, Shri Thanedar removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Samantha Steckloff, Cara Clemente, Amos O'Neal removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Yousef Rabhi, Abraham Aiyash, Stephanie Young removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Tullio Liberati, Darrin Camilleri, Ranjeev Puri removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Felicia Brabec, Joe Tate, John Cherry removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Jewell Jones, Brenda Carter, William Sowerby removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Reps. Tim Sneller, Donna Lasinski, Tyrone Carter removed as co-sponsors
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Rep. Kyra Bolden removed as cosponsor
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152Rep. Regina Weiss removed as cosponsor
6/17/2021HJ 58 Pg. 1152transmitted
6/23/2021SJ 58 Pg. 1033RULES SUSPENDED
6/24/2021SJ 59 Pg. 1070SUBSTITUTE (S-1) CONCURRED IN
6/24/2021SJ 59 Pg. 1070RULES SUSPENDED
6/24/2021SJ 59 Pg. 1070AMENDMENT(S) DEFEATED
6/24/2021SJ 59 Pg. 1072PASSED ROLL CALL # 320 YEAS 19 NAYS 16 EXCUSED 1 NOT VOTING 0
6/24/2021SJ 59 Pg. 1072INSERTED FULL TITLE
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1249returned from Senate with substitute (S-1) with full title
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1249laid over one day under the rules
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1249rule suspended
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1249Senate substitute (S-1) concurred in
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1249roll call Roll Call # 390 Yeas 57 Nays 51 Excused 0 Not Voting 2
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1249full title agreed to
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1249bill ordered enrolled
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1253enrollment vacated
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1253vote on concurring reconsidered
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1253Senate substitute (S-1) concurred in
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1253roll call Roll Call # 394 Yeas 59 Nays 49 Excused 0 Not Voting 2
6/24/2021HJ 61 Pg. 1253bill ordered enrolled
7/1/2021HJ 65 Pg. 1319presented to the Governor 07/06/2021 02:43 PM
7/21/2021HJ 67 Pg. 1342vetoed by the Governor 07/20/2021
7/21/2021HJ 67 Pg. 1342referred to Committee on Government Operations

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