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Act 93 of 2013
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Act 93 of 2013

AN ACT to create the Michigan indigent defense commission and to provide for its powers and duties; to provide indigent defendants in criminal cases with effective assistance of counsel; to provide standards for the appointment of legal counsel; to provide for and limit certain causes of action; and to provide for certain appropriations and grants.

History: 2013, Act 93, Imd. Eff. July 1, 2013

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 780.981SectionShort title.
Section 780.983SectionDefinitions.
Section 780.985SectionMichigan indigent defense commission; establishment; powers and duties; functions; delivery of services; minimum standards; final department action; judicial review; best practices; performance metrics; annual report.
Section 780.987SectionMIDC; membership; terms; appointment by governor; qualifications; staggered terms; vacancy; chairperson; compensation; removal; quorum; official action; confidential case information; exemption from freedom of information act.
Section 780.989SectionMIDC; authority and duties; establishment of minimum standards, rules, and procedures; manual.
Section 780.991SectionMIDC; establishment of minimum standards, rules, and procedures; principles; application for, and appointment of, indigent criminal defense services; requirements; partially indigent; objective standards.
Section 780.993SectionInvestigation, audit, and review of indigent criminal defense services; cooperation and participation with MIDC; development of plan and cost analysis; award of grant; submission of plan; annual plan; approval or disapproval of plan and cost analysis by MIDC; report; maintenance of local share; necessity for excess funding; appropriation of additional funds; grants to local units of government; compliance with minimum standards; zero grant; funds received by MIDC as state funds; financial protocols; unexpended grant funds; reimbursement.
Section 780.995SectionDispute between MIDC and indigent criminal defense system.
Section 780.997SectionDuty of compliance with approved plan.
Section 780.999SectionAnnual report, budget, and listing of expenditures; availability on website.
Section 780.1001SectionApplicability of freedom of information act and open meetings act.
Section 780.1002SectionMichigan indigent defense fund; creation; administration; purpose.
Section 780.1003SectionEffect of United States or state supreme court cases; failure to comply with statutory duties; grounds for reversal or modification of conviction.
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