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Chapter 259 - AVIATION
Act 327 of 1945 ‑ AERONAUTICS CODE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN (259.1 - 259.208)
     327‑1945‑IA ‑ CHAPTER IA (259.1a...259.1a)
     327‑1945‑I ‑ CHAPTER I DECLARATION OF INTENT. (259.1...259.1)
          Section 259.1 ‑ Aeronautics code; declaration of intent.
          Section 259.1a ‑ Discrimination prohibited.
     327‑1945‑II ‑ CHAPTER II DEFINITIONS. (259.2...259.25e)
          Section 259.2 ‑ Definitions; A.
          Section 259.3 ‑ Definitions; B to D.
          Section 259.4 ‑ Definitions; F, G.
          Section 259.5 ‑ Definitions; H, I.
          Section 259.6 ‑ Definitions; L to O.
          Section 259.7 ‑ Definitions; P to R.
          Section 259.8 ‑ Definitions; S.
          Section 259.9 ‑ Definitions; T to V.
          Section 259.10a, 259.11 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 35, Eff. May 15, 2002.
          Section 259.12‑259.14 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.15, 259.15a ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 35, Eff. May 15, 2002.
          Section 259.15b ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.16‑259.22 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 35, Eff. May 15, 2002.
          Section 259.22a ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.23‑259.25e ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 35, Eff. May 15, 2002.
          Section 259.26 ‑ Michigan aeronautics commission; creation; membership; appointment; terms.
          Section 259.27 ‑ Director of aeronautics; appointment; qualifications, duties, compensation and expenses.
          Section 259.28 ‑ Commissioners of aeronautics; appointment, qualifications.
          Section 259.29 ‑ Commissioners of aeronautics; salary and expenses.
          Section 259.30 ‑ Commissioners of aeronautics; removal.
          Section 259.31 ‑ Aeronautics commission; organization, meetings and reports.
          Section 259.32 ‑ Repealed. 2018, Act 297, Imd. Eff. June 29, 2018.
          Section 259.33 ‑ Aeronautics commission; assistants and expenses.
          Section 259.34 ‑ State aeronautics fund; qualified airport fund.
          Section 259.35 ‑ State aeronautics fund; qualified airport fund; appropriations; use of money disbursed to operator; finding of noncompliance with federal requirements; disbursement; report; "ordinance" defined.
          Section 259.36 ‑ Transfer of properties from board of aeronautics to department of aeronautics.
          Section 259.51 ‑ Aeronautics commission; powers and duties generally.
          Section 259.52 ‑ Director of aeronautics; powers and duties.
          Section 259.53 ‑ Director of aeronautics; powers delegated.
          Section 259.54 ‑ Cooperation with federal government; compliance with federal laws and regulations for expenditure of federal money; receipt and disbursement of federal and other money; commission as agent of state; deposit of money in state treasury; commission assistance in preparation of airport projects; cost.
          Section 259.55 ‑ Enforcement officers.
          Section 259.76 ‑ Registration of aircraft generally.
          Section 259.76a ‑ Operation of aircraft; registration required; registration certificate; application forms; fees.
          Section 259.77 ‑ Application for renewal registration; execution and return; payment of registration fee; expiration of registration; registration fee in lieu of property taxes; rate of registration fee; penalty for failure to register or pay registration fee; waiver of penalty; postmark date as date of payment.
          Section 259.78 ‑ Sale, transfer, or assignment of interest in aircraft; transfer fee.
          Section 259.79 ‑ Carrying or display of registration certificate or assigned number; exception.
          Section 259.79a ‑ Aircraft inspection; access.
          Section 259.80 ‑ Operation of aircraft; airworthiness requirements; operating limitations; waiver.
          Section 259.80a ‑ Prohibited conduct.
          Section 259.80b ‑ Conformance with standard traffic patterns recommended by federal air regulations; exceptions; flying aircraft acrobatically; payment of storage, repair, and supply charges; responsibility for safe operation; report of accident; distance requirements.
          Section 259.80c ‑ Disposal of wrecked aircraft; report by participants in accident; admission of investigations or hearings as evidence; testimony as expert witness.
          Section 259.80d ‑ Landing aircraft.
          Section 259.80e ‑ Locations for flying of aircraft; limitations; altitude.
          Section 259.80f ‑ Possessing, carrying, or attempting to possess certain items in sterile area of airport; prohibitions; violations; penalties; exceptions; other violations; consecutive terms of imprisonment; definitions.
          Section 259.80g ‑ Operation of ultralight.
          Section 259.80h ‑ Seaplane base; takeoff and landing distance.
          Section 259.81 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.82 ‑ Dealer's license; application; fee; form; signature; statement; expiration; renewal; display; record; report; general registration numbers for manufacturer and dealer aircraft; issuance, charge, and display; sale or exchange of aircraft subject to registration; application for registration; dismantling or wrecking registered aircraft; cancellation, revocation, or suspension of license.
          Section 259.83 ‑ Operation of civil aircraft; federal airman certification requirements; compliance required.
          Section 259.83a ‑ Flight operations requiring federal aviation regulation air carrier or commercial operator's certification.
          Section 259.83b ‑ Flight operations; prohibition; violation.
          Section 259.84 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.84a ‑ Registration of aircraft; cancellation, revocation, or suspension; grounds; notice and hearing.
          Section 259.85 ‑ Flight school.
          Section 259.85a ‑ Repealed. 2003, Act 133, Imd. Eff. Aug. 1, 2003.
          Section 259.86 ‑ Airport manager; license; fee; expiration; approval of aeronautical facilities; license of approval; requirements; fee in lieu of real property taxes; temporary field permits; statement describing approach clear zones and transitional surface areas.
          Section 259.86a‑259.86c ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 35, Eff. May 15, 2002.
          Section 259.87 ‑ Airports and facilities; rejection of application for permission to operate.
          Section 259.87a ‑ Certificate of approval; registration; fee.
          Section 259.88 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.89 ‑ Private use landing areas.
          Section 259.89a ‑ Ultralight or balloon use; landing areas.
          Section 259.90 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.91 ‑ Flying club.
          Section 259.101 ‑ State airport and landing fields; acquisition.
          Section 259.102 ‑ Aeronautics commission; airport protection privileges.
          Section 259.103 ‑ Aeronautics commission; joint operations.
          Section 259.104 ‑ Aeronautics commission; condemnation, right of eminent domain.
          Section 259.105 ‑ Aeronautics commission; leases and sales.
          Section 259.106 ‑ Aeronautics commission; charges and rentals, determination.
          Section 259.107 ‑ Aeronautics commission; rules establishing traffic code for state-owned facilities; enforcement; violation as misdemeanor.
          Section 259.108 ‑ Short title of chapter.
          Section 259.109 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 259.110 ‑ Public airport authority; political subdivision and instrument of local government; public agency; airport manager; qualified airport; powers of authority; incorporation of authority; presumption of validity; court jurisdiction; state transportation department as party; rules prohibited.
          Section 259.111 ‑ Public airport authority; board; membership; appointment; terms; qualifications; violation of subsection 5(b); chief executive officer; chief financial officer; duties.
          Section 259.112 ‑ Full term appointments; terms; expiration date; resignation; vacancy; removal; oath of office.
          Section 259.113 ‑ First meeting of board; compliance with open meetings act; delegation of power; reimbursement of expenses; action by resolution or ordinance; voting.
          Section 259.114 ‑ Meetings; frequency; special meeting; system of accounts; reports; bond; audit committee; appointment; meetings; duty to recommend 3 independent certified public accounting firms; selection; contract terms and conditions; appointment and compensation of chief executive officer; duties and responsibilities; power and authority; contracting policies and procedures; conflicts of interest; ethics manual; airport noise and fumes mitigation.
          Section 259.115 ‑ Preparation of annual budget.
          Section 259.116 ‑ Authority as public body corporate; powers; personal liability; transfer of operational jurisdiction; indemnification for local government with civil claim; imposition of fees or charges; airport revenues, facilities, or assets as security; prohibited actions; completion of airport or facility project; preparation, submission, and administration of grants; custodian of funds.
          Section 259.117 ‑ Actions, commitments, and proceedings occurring on approval date; exclusive rights and authority; acquisitions or transfers.
          Section 259.118 ‑ Operational jurisdiction over airport; transfer to authority; effect.
          Section 259.119 ‑ Election by employees to transfer to authority; requirements.
          Section 259.120 ‑ Sources of revenue.
          Section 259.121 ‑ Other publicly owned airports; transfer of operational jurisdiction.
          Section 259.122 ‑ Issuance of bonds by authority.
          Section 259.123 ‑ Borrowing money and issuing municipal securities.
          Section 259.124 ‑ Bonds or other evidence of indebtedness; tax exemption.
          Section 259.125 ‑ Legislative body of local government; actions.
          Section 259.125a ‑ Interest rate exchange or agreement.
          Section 259.125b ‑ Contract between authority and bond holder; provisions.
          Section 259.125c ‑ Severability.
          Section 259.126 ‑ Airports; acquisition and operation by political subdivisions.
          Section 259.126a ‑ Aeronautical facilities; acquisition and operation by state of Wisconsin; reciprocity.
          Section 259.126b ‑ Political subdivision of state of Ohio; privileges, rights, and duties.
          Section 259.126c ‑ Political subdivision of state of Indiana; privileges, rights, and duties.
          Section 259.127 ‑ Air space rights.
          Section 259.128 ‑ Encroachments on airport protection privileges declared public nuisance; abatement.
          Section 259.129 ‑ Prior acquisitions; validation.
          Section 259.130 ‑ Political subdivisions; appropriation of funds.
          Section 259.131 ‑ Aeronautical facilities; general obligation bonds; revenue bonds; additional security; “revenues” defined.
          Section 259.131a ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 370, Imd. Eff. July 3, 1996.
          Section 259.132 ‑ Declaration of public purpose and necessity.
          Section 259.133 ‑ Additional powers of political subdivision establishing aeronautical facility.
          Section 259.134 ‑ Joint operation; board, compensation, term; condemnation proceedings; expenditures.
          Section 259.135 ‑ Federal or other assistance to political subdivisions; submittal of project application to administrator of federal aviation administration; commission as agent; terms and conditions of agency; disbursements.
          Section 259.136 ‑ Board of county commissioners; vote to provide aid.
          Section 259.137 ‑ Chapter short title.
          Section 259.138 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 259.139 ‑ Authority as public body corporate; intent to incorporate regional authority; resolution; presumption of validity; rules prohibited.
          Section 259.140 ‑ Board; membership; terms; qualifications; appointment; expiration; resignation; vacancy; removal; first meeting; election of officers; withdrawal of power from chief executive officer; compensation; expenses; action of board by resolution or ordinance; vote; quorum.
          Section 259.141 ‑ Meetings; audit committee.
          Section 259.142 ‑ Chief executive officer; chief financial officer; appointment; qualifications; duties and responsibilities; regional authority; procurement policies and procedures; purchasing contracts and agreements; members of board or officer, appointee, or employee of regional authority as public servant; ethics policy; personal liability; indemnification.
          Section 259.143 ‑ Regional authority; powers; limitations; actions by local government.
          Section 259.144 ‑ Approval date; powers and duties of regional authority and local government; assumption of actions, commitments, and proceedings by regional authority; right and authority to occupy, operate, control, and use airport facilities; acquisitions, assumptions, successions, or transfers.
          Section 259.145 ‑ Transfer of operational jurisdiction over airport to regional authority; contracts not impaired; relief of local government from certain costs and responsibilities; duties of local government; transitional services; payment of costs.
          Section 259.146 ‑ Employees; transfer to regional authority; dates; terms of employment; collective bargaining agreement; regional authority as employer; retirement system or pension plan; transfer of amounts under subsection (3); assumption of retiree health benefit or payment obligations by regional authority; eligibility of employee hired by regional authority to participate in benefit plan; definitions.
          Section 259.147 ‑ Transfer of operational jurisdiction of other publicly owned airports to regional authority.
          Section 259.148 ‑ Issuance of bonds, notes, or other evidences of indebtedness by regional authority.
          Section 259.149 ‑ Purposes of regional authority; effectuation; payment of taxes or assessments not required.
          Section 259.151 ‑ State plan for approach protection areas.
          Section 259.152 ‑ Determination of hazard; notice to owner.
          Section 259.153 ‑ Order to abate hazard; failure to comply.
          Section 259.154 ‑ Execution of order to abate hazard; privately owned airport; failure to comply.
          Section 259.155 ‑ Hazards surrounding state-owned airport, field, and facility.
          Section 259.156 ‑ Encroachments upon approach protection areas declared public nuisance.
          Section 259.176 ‑ Violation as state civil infraction; fine.
          Section 259.176a ‑ Suspension or revocation of license, certificate, or letter of authority; grounds.
          Section 259.177 ‑ Jurisdiction of crimes and torts.
          Section 259.178 ‑ Contracts made during flight; effect.
          Section 259.179 ‑ Unlawful methods of hunting; violation as state civil infraction; penalty.
          Section 259.180 ‑ Reckless operation of aircraft as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 259.180a ‑ Liability for injury occasioned by negligent operation of aircraft.
          Section 259.181 ‑ Tampering with markings of airports, landing fields, and aeronautical facilities; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 259.182 ‑ Allowing domestic animals or fowl on airport facility.
          Section 259.183 ‑ Conduct constituting felony; penalty.
          Section 259.184 ‑ Conduct requiring authorization by airport management; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 259.185 ‑ Operation of aircraft while under influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance.
          Section 259.186 ‑ Prohibited conduct by owner of aircraft or person in charge or in control of aircraft.
          Section 259.187 ‑ Chemical test generally.
          Section 259.188 ‑ Chemical test; consent; administration.
          Section 259.189 ‑ Chemical test; refusal; report.
          Section 259.190 ‑ Rules for administration of chemical tests.
          Section 259.191 ‑ Report of conviction.
     327‑1945‑X ‑ CHAPTER X MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS. (259.201...259.208)
          Section 259.201 ‑ Aeronautics commission; orders.
          Section 259.202 ‑ Aeronautics commission; orders; appeal.
          Section 259.203 ‑ Fuel privilege tax; imposition; collection and remittance; refund; purchase of fuel by unregistered person; imposition of tax on aviation fuel.
          Section 259.204 ‑ Aircraft fuels; storing, dispensing, and selling; rules and regulations; violation as misdemeanor.
          Section 259.205 ‑ Garage keeper lien.
          Section 259.205a ‑ Garage keeper lien; priority.
          Section 259.205b ‑ Garage keeper lien; filing of lien claim; sale; notice; purchase; disposition of surplus.
          Section 259.206 ‑ Operation of aircraft by lessee; notice of insurance coverage; violation; remedies; “lessee” defined.
          Section 259.208 ‑ Aeronautics code of the state of Michigan; short title.
Act 107 of 1969 ‑ AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT (259.251 - 259.255)
     Section 259.251 ‑ Continuing airport loan program; creation; administration; purpose.
     Section 259.252 ‑ Revolving loan account; appropriation, administration.
     Section 259.253 ‑ Loans; rules; limitation; repayment period; interest rate; collection and disposition of repayments and interest.
     Section 259.254 ‑ Aeronautics commission; report to legislature, time, contents.
     Section 259.255 ‑ Supplemental construction of act.
Act 436 of 2016 ‑ UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS ACT (259.301 - 259.331)
     Section 259.301 ‑ Short title.
     Section 259.303 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 259.305 ‑ Political subdivision; limitations; powers; federal preemption; conflict with other sections of law.
     Section 259.311 ‑ Operation of unmanned aircraft system; person authorized by Federal Aviation Administration.
     Section 259.313 ‑ Operation of unmanned aircraft system; manner.
     Section 259.321 ‑ Operation of unmanned aircraft system; interference with official duties prohibited.
     Section 259.322 ‑ Operation of unmanned aircraft system; harassment, violation of order, or invasion of privacy prohibited; definition; individual registered as sex offender.
     Section 259.323 ‑ Violation as misdemeanor; penalty; other violation of law.
     Section 259.331 ‑ Unmanned aircraft systems task force.
Act 328 of 1945 ‑ SPECIAL AERONAUTICAL PLANNING FUND (259.401 - 259.402)
     Section 259.401 ‑ Appropriation; purpose.
     Section 259.402 ‑ Special aeronautical planning fund; expenditure.
Act 23 of 1950 (Ex. Sess.) ‑ AIRPORT ZONING ACT (259.431 - 259.465)
     Section 259.431 ‑ Airport zoning act; definitions.
     Section 259.432 ‑ Airport; publicly owned; definitions.
     Section 259.433 ‑ Airport hazard; definition.
     Section 259.434 ‑ Airport hazard area; definition.
     Section 259.435 ‑ Commission; definition.
     Section 259.436 ‑ Political subdivision; definition.
     Section 259.437 ‑ Person; definition.
     Section 259.438 ‑ State; definition.
     Section 259.439 ‑ Structure; definition.
     Section 259.440 ‑ Tree; definition.
     Section 259.441 ‑ Airport hazard declared nuisance; prevention.
     Section 259.442 ‑ Airport approach plan; adoption by aeronautics commission, considerations.
     Section 259.443 ‑ Airport hazard area; determination; zoning regulations; “development” defined.
     Section 259.444 ‑ Joint airport zoning board; creation; powers; membership.
     Section 259.445 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; incorporation into zoning ordinance.
     Section 259.446 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; amendment.
     Section 259.447 ‑ Airport hazard; definition and certification by aeronautics commission; joint airport zoning board, appointment, meetings, powers, compensation and expenses, expenditures.
     Section 259.448 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; conflict, determination by commission.
     Section 259.449 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; public hearing on adoption or amendment, notice.
     Section 259.450 ‑ Airport zoning commission; appointment, reports and hearings.
     Section 259.451 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; reasonableness, considerations.
     Section 259.452 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; removal or alteration of structures or trees prohibited, exception.
     Section 259.453 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; construction permits for new structures required.
     Section 259.454 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; variance.
     Section 259.454a ‑ Constructing, establishing, rebuilding, or changing, altering, or repairing structure or replanting tree; permit or variance considered as granted.
     Section 259.455 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; variances, markers and lights required.
     Section 259.456 ‑ Airport zoning regulations; administration and enforcement.
     Section 259.457 ‑ Board of appeals; provision, powers.
     Section 259.458 ‑ Board of appeals; members, appointment, terms, officers, removals, rules, meetings, records, subpoenas.
     Section 259.459 ‑ Appeals; filing, hearing, notice.
     Section 259.460 ‑ Appeals; petitions for review by circuit court.
     Section 259.461 ‑ Board of appeals; certiorari; jurisdiction of court.
     Section 259.462 ‑ Approach protection; acquisition of property by aeronautics commission.
     Section 259.463 ‑ Violation of act or regulations; penalty.
     Section 259.464 ‑ Airport zoning act; short title.
     Section 259.465 ‑ Powers and duties of contiguous political subdivision in adjoining state as to airports, landing fields, and other aeronautical facilities.
Act 259 of 1959 ‑ TALL STRUCTURE ACT (259.481 - 259.493)
     Section 259.481 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 259.482 ‑ Permit required for construction of certain structures.
     Section 259.482a ‑ Issuance of permit allowing construction, replacement, or increase in height of certain structures; conditions.
     Section 259.482b ‑ Width of primary surface; length of primary surface; elevation.
     Section 259.482c ‑ Width of approach surface; outward and upward extension of approach surface.
     Section 259.482d ‑ Extension of transitional surface.
     Section 259.482e ‑ Perimeter of horizontal surface.
     Section 259.482f ‑ Meteorological tower; requirements; database of locations; information to be provided by owner; marking; removal.
     Section 259.483 ‑ Building permits; public utility structures, emergency repair.
     Section 259.484 ‑ Structure extending more than 1,000 feet above ground elevation at structure's site; conditions to issuance of permit to erect, add to, or replace.
     Section 259.485 ‑ Application for permit; statement of location and maximum height; applicability of height restrictions.
     Section 259.486 ‑ Permit; specification of visual or aural identification; compliance with federal laws or regulations; operation during daylight hours; high intensity white obstruction lights; demolition or removal of structure; violation.
     Section 259.487 ‑ Application for permit; investigation; considerations; notice of determination; hearing.
     Section 259.488 ‑ Building permits; conduct, controlling statute and rules for conduct of public hearings.
     Section 259.489 ‑ Appeal.
     Section 259.490 ‑ Action to enjoin, restrain, correct, or abate violation.
     Section 259.491 ‑ Rules; forms.
     Section 259.492 ‑ Violation of act; penalty.
     Section 259.493 ‑ Tall structure act; short title.
Act 329 of 1945 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION MATCHING FUND (259.501 - 259.509)
Act 206 of 1951 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.511 - 259.517)
Act 206 of 1952 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.521 - 259.527)
Act 222 of 1953 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.531 - 259.537)
Act 266 of 1955 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.541 - 259.547)
Act 204 of 1956 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.551 - 259.557)
Act 271 of 1957 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.561 - 259.566)
Act 255 of 1959 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.571 - 259.576)
Act 130 of 1960 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.581 - 259.586)
Act 168 of 1961 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.591 - 259.596)
Act 296 of 1931 ‑ LANSING AIRPORT; LEASE OF LANDS (259.601 - 259.602)
     Section 259.601 ‑ Lease of lands to Lansing for airport; state administrative board authority, term, description of lands.
     Section 259.602 ‑ Lease of lands to Lansing for airport; conditions.
Act 143 of 1956 ‑ Repealed-CAPITAL CITY AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDING (259.611 - 259.617)
Act 206 of 1957 ‑ COMMUNITY AIRPORTS (259.621 - 259.631)
     Section 259.621 ‑ Airport authority; formation; purpose; selection and location of site for physical facilities.
     Section 259.622 ‑ Airport authority; body corporate, powers.
     Section 259.623 ‑ Resolution creating airport authority; county, city, incorporated village, or township subsequently becoming member of airport authority; release from membership; resolutions; conditions.
     Section 259.624 ‑ Ad valorem property tax; authorization; limitation; computing total tax to be levied; approval of tax by electors; use of revenues.
     Section 259.625 ‑ Airport authority board; number, appointment, and representation of members; election of officers; conducting business at public meeting; public notice; appointment of committees; selection and employment of officers and employees; engaging necessary services; reimbursement of expenses.
     Section 259.626 ‑ Airport authority board; meetings; quorum; record; availability of writings to public; system of accounts; treasurer; bond; rules and policies.
     Section 259.627 ‑ Airport authority board; preparation, contents, and adoption of budget; determining fair and equitable share of each county, city, and township; appropriation by village; payment of sums certified by board; liability; reports.
     Section 259.627a ‑ Applicability of section; levy of ad valorem property tax; election; resolution; form of proposition; collection; certification; payment; expenses; adoption of budget; dissolution of authority.
     Section 259.628 ‑ Airport authority board; self-liquidating bonds; issuance; liability; amount required of municipality as revenues of authority; sale of bonds; petition for referendum; resolution; election; ballots; governing bodies as board of canvassers; certification of election results.
     Section 259.628a ‑ Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
     Section 259.629 ‑ Airport authority board; borrowing money and issuing notes; maturity; purpose; resolution; notes issued subject to MCL 141.2101 to 141.2821.
     Section 259.630 ‑ Airport authority board; purchase, lease, or acceptance of property; condemnation of private property; powers of board; taxation of buildings or personal property located on community airport; taxes due as debt.
     Section 259.631 ‑ Community airport; definition.
Act 17 of 1946 (1st Ex. Sess.) ‑ FEDERAL SURPLUS AIRPORTS AND EQUIPMENT (259.651 - 259.651)
     Section 259.651 ‑ Airports and equipment declared surplus by federal government; acceptance by department of aeronautics.
Act 257 of 1955 ‑ Repealed-UNIFORM AIRCRAFT FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT (259.671 - 259.692)
Act 223 of 1962 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.751 - 259.756)
Act 129 of 1963 ‑ Repealed-MICHIGAN AVIATION SUPPLEMENTAL MATCHING FUND (259.761 - 259.766)
Act 192 of 1964 ‑ Repealed-CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENT OF PUBLIC AIRPORTS (259.771 - 259.775)
Act 333 of 1965 ‑ MODEL ROCKETS (259.781 - 259.789)
     Section 259.781 ‑ Model rockets; definitions.
     Section 259.782 ‑ Inapplicability of act to certain activities.
     Section 259.783 ‑ Model rockets; requirements prior to launch, operation and flight.
     Section 259.784 ‑ Model rocket engines; standards.
     Section 259.785 ‑ Model rockets; location of launch site, standards.
     Section 259.786 ‑ Model rockets; launching, conditions.
     Section 259.787 ‑ Model rocket engines; ground testing, conditions.
     Section 259.788 ‑ Model rockets; activities prohibited.
     Section 259.789 ‑ Scope of act.
Act 73 of 1970 ‑ AIRPORT AUTHORITIES (259.801 - 259.823)
     Section 259.801 ‑ Airport authority; formation, charter; population specifications.
     Section 259.802 ‑ Airport authority board; number, appointment, and qualifications of members.
     Section 259.803 ‑ Airport authority board; members, term, vacancy.
     Section 259.804 ‑ Airport authority board; removal of member.
     Section 259.805 ‑ Additional counties joining authority.
     Section 259.806 ‑ Airport authority board; first meeting; election of officers; conducting business at public meeting; notice; corporate seal; executive committee; expenses; quorum; legal majority.
     Section 259.807 ‑ Airport authority as body corporate; other airports; powers.
     Section 259.808 ‑ Airport authority board; meetings; records; availability of certain writings to public; system of accounts; audit; treasurer's bond; executive director; rules and policies; interest in contract prohibited; personal liability.
     Section 259.809 ‑ Airport authority; powers, duties and limitations; elections.
     Section 259.810 ‑ Budget; contents; adoption; annual report.
     Section 259.811 ‑ Local units contributions; certification, payment; tax, rate, limitation.
     Section 259.812 ‑ Revenue bonds; purpose.
     Section 259.813 ‑ State employees; transfer provisions, rights.
     Section 259.814 ‑ Operative sections.
     Section 259.815 ‑ Capital city airport; transfer.
     Section 259.816 ‑ Terminal building; transfer.
     Section 259.817 ‑ Repealed. 1990, Act 192, Imd. Eff. July 24, 1990.
     Section 259.818 ‑ Property rights reserved by state; descriptions.
     Section 259.819 ‑ State's free use of facilities.
     Section 259.820 ‑ Transfer of existing contracts and agreements.
     Section 259.821 ‑ Act contingent as to federal funding.
     Section 259.822 ‑ Repeal.
     Section 259.823 ‑ Referendum.

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