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Act 451 of 1994
Part 31

Section 324.3101SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.3102SectionImplementation of part.
Section 324.3103SectionDepartment of environmental quality; powers and duties generally; rules; other actions.
Section 324.3103aSectionLegislative findings; duties of department; vessel owner or operator ineligible for new grant, loan, or award.
Section 324.3104SectionCooperation and negotiation with other governments as to water resources; alteration of watercourses; federal assistance; formation of Great Lakes aquatic nuisance species coalition; report; requests for appropriations; recommendations; permit to alter floodplain; application; fees; disposition of fees; public hearing; minor floodplain projects; other parts subject to single highest permit fee.
Section 324.3105SectionEntering property for inspections and investigations; assistance.
Section 324.3106SectionEstablishment of pollution standards; permits; determination of volume of water and high and low water marks; rules; orders; pollution prevention.
Section 324.3106aSectionSatisfaction of remedial obligations.
Section 324.3107SectionHarmful interference with streams; rules; orders; determinations for record.
Section 324.3108SectionUnlawful occupation, filling, or grading of floodplain, stream bed, or channel of stream; exceptions; construction of building with basement.
Section 324.3109SectionDischarge into state waters; prohibitions; exception; violation; penalties; abatement; "on-site wastewater treatment system" defined.
Section 324.3109aSectionMixing zones for discharges of venting groundwater; conditions not requiring permit; definitions.
Section 324.3109bSectionSatisfaction of remedial obligations.
Section 324.3109cSectionOpen water disposal of dredge materials contaminated with toxic substances; prohibition.
Section 324.3109dSectionMAEAP-verified farms; applicable conditions; obligation to obtain permit not modified or limited; definitions.
Section 324.3109eSectionSodium or chloride in groundwater discharge permit; limitation; discharge of sodium or chloride causing groundwater concentration exceeding certain levels; duties of permittee; response activities.
Section 324.3110SectionWaste treatment facilities of industrial or commercial entity; exception; examination and certification of supervisory personnel; training program; fees; failure to pay fee; continuing education programs; reports; false statement; applicability of section.
Section 324.3111SectionRepealed. 2012, Act 43, Imd. Eff. Mar. 6, 2012.
Section 324.3111bSectionRelease required to be reported under R 324.2001 to R 324.2009.
Section 324.3112SectionPermit to discharge waste into state waters; application determined as complete; condition of validity; modification, suspension, or revocation of permit; reissuance; application for new permit; notice; order; complaint; petition; contested case hearing; rejection of petition; oceangoing vessels engaging in port operations; permit required; compliance with federal aquatic nuisance rule; legislative intent.
Section 324.3112aSectionDischarge of untreated sewage from sewer system; notification; duties of municipality; legal action by state not limited; penalties and fines; definitions.
Section 324.3112bSectionDischarge from combined sewer system; issuance or renewal of permit; disconnection of eaves troughs and downspouts as condition; exception; “combined sewer system” defined.
Section 324.3112cSectionDischarges of untreated or partially treated sewage from sewer systems; list of occurrences; “partially treated sewage” and “sewer system” defined.
Section 324.3112eSectionPermit not required; "beneficial use by-product" and "beneficial use 3" defined.
Section 324.3113SectionNew or increased use of waters for sewage or other waste disposal purposes; filing information; permit; conditions; complaint; petition; contested case hearing; rejection of petition.
Section 324.3114SectionEnforcement of part; criminal complaint.
Section 324.3115SectionViolations; civil or criminal liability; venue; jurisdiction; penalties; knowledge attributable to defendant; lien; setoff.
Section 324.3115aSectionViolation as misdemeanor; penalty; “minor offense” defined.
Section 324.3116SectionConstruction of part; exemptions.
Section 324.3117SectionSupplemental construction.
Section 324.3118SectionStormwater discharge fees; definitions.
Section 324.3119SectionStorm water fund.
Section 324.3120SectionNew, reissued, or modified permit fees; new or increased use permit; grant or denial of permit; failure to make decision within applicable time period; annual permit fees; definitions.
Section 324.3121SectionNational pollutant discharge elimination system fund.
Section 324.3122SectionAnnual groundwater discharge permit fee; failure of department to grant or deny within certain time period; payment of fee by municipality; definitions.
Section 324.3122aSectionAnnual groundwater discharge permit fees; credit; amount.
Section 324.3123SectionGroundwater discharge permit fees; invoices; late payment; action by attorney general.
Section 324.3124SectionGroundwater discharge permit fund.
Section 324.3131SectionLand application of sewage sludge and derivatives; rules; applicability to bulk biosolids or bulk derivative; definitions.
Section 324.3132SectionSewage sludge generators and sewage sludge distributors; fees; report; sewage sludge land application fund; local ordinance.
Section 324.3133SectionLocal ordinances, regulations, or resolutions; preemption; contracts with local units; enactment and enforcement of local standards; compliance with conditions of approval; submission of resolution by local unit to department; public meeting; issuance of opinion and approval by department.
Section 324.3134SectionOperator training and certification fund.
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