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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 110 of 2006 - MICHIGAN ZONING ENABLING ACT (125.3101 - 125.3702)
110‑2006‑I ‑ ARTICLE I GENERAL PROVISIONS (125.3101...125.3103)
     Section 125.3101 ‑ Short title.
     Section 125.3102 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 125.3103 ‑ Notice; publication; mail or personal delivery; requirements.
     Section 125.3201 ‑ Regulation of land development and establishment of districts; provisions; uniformity of regulations; designations; limitations.
     Section 125.3202 ‑ Zoning ordinance; determination by local legislative body; amendments or supplements; notice of proposed rezoning.
     Section 125.3203 ‑ Zoning ordinance; plan; incorporation of airport layout plan or airport approach plan; zoning ordinance adopted before or after March 28, 2001; applicability of public transportation facilities.
     Section 125.3204 ‑ Single-family residence; instruction in craft or fine art as home occupation.
     Section 125.3205 ‑ Zoning ordinance subject to certain acts; regulation or control of oil or gas wells; prohibition; extraction of valuable natural resource; challenge to zoning decision; serious consequences resulting from extraction; factors; regulations not limited.
     Section 125.3205a ‑ Amateur radio service station antenna structures.
     Section 125.3206 ‑ Residential use of property; adult foster care facilities; family or group child care homes.
     Section 125.3207 ‑ Zoning ordinance or decision; effect as prohibiting establishment of land use.
     Section 125.3208 ‑ Nonconforming uses or structures.
     Section 125.3209 ‑ Township zoning ordinance not subject to county ordinance, rule, or regulation.
     Section 125.3210 ‑ Ordinance as controlling.
     Section 125.3211 ‑ Appointment of zoning commission by legislative body; purposes; petition; initiation of action to formulate zoning commission and zoning ordinance.
110‑2006‑III ‑ ARTICLE III ZONING COMMISSION (125.3301...125.3308)
     Section 125.3301 ‑ Zoning commission; creation; transfer of powers to planning commission; resolution; membership; terms; successors; vacancy; limitation; removal of member; officers.
     Section 125.3302 ‑ Expenses; compensation.
     Section 125.3303 ‑ Planning expert; compensation.
     Section 125.3304 ‑ Regular meetings; notice; zoning commission subject to open meetings act.
     Section 125.3305 ‑ Recommendations of zoning commission; adoption and filing.
     Section 125.3306 ‑ Recommendations of zoning commission; submission to legislative body; public hearing; notice; examination of proposed text and maps.
     Section 125.3307 ‑ Review and recommendations after hearing; submission to township; submission to coordinating zoning committee; waiver of right to review.
     Section 125.3308 ‑ Summary of public hearing comments; transmission to legislative body by zoning commission; report.
110‑2006‑IV ‑ ARTICLE IV ZONING ADOPTION AND ENFORCEMENT (125.3401...125.3407)
     Section 125.3401 ‑ Public hearing to be held by legislative body; conditions; notice; approval of zoning ordinance and amendments by legislative body; filing; notice of ordinance adoption; notice mailed to airport manager; information to be included in notice; other statutory requirements superseded.
     Section 125.3402 ‑ Notice of intent to file petition.
     Section 125.3403 ‑ Amendment to zoning ordinance; filing of protest petition; vote.
     Section 125.3404 ‑ Interim zoning ordinance.
     Section 125.3405 ‑ Use and development of land as condition to rezoning.
     Section 125.3406 ‑ Zoning permits; fees; effect of delinquent payment of fine, costs, or assessment.
     Section 125.3407 ‑ Certain violations as nuisance per se.
110‑2006‑V ‑ ARTICLE V SPECIAL ZONING PROVISIONS (125.3501...125.3514)
     Section 125.3501 ‑ Submission and approval of site plan; procedures and requirements.
     Section 125.3502 ‑ Special land uses; review and approval; application; notice of request; public hearing; incorporation of decision in statement of findings and conclusions.
     Section 125.3503 ‑ Planned unit development.
     Section 125.3504 ‑ Special land uses; regulations and standards; compliance; conditions; record of conditions.
     Section 125.3505 ‑ Performance guarantee.
     Section 125.3506 ‑ Open space preservation.
     Section 125.3507 ‑ Purchase of development rights program; adoption of ordinance; limitations; agreements with other local governments.
     Section 125.3508 ‑ PDR program; purchase of development rights by local unit of government; conveyance; notice; requirements for certain purchases.
     Section 125.3509 ‑ PDR program; financing sources; bonds or notes; special assessments.
     Section 125.3513 ‑ Biofuel production facility as permitted use of property; requirements; special land use approval; application; hearing; conditions; applicability of subsections (2) to (5); authority of local unit of government; definitions.
     Section 125.3514 ‑ Wireless communications equipment as permitted use of property; application for special land use approval; approval or denial; authorization by local unit of government; definitions.
110‑2006‑VI ‑ ARTICLE VI ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS (125.3601...125.3607)
     Section 125.3601 ‑ Zoning board of appeals; appointment; procedural rules; membership; composition; alternate member; per diem; expenses; removal; terms of office; vacancies; conduct of meetings; conflict of interest.
     Section 125.3602 ‑ Meetings; call of the chairperson; oaths; attendance of witnesses; record of proceedings.
     Section 125.3603 ‑ Zoning board of appeals; powers; concurring vote of majority of members.
     Section 125.3604 ‑ Zoning board of appeals; procedures.
     Section 125.3605 ‑ Decision as final; appeal to circuit court.
     Section 125.3606 ‑ Circuit court; review; duties.
     Section 125.3607 ‑ Party aggrieved by order, determination, or decision; circuit court review; proper party.
     Section 125.3701 ‑ Compliance with open meetings act; availability of writings to public.
     Section 125.3702 ‑ Repeal of MCL 125.581 to 125.600, 125.201 to 125.240, and 125.271 to 125.310; construction of section.

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