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Section 38.19jSectionRetirement; requirements; accumulated annual leave, sick leave, and deferred leave hours; forfeiture; inclusion in calculation for determination of final average compensation; extension; request; retirement allowance calculation; "incentivized retirement application period" defined.
Section 38.20iSectionSupplement.
Section 38.35SectionContribution of 3% of employee compensation to funding account; "funding account" defined; refund of amounts contributed under subsection (1).
Section 38.38SectionAnnual level percent of payroll contribution rate; determination; basis; report; computation; amortization of unfunded actuarial accrued liability; annual appropriation to retirement system; transfer of funds; certification; difference between actual state contributions and product of contribution rates times aggregate compensations paid; submitting difference between estimated and actual aggregate compensation and estimated and actual contribution rate to legislature for appropriation; interest; deposit to health advance funding subaccount.
Section 38.68SectionHealth insurance coverage.
Section 38.68cSectionEmployment of retiree receiving retirement allowance; stopping retirement payment; applicability; "employed by this state" defined; coordination of benefits provision; exceptions to subsection (1); definitions.
Section 38.68dSectionAdministration of changes; appropriation.
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