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Act 3 of 1895
Chapter XI

Section 71.1SectionWater works; establishment; maintenance.
Section 71.2SectionWater works or filtration plant; authorized acquisitions, construction, and maintenance.
Section 71.3SectionBorrowing; purpose; limitations.
Section 71.4SectionEstimate of expense; specially assessing cost of certain water improvements.
Section 71.5SectionPrivate connections; manner; permit; repairs at owner's expense.
Section 71.6SectionWater rates; ordinance; terms.
Section 71.7SectionWater works; ordinances.
Section 71.8SectionWater works; location outside corporate limits; control by council.
Section 71.9SectionWater works; use of street or highway.
Section 71.10SectionWater works; condemnation.
Section 71.11SectionWater supply contract; use of streets, wharves, and public grounds.
Section 71.12SectionStreet administrator; duties.
Section 71.13SectionStreet administrator; report.
Section 71.14SectionDepartment of public works; performance of duties of administrator; director.
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