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Act 175 of 1927
Chapter VII

Section 767.1SectionCourts of record; jurisdiction over prosecutions upon information.
Section 767.2SectionApplicability of indictment laws to informations.
Section 767.3SectionProceedings before trial; inquiry; summoning witnesses; notification to judge; taking testimony; legal counsel; disqualification of judge.
Section 767.4SectionProceedings before trial; apprehension of suspect; disqualification as examining magistrate; finding as to misconduct in office; disclosures, penalty, exceptions; report of no finding of criminal guilt; period of inquiry; successor judge, appointment.
Section 767.4aSectionProceedings before trial; unlawful use or possession of testimony, exhibits or proceedings; exceptions, penalty.
Section 767.5SectionProceedings before trial; failure of witnesses to appear or answer questions; hearing, penalty; commutation or suspension of sentence.
Section 767.5aSectionDisclosing identity of informant; privileged and confidential communications.
Section 767.6SectionIncriminating answers of witnesses; order granting immunity; use of truthful testimony or other information against witness in criminal case; transcript; applicability of secrecy provisions; scope of order.
Section 767.6aSectionDocket, journal, transcript and record; seal and file; violation of secrecy; available in connection with appeal, order, receipt; destruction of transcripts, notes and records.
Section 767.6bSectionPublic accounting by judge; time, filing.
Section 767.7SectionGrand jury; summoning, procedure.
Section 767.7aSectionGrand jurors; term of service; recalling.
Section 767.7bSectionGrand jury; petition by attorney general or county prosecuting attorneys to convene; jurisdiction; contents of petition.
Section 767.7cSectionGrand jury convened by court of appeals; procedure; jurisdiction.
Section 767.7dSectionGrand jury convened by court of appeals; circumstances.
Section 767.7eSectionGrand jury convened by court of appeals; duties of court of appeals.
Section 767.7fSectionGrand jury convened by court of appeals; term; extension; dismissal; recall.
Section 767.7gSectionGrand jury convened by court of appeals; expansion of jurisdiction; petition.
Section 767.8SectionGrand jury; juror; grounds for discharge; summoning new juror.
Section 767.9SectionGrand jurors; alphabetical list; administration and form of oath.
Section 767.10SectionGrand jury; affirmation in lieu of oath.
Section 767.11SectionGrand jury; size; foreman, appointment.
Section 767.12SectionGrand jury; foreman; term, vacancy.
Section 767.13SectionGrand jury; juror; grounds of objection to competency.
Section 767.14SectionGrand jury; no challenge of array or individual juror in other cases.
Section 767.15SectionGrand jury; witnesses; administration of oath, list.
Section 767.16SectionGrand jury; clerk, stenographer; appointment, duties.
Section 767.17SectionGrand jury; summoning after dismissal.
Section 767.18SectionGrand jury; disclosure of indictment for felony.
Section 767.19SectionGrand jury; testimony to certain facts required.
Section 767.19aSectionGrand jury; order granting immunity to persons giving testimony; application; verified petition; entry of order.
Section 767.19bSectionDelivery of immunity order to witness; use of truthful testimony or other information against witness in criminal case; transcript; duration of order granting immunity.
Section 767.19cSectionGrand jury; witness, failing to appear, contempt; penalty; purging.
Section 767.19dSectionGrand jury; perjury.
Section 767.19eSectionGrand jury; right of witness to legal counsel; communications between witness and legal counsel.
Section 767.19fSectionGrand jury; publication of testimony prohibited; penalty, exceptions.
Section 767.19gSectionFurnishing testimony of witness to person indicted by grand jury.
Section 767.20SectionGrand jury; examination of witnesses; advice on legal matters.
Section 767.21SectionGrand jury; prosecutor to subpoena witness.
Section 767.22SectionGrand jury; appearances to give information; deliberations or vote of grand jury.
Section 767.23SectionGrand jury; indictment, vote required; true bill.
Section 767.23aSectionGrand jury; indictment; specifying county where offense took place.
Section 767.24SectionIndictment; crimes; subsection (2) to be known as "Theresa Flores's Law"; definitions; subsection (5) to be known as Brandon D'Annunzio's law; findings and filing; extension or tolling.
Section 767.24.amendedSectionIndictment; crimes; subsection (2) to be known as "Theresa Flores's Law"; definitions; subsection (5) to be known as Brandon D'Annunzio's law; findings and filing; extension or tolling.
Section 767.25SectionIndictment by grand jury; indorsement; presentment; return; filing; inspection.
Section 767.26SectionDischarge of accused in absence of indictment.
Section 767.27SectionRepealed. 1966, Act 266, Eff. Mar. 10, 1967.
Section 767.27a-767.27cSection Repealed. 1974, Act 258, Eff. Aug. 6, 1975.
Section 767.28SectionIndictment; right of indictee to copy.
Section 767.29SectionDiscontinuance or abandonment of indictment.
Section 767.30SectionWarrant for arrest of indictee; issuance, persons.
Section 767.31SectionWarrant for arrest of indictee; persons to whom directed; place of execution.
Section 767.32SectionSubpoena; witness for defendant; issuance by county clerk, fee.
Section 767.33SectionSubpoena; witness for defendant; disobedience; penalty, civil liability.
Section 767.34SectionWitness; issuance of capias.
Section 767.35SectionMaterial witness in criminal case; danger of loss of testimony; requiring witness to enter into recognizance with surety; commitment to jail.
Section 767.36SectionWitness; subpoena by prosecution; necessity of fee.
Section 767.37SectionIndictee; plea on arraignment.
Section 767.37aSectionArraignments; use of 2-way interactive video technology; access to courtroom; court record.
Section 767.38SectionIndictee; right to trial or admission to bail.
Section 767.39SectionAbolition of distinction between accessory and principal.
Section 767.40SectionInformation; filing; subscription.
Section 767.40aSectionAttaching list of witnesses to filed information; disclosing names of res gestae witnesses; sending list to defendant or defendant's attorney; additions or deletions from list; request for assistance in locating and serving process on witness; objection to request; hearing; impeachment or cross-examination of witness.
Section 767.41SectionInquiry by prosecuting attorney into preliminary examination; statement of reasons for not filing information; direction by court to file proper information.
Section 767.42SectionPreliminary examination as prerequisite to filing of information; remand where right waived without benefit of counsel; fugitives from justice.
Section 767.43SectionIndictment; form generally.
Section 767.44SectionIndictment; forms for particular offenses; bill of particulars.
Section 767.45SectionContents of indictment or information; felony in which motor vehicle used.
Section 767.46SectionIndictment; amendment of certain parts.
Section 767.47SectionIndictment; effect of repugnant and unnecessary allegations.
Section 767.48SectionIndictment; necessity of negativing statutory exception.
Section 767.49SectionIndictment; statement of name of individual, association or corporation.
Section 767.50SectionIndictment; description of instrument.
Section 767.51SectionIndictment; allegation of time.
Section 767.52SectionIndictment; allegation of means of offense.
Section 767.53SectionIndictment; allegation of value or price.
Section 767.54SectionIndictment; ownership; allegation; proof.
Section 767.55SectionIndictment; allegation of certain matters in the alternative.
Section 767.56SectionIndictment; allegation of prior conviction.
Section 767.57SectionPleading; statute or statutory right.
Section 767.58SectionPleading; judgment or proceeding.
Section 767.59SectionIndictment; unnecessary formal words and phrases.
Section 767.60SectionIndictment; allegations in embezzlement, larceny and false pretense cases.
Section 767.61SectionIndictment; description of money, bonds, mortgage and similar instrument in offense relating thereto.
Section 767.61aSectionIndictment; offense committed by sexually delinquent person; prosecution; expert testimony provided; examination of witnesses; testimony in open court; record; punishment.
Section 767.62SectionPlace of indictment, trial and conviction; receiver of stolen property.
Section 767.63SectionPlace of indictment; removal of stolen property from another county.
Section 767.64SectionPlace and manner of indictment, conviction and punishment; removing stolen property from another state or country; prior conviction or acquittal.
Section 767.65SectionPlace and manner of indictment; receiver of property stolen in another state or country.
Section 767.66SectionPlace and manner of indictment; person aiding and abetting thief who removes stolen property from another state or country.
Section 767.67SectionIndictment; charging accessory without principal; substantial felony.
Section 767.68SectionIndictment; charge of jointly receiving or concealing stolen property; conviction of less than all indictees.
Section 767.69SectionIndictment for larceny; additional counts; conviction; election between counts unnecessary.
Section 767.70SectionIndictment for libel; statement of application to party libelled.
Section 767.71SectionIndictment for murder and manslaughter; charging act.
Section 767.72SectionIndictment for manslaughter; added count for abortion; admissibility of dying declaration under either count.
Section 767.73SectionIndictment; perjury; sufficiency of statement.
Section 767.74SectionIndictment; motion to quash; dilatory plea; proof.
Section 767.75SectionIndictment; certain defects; quashing not allowed; remedy.
Section 767.76SectionIndictment; time of objection to defect; amendment; discharge of jury; continuance of cause; double jeopardy; review of action by court.
Section 767.77SectionCommission to examine out-of-state witness; granting on application of defendant.
Section 767.78SectionCommission to examine out-of-state witness; interrogatories; reading of deposition.
Section 767.79SectionConditional examination of witness for defendant; order; notice to prosecutor.
Section 767.80, 767.81SectionRepealed. 1970, Act 232, Imd. Eff. Dec. 3, 1970.
Section 767.82SectionRepealed. 1974, Act 266, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
Section 767.83SectionIndictment involving intent to defraud; sufficiency of allegations and proof.
Section 767.91SectionOut of state witnesses; attendance; definitions.
Section 767.92SectionAttendance in another state; hearing; summons; custody; fee.
Section 767.93SectionAttendance from without the state; certificate; fee.
Section 767.94SectionImmunity of witness.
Section 767.94aSectionDisclosure of certain material or information by defendant to prosecuting attorney; compliance; motion for good cause.
Section 767.95SectionShort title; uniformity.
Section 767.96SectionCosts of grand jury.
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