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Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XXXV

Section 168.931SectionProhibited conduct; violation as misdemeanor; “valuable consideration” defined.
Section 168.931aSectionAppearance of name of elected or appointed official on ballot-related material; prohibition; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 168.932SectionProhibited conduct; violation as felony.
Section 168.932aSectionViolations as felony; penalty.
Section 168.932cSectionRegistering individuals; compensation prohibited; violation as felony; penalty.
Section 168.932eSectionMisrepresentation as election official; violation as felony.
Section 168.933SectionPerjury; definition.
Section 168.934SectionMisdemeanor; penalty.
Section 168.935SectionFelony; penalty.
Section 168.936SectionPerjury; penalty.
Section 168.937SectionForgery; penalty.
Section 168.938SectionCandidate convicted of felony; election void quo warranto.
Section 168.939SectionElection inspector; duty to furnish information to prosecuting attorney.
Section 168.940SectionProsecuting attorney; duty to prosecute.
Section 168.941SectionPeace officers; duty to institute proceedings.
Section 168.942SectionProsecution; time limitations; immunity of witnesses.
Section 168.943SectionRecorder's court; jurisdiction; circuit courts, jurisdiction.
Section 168.944SectionFalse designation of incumbency; misdemeanor.
Section 168.945SectionInducing improper applications to vote as absentee voter; misdemeanor.
Section 168.947SectionPossession of master keys for voting machines; misdemeanor; master keys, definition.
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