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Act 264 of 1987
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Act 264 of 1987

AN ACT to provide for the creation of the health and safety fund; to provide for the deposit of certain money in that fund; to provide for the distribution of the money in that fund and to limit its use; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state officials; and to provide for an appropriation.

History: 1987, Act 264, Eff. Apr. 11, 1988

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 141.471SectionShort title.
Section 141.472SectionDefinitions.
Section 141.473SectionHealth and safety fund; creation; deposits.
Section 141.474SectionDistribution from fund generally.
Section 141.475SectionDistribution from fund; amounts.
Section 141.476SectionDistribution under MCL 141.475(b)(ii) and 141.475(c).
Section 141.477SectionWithholding or assignment of distribution.
Section 141.478SectionAppropriations.
Section 141.479SectionConditional effective date.
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