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Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 49

Section 600.4901Section“Panel” defined.
Section 600.4903SectionMediation of action alleging medical malpractice; time for referring action to mediation; hearing by mediation panel.
Section 600.4905SectionMediation panel; selection and qualifications of members; judge as member; grounds for disqualification as mediator.
Section 600.4907SectionMediation clerk; designation; setting time and place for mediation hearing; notice; adjournments.
Section 600.4909SectionMediation fee.
Section 600.4911SectionSubmission of documents and brief or summary to mediation clerk; penalty for failure to submit materials.
Section 600.4913SectionRight of party to attend mediation hearing; personal appearance to demonstrate unusual conditions; testimony prohibited; rules of evidence inapplicable; factual information; limitation on oral presentation; requests and inquiries by panel; admissibility of statements, briefs, or summaries.
Section 600.4915SectionEvaluation by panel; notice; contents of evaluation; determination that action or defense is frivolous; posting cash or surety bond; payment of costs and attorney fees; separate awards; treating claims as single claim.
Section 600.4917SectionFiling written acceptance or rejection of evaluation; failure to file as acceptance; disclosure of acceptance or rejection; notice; rules applicable in mediations involving multiple parties.
Section 600.4919SectionEntry of judgment; action to proceed to trial upon rejection; placing copies of evaluation, acceptances, and rejections in sealed envelope; filing envelope with clerk of court; opening envelope; evaluation not exceeding jurisdictional limitation of district court.
Section 600.4921SectionPayment of actual costs; adjustment of verdict; scope of actual costs; condition prohibiting award of costs.
Section 600.4923SectionDelay of trial date scheduled in advance of date set for mediation hearing; applicability of section.
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