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Act 59 of 2016 - FIDUCIARY ACCESS TO DIGITAL ASSETS ACT (700.1001 - 700.1018)
Section 700.1001 ‑ Short title.
Section 700.1002 ‑ Definitions.
Section 700.1003 ‑ Applicability
Section 700.1004 ‑ Disclosure of user's digital assets; use of online tool to direct digital custodian; contrary provision.
Section 700.1005 ‑ Access and use of digital assets; change or impairment of right of digital custodian or user under terms-of-service agreement; new or expanded rights; modification or elimination of access to digital assets.
Section 700.1006 ‑ Disclosure of digital assets by digital custodian; requirements.
Section 700.1007 ‑ Disclosure of deceased user's electronic communications to personal representative; procedure.
Section 700.1008 ‑ Disclosure of other digital assets of deceased user to personal representative.
Section 700.1009 ‑ Disclosure of content of electronic communications sent or received by principal.
Section 700.1010 ‑ Disclosure of other digital assets of principal.
Section 700.1011 ‑ Disclosure of content of electronic communication held in trust when trustee is original user.
Section 700.1012 ‑ Disclosure of content of electronic communication when trustee not original user.
Section 700.1013 ‑ Disclosure of other digital assets held in trust when trustee not original user.
Section 700.1014 ‑ Disclosure of protected person's digital assets to conservator.
Section 700.1015 ‑ Duties and authority of fiduciary.
Section 700.1016 ‑ Digital custodian; compliance; liability; immunity.
Section 700.1017 ‑ Limiting, eliminating, or modifying powers of personal representative; court order.
Section 700.1018 ‑ Electronic signatures in global and national commerce act; effect.

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