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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

3-1895-XII - CHAPTER XII LIGHTING. (72.1...72.9)
Section 72.1 ‑ Authorized village lighting.
Section 72.2 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 254, Imd. Eff. July 13, 1998.
Section 72.3 ‑ Authorized village lighting; acquisition estimate; referendum; restriction on council.
Section 72.4 ‑ Authorized village lighting; borrowing; limitation; payment; bonds; terms.
Section 72.5 ‑ Lighting works; repairs, alterations, or extensions; raising and expenditure of funds; title retention contract providing for payment from available net revenues; construction.
Section 72.6 ‑ Light rates.
Section 72.7 ‑ Lighting; condemnation of property.
Section 72.8 ‑ Lighting; contract; users of streets, wharves, public grounds.
Section 72.9 ‑ Lighting works; control and preservation; ordinances and resolutions.

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